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NTA finalizes strict quality guidelines

NTA, the telecom regulator has finalized the Network quality guidelines for telecom operators in Nepal. Citing the growing complains from customers regarding telecommunication services, NTA has come up with this regulations.  NTA believes that this will put pressure on the telecom operators to focus more on the network quality.

This quality guidelines are known to be strict to aim for enhancing quality of service provided by the telecom operators inside the country. The regulation has some stringent provisions to make up for the quality compromise by the subscribers.  The operators now have to compensate their customers if some quality standard fails to meet.

Suppose take an example for a call drop case, not done by any parties but by the failure of the system or network. The telecom operators will not be allowed to charge a customer for the last pulse for a call drop. If a customer gets a call drop for the 9th second of his call, then his call will be free of charge. As the latest regulations have 10 seconds of pulse, any call drop abnormal at 29 seconds will make the call charge of only 20 seconds.

In a bid to encourage telecom firms to focus on quality of service (QOS), this guidelines is said to have a very positive effect. Talking to THT daily, Mr. Digamber Jha, NTA head also mentions of this guideline to enhance the healthy competition among the telecommunication service providers.

Compensation and one second pulse

The regulator plans to implement one second pulse from the mid of this year 2074. Major telecom operators in the country like Ntc, Ncell are hesitant of this plan.  Obviously, this will reduce the operators revenue directly. Now that the operators cannot charge of the last pulse for call drop, they will later opt to reduce the pulse. As it will have significant effect on their revenue for not charging of the whole dropped call last pulse. One second pulse will have less impact for the dropped call revenue, than 10 second one.

There may be some other guidelines and compensation details in it. We will post as soon as we get it.

What do you think of this guideline, please feedback. Also mention if you have any network quality issues with telecom operators.

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