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3 Easy Ways to Recover Photos Deleted from Your Android Device

Accidental deletion of photos on a smartphone or tablet is a rather unpleasant situation. If the deleted music or movies can be easily re-downloaded from the web, you will definitely not be able to return a personal photo this way. However, do not worry, because there are effective ways that can allow you to recover missing files without additional assistance. Experts recommend applying photo recovery software, but this is not a one-stop solution. In this review, we will consider several most simple methods to recover deleted photos.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos If They Are Stored in The Cloud?

Removing a photo from your phone’s gallery will not delete it from the archive server. To return the photo, simply download it again from your cloud application.

Google Photos

Photo recovery is also possible if you delete it from a cloud backup. Most services use the trash can, it allows you to easily recover files for a certain period of time after deletion.

Microsoft OneDrive

First of all, you should find the “Trash” section in this application. Then it is necessary to select the required files and press the “Restore” icon. OneDrive will keep files in the trash for up to 30 days but may delete them earlier if the trash is full (more than 10 percent of the available space).


Deleted images in Dropbox can be recovered as well. But pay attention that you should use not a mobile application, but a computer application in this case. There is no such function in the phone application. So, open the Files folder, then Deleted files, and mark the ones you need to restore.

Try a Photo Recovery Software

You should also use a Photo Recovery Tool by CleverFiles if you want to quickly restore your photos. However, pay attention that most cloud applications and photo archives (excluding Instagram) provide backups in the background. If you have activated this feature, a photo can be easily restored.

Recovering the Deleted Photos from SD Card

Some Android users do not copy their photos to the cloud, but they also can recover lost photos if they were stored on an SD card. For this purpose, special programs are used. The SD card stores deleted photos until they are overwritten with new data. Thus, the sooner you try to recover deleted photos on Android, the less risk they will disappear forever. So, pull the memory card out of your phone and open it on your computer using a card reader. Pay attention that this method cannot be applied if the photos were stored in the internal memory of the device. This is because Android no longer provides memory access when connected to a computer.

The Phone with Root-Access: Is It Possible to Recover Deleted Photos?

It can be difficult to recover photos if you don’t use both cloud backup and SD cards. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to scan the internal storage of your phone in order to get deleted photos back if there is no root access. Therefore, try rooting your smartphone. Having received root rights, you can expand the functionality of an operating system, jam system files, delete system applications, perform backups, and much more. Recovering deleted photos will become possible.

If you have not yet encountered a situation when you tried to get your personal photos back, try to protect your Android device from losing data in the future. Using a backup is the most appropriate way to avoid losing significant files. Due to a systematic backup plan, you will always have the ability to recover accidentally deleted data.

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