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What Girls want to do in Tech Industry?

Girls in tech industries have been creating a place for themselves with the unfolding of time. Today’s generation has become more intricated and inclined towards technology more than ever.

With the ever-developing and upgrading technology also comes the competition of becoming the best. We have a very lucid articulation of the societal pressure we face in becoming the best. Where we not just focused on doing everything we can to prove ourselves but also becoming the best version of ourselves. But where do girls fall in this ever-developing technical world?

Well, the term technology itself is a very tangential word and people mostly recited this word with men because of stereotypes that remain in the mindset of society. But, in the present scenario as time and mindset are developing girls have been able to create a place for themselves in the tech world. As they have, there are many things young girls want to achieve in the tech society and not so surprisingly it is not so different from what guys want.

So, today let’s verbally point out what girls want in the tech world by remembering that they are capable of doing anything when they dedicate a mindset to it.

girls in tech want

To learn and explore:

Anyone new to any field wants to learn as much as they want and explore. Similarly, girls also want to learn the work, know what’s going on, and want to explore the field beyond the workspace. They don’t want to be just configured behind the workspace but want to be part of the community and make themselves a place out in the tech society.

This is also a process of learning and figuring things out as an individual and most simply, we girls want to learn and grow. In order to grow it’s important to explore as much as we can and take in everything possible.

Also, while we point the term exploring the tech industry is a very big world in itself and there lies numerous opportunities and fields we can explore. And in order to know about it, girls shouldn’t hesitate to explore. So, girls don’t be afraid to ask, learn, and explore because your passion and dedication are what make who you are.

To have feedbacks and be appreciated:

Girls can be very competitive and fast learners when they are given a chance. So, they want to have as much feedback as they can to keep on learning so that they can showcase their creativity. And when they do, they also want to be equally appreciated for the work and effort they put to do things as the guys in the field do. This is completely fair and square since it’s just a simple gesture that is humanly expected by anyone and anywhere, but the level of the difference it can make in the wok and their mindset is commendable.

girls in Tech

Moreover, being appreciated for the work and effort is very important not just for girls but even guys anywhere. It is because; when you are an employee working very hard you want to hear the feedback on where you’re hard work is taking you. It is very much important to be directionized so that you can keep on learning and if that hard work is being fruitful by for the company or anyone then appreciation makes you feel included as a team and not just an employee.

Given Equal admiration and Opportunities:

Let’s look at the fact that girls can not only be good employees but can also be amazing leaders. They are competitive, have amazing creativity, are talented, and can also be a business tycoon and represent the whole nation in the global field with their capabilities. Now, this is very much possible when girls are given and considered as equals.

In the overall scenario, there remain stereotypes who judge a whole company and its capabilities just because it is being led by a girl. When you talk to women who have achieved heights then you will very much know that even they had to face a similar situation before succeeding the grounds they are in. And for young girls who are new entrepreneurs, it’s pretty common as well.

So, to fulfill their dreams and goals Girls in Tech want to be given equal opportunities and admiration. It is no big deal that girls can be amazing leaders and has approaches and ideas that no one has and if anyone who feels intrigued by this fact shouldn’t hesitate to admire them just because they are genetically a she-being. The mindset that still prevails in some human beings and society should be changed or at least accepted.

To Thrive:

Thrive is a word that replicates blossom. So, yes girls don’t just want to be a part of the tech world and stay behind the successful people but they want to make themselves a name out there and thrive. They want to blossom as a strongly independent and fruitful tree that is of great importance and wants to mark their existence in the history of mankind with pride. And to be verbally precise they can and they definitely will. And when they do they will not just help raise others who are willing to be like them but will also make everyone proud of them.

As for the current situation, if you want an example then let’s take a look at Michelle Obama who has not only served as an outstanding role model in the political field for women but has also helped so many young girls to find worth. She helps young/unprivileged girls to find worth in themselves despite being degraded by the stereotypical society. Moreover, she motivates girls to be wondrous leaders and values STEM education for girls because she values the intellect girls pursue.

More Inspiration For Girls InTech :

What girls want in Tech

Also, we can see the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern helped the nation to who bravely fight against coronavirus in the present time. She made sure her country and its people are living a healthy and happy life by strongly leading the nation. They are an inspiring leader in the political fields but, we also have a list of role-model in the Tech field who can inspire you to thrive.

Elizabeth Varley – CEO and co-founder,  TechHub, Bethany Koby – CEO and co-founder, Tech Will Save Us, Elizabeth Denham CBE – UK Information Commissioner, Amali de Alwis – Managing Director, Microsoft Startups UK, and Dr. Sue Black OBE – Professor of Computer Science at Durham University are some of the inspiring ladies who have been showing great leadership in this field as well.

Also in the context of Nepal, there are many leaders who are not just making their place but also thriving Sunaina Pandey: The First Female Candidate to Lead the CAN Federation, Manshi Agrawal, Faija Parween, Nshala Joshi who are the big names and personalities of the tech world in Nepal. Their work goes beyond anything else and they have successfully established a big name for themselves. There are more who have achieved big heights, Nikita Acharya is also a Forbes 30 under 30 Asia nominated personality and so many more personalities who are perfect role models. So, if you want, you can check out their tremendous work and success and get inspiration from them as well.

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