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Sarathi app launches for pleasant taxi experience

Same app will be used for bike sharing.

Out of the several ride sharing / hailing taxi apps in Nepal, it seems Sarathi Cab has got real potential. From the very beginning, we were very hopeful of this taxi / cab service to bring hassle free ride. Yes it can be the next Uber or Ola for Nepalese market. And you won’t feel cheated from the cab ride nor the taxi drivers will suffer. Operated in offline mode from August last year, Sarathi cab has released their app and is in the final touch to launch in Kathmandu. Sarathi app is also known to be used for the bike sharing. Find the download link below if you still want to try the unreleased version.

Previously Sarathi had announced their app launch to be made in first or second week of March during the CAN info-tech 2018. Since it took long time just for the testing of the app and the smooth experience, this app will be launched officially in the app stores and mobiles. We have already used the apps which is still in development and testing phase.

Features of Sarathi app

Sarathi cab is known to provide comfortable and reliable taxi service, at an affordable rate. Some of the features of this service app are:

  • Sarathi cab app runs on Digital meters
  • Run for 24 hours and 7 days a week
  • Tariff or price of service at government rates
  • Professional driver with uniform and full licensed.
  • Will include security button
  • GPS tracking for the taxi.
  • Customer feedback
  • Pays tax to the government.
  • Additional service of Bike sharing

With all of the features coming to Kathmandu road, we are sure that Sarathi cab will make a pleasant taxi experience. It will also bring good value for both the customers and taxi drivers.

As we go through the Sarathi app, we found they are also going to add bike sharing with the same app, which will be launched in later stage.

Now they have a little numbers of taxis of their own. But as any taxi drivers can join to this Sarathi cab app, the availability of this service will be high. Right now, the app will be available for Kathmandu city and limited to Durbarmarg area only. If it goes well, they will launch in other cities like Pokhara, Bharatpur, Butwal and more.

They are now operating the taxi service through telephone calls to call center. With the release of Sarathi app, people can make direct request from the app using internet.

How to use Sarathi app?

The app is now available to download in Android and iOS store. Download the Sarathi app here from google play store. As it is still unreleased or in test phase, it is not yet stable. We need to wait until the app is released or launched after full testing.

Here is the process to use the app

  • First you need to have a smartphone and put Sarathi app in your phone.
  • Register yourself with your phone number, by getting a code from SMS.
  • Requires internet to make a account and also for requesting the app service.
  • Then the nearest cab will come to serve you.
  • You can pay digitally or using cash.

The app is still in development phase and testing. So please wait for sometime to use the full fledged Sarathi app.

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