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Accurate mobile accessories price in Nepal

Accurate mobile accessories products has been available in Nepal from November 2019. Bhavik International has launched the brand in the country. The brand targets all online and offline channels for its extensive product range which includes the smartphone accessories. The price of accurate products in Nepal is listed at the bottom of this article.

Accurate has launched a wide variety of mobile accessories including earphones, power banks, data cables and chargers in the mid-range segment. They have brought several consumer electronic products like power adapters and cables, power banks, earphones, wireless headsets and Bluetooth speakers. All of their products are brought with the consumers’ demand for upper mid-range products in Nepal.

Accurate Mobile accessories brand Nepal

The products have a warranty for a period of 6 months to 1 year. So we can expect some quality in the products, yet being an affordable one.

Price and Availability

The products are priced from Rs. 250 to Rs. 3200. The brand has launched almost 4 types of power banks, 6 types of chargers,  5 types of data cables and 6 kinds of earphones including wireless neckband headphones. They have also started to bring Bluetooth speakers in Nepal. The price of power bank spans from Rs. 1999 to Rs. 2999 upon the size of the battery. While Battery size ranges from 10,000mAh to 20,000mAh.

While the charger starts at 250 and goes up to Rs. 799. Charger includes an android charger and Apple fast charger. They have both options of Micro-USB type B and type C charger for Android phones, along with the option for fast charging 3.0. For the data cable product, the price starts from Rs. 300. The products for in-earphones varies from normal ones to the Bluetooth neckband. The highest price for an earphone with neckband costs Rs. 2000 whereas other earphones are priced between Rs 200 to 400.

accurate headset

Accurate products are available all over the country in the retail stores. These products are also available to purchase in Daraz online store.

Accurate Bluetooth Neck band Earphone Price in Nepal

If you are looking for an average quality earphone that you want to use while running or doing any sports, then this is kind of product you should be buying. We have been using this product from 2 months and we recommend it to use for your daily use. The battery capacity of the earphone is also great. The price of Accurate Neck band AL-36 earphone in Nepal is Rs 2000. Here are the specs of the Accurate Neckband earphone.

  • Unique Flexible Neckband Design,
  • HD stereo sound with super bass on middle and high pitch,
  • Innovative Magnetic Earbuds,
  • Comfort Flexible Neckband Headphone,
  • With Innovative Magnetic Earbuds,
  • Comfortable Wearing,
  • Volume UP/Down And Previous/Next Key,
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.2,
  • Bluetooth Distance: 10 meters / 33 ft,
  • Talk Time: 8-10 hours, Music Time: 8-10 hours,
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours, Speaker Unit: 10mm high fidelity, PACKAGE INCLUDED 1 x Bluetooth headset / 1 x USB Charging Cable / 1 x User Manual. 6 Months Warranty.

Accurate Wireless Earphone Price in Nepal

Accurate true wireless earphone

Airpods, Buds, freebud provide you great quality audio but you need to spend 15k to 25k price for the devices. If you need an average quality earphone at affordable price that meets your requirement for a true wireless earphone, then you should buy this wireless earphone from Accurate. The latest product from Accurate that we have used is TWS HX03 True Wireless Earphone. The price of the wireless earphone is Rs 3200. Find the specs of the wireless earphone is:

  • True Wireless Earphone Hands-free with microphone,
  • High quality stereo sound,
  • Rich, high-quality audio and voice,
  • Automatically on and connect,
  • Battery capacity of power case 420mAh of earphone 40mAh, upto 4 times full charge,
  • 3.5 hours of talk time and 4.5 hours listening time with single charge,
  • Charging port Type-C, Bluetooth version 4.2, Available in White/Black 6 months warranty.

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Accurate Power Bank Price in Nepal

Power Bank  Price in Nepal
Accurate I8 10000mAh POWERBANK Rs. 1,999
Accurate L10 10000mAh POWERBANK Rs. 1,999
Accurate X20 20000mAh POWERBANK Rs. 2,999
Accurate X11 10000mAh POWERBANK Rs. 1,599

Accurate Charger Price in Nepal

Charger  Price in Nepal
Accurate AC-01 Apple Fast Charger  Rs. 899
Accurate AC-02 Micro USB Fast Charger 2.4 Rs. 599
Accurate AC-03 Micro USB Fast Charger 2.0 Rs. 399
Accurate AC-04 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0 Rs.. 799
Accurate AC-04 Micro USB Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799
Accurate AC-05 Micro USB Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799
Accurate AC-07 2in1 USB Charger Rs. 250
Accurate AC-06 2USB Fast Charger Rs. 350
Accurate AC-05 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0 Rs. 799

Accurate Data Cable Price in Nepal

Data Cable Price in Nepal
Accurate AK-1 DataCable Micro USB  Rs. 299
Accurate AK-1 DataCable Type-C Rs. 324
Accurate AK-1 DataCable IOS Rs. 349
Accurate AK-2 DataCable Micro USB Rs. 299
Accurate AK-2 DataCable Type-C Rs. 324
Accurate AK-2 DataCable IOS Rs. 349

Accurate Earphone Price in Nepal

Earphone  Price in Nepal
Accurate AL-36 Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone  Rs. 2000
Accurate AE-02 YS Earphone Rs. 299
Accurate AE-04 Earphone Rs. 199
Accurate AE-05 Earpods Rs. 550
Accurate AE-01 Earphone Rs. 325
Accurate AE-03 Earphone Rs.375

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Accurate bluetooth speaker

Buying original accessories be it for iPhone or Android Phone costs you a good sum. With the launch of Accurate products, you are saved from spending huge money on the original accessories, as you can find the upper range of average quality products at an affordable price tag. With the above price list and decent quality in the products that we have used so far, you would definitely not spend more for small accessories like a charging cable for instance.

They have also announced to broaden their range of products to land in Nepal, with similar quality and price range. The Accurate brand has already grabbed people’s attention. Now reaching out to more people with proper marketing and delivering products as per people’s demand, we can see them have a great potential here.

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