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Ncell earns 1 billion revenue per month from data service alone

Figure indicates Good economic health of Ncell.

Ncell, the private telecom operator of Nepal is known to earn around 1 billion Nrs from data service alone. Although their service has gone cheaper than before, there is more demand from customers for the data service. Due to which, there is a positive effect on Ncell data revenue.

Compared to last year, the data volume figure has increased by double. According to Axiata’s third quarter report, the total revenue in that period comes to 14 billion 570 million (14 Arab 57 crore) Nrs. Remember Axiata is the parent company of Ncell. Among the total revenue, Ncell data revenue is 20 percent, making 2.91 billion. Most of the companies make report on quarterly basis that is of 3 months.

Total Revenue of Ncell for a quarter (3Q, 2017) is 14 billion and 570 million.

So, the average data revenue per month is very near to 1 billion. Similarly, the on average data consumption of subscribers reaches to 361 MB per month.

Average data usage per month for Ncell subscribers is 361 MB.

The data usage has increased as the service has reached to more people. The reason is due to the affordability of the service (data packs), increment in Smartphone usage and also in overall subscribers.

Please comment below how much data you use per month and how much you spent for data in a month.

The total data volume usage of Ncell in this quarter is 77 lakh GB, which is two times greater than same period last year. Last year the data revenue share was 17 percent from the total revenue, and now it is 20 percent.

The increment in data usage volume is also due to their 4G service. Ncell’s 4G service is already available in 19 cities. Read here for more information. Ncell also claims they have 1 crore 59 lakh subscribers. But the actual active subscribers may be less than that due to the many reasons like people moving abroad and death.

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