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Sumargi Pleading to Salvage Hello Nepal

Ajay Sumargi is pleading to salvage his telecom company Hello Nepal. The company’s license was revoked by NTA back in November after it failed to pay off its dues on time. Now, the company is battling its existential threat.

Ajay Sumargi, the businessman who founded Nepal Satellite Telecom is knocking on the door of MoICT to keep his company subsisting. The operator lost its authorization after the regulator revoked its license last Mangsir on the 10th for failing to pay off its bills in the second installment.

The Telecommunications Act 2053 has provisions that if an operator is not satisfied with the license revoking decision, the company in concern may ask for the reversal of the decision in 35 days. Therefore, Hello Nepal’s appeal for the reprieve is within the bounds of the Act.

The company reasons that the company’s operations have suffered by COVID-19 and therefore, couldn’t pay its dues. Meanwhile, Sumargi is seeking an extension to help it clear its bills of the second installment.

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Hello Nepal Fighting for Survival

The Ajay Sumargi-owned telecom operator has found itself in financial turmoil for years and has transpired to the current situation. Already in 2076 Sharawn, NTA had revoked its license for not paying its dues. However, it received clemency from the then Council of Minister which asked it to pay the dues in five installments.

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As per the condition, the operator is under a 1.39 Arab liability in royalties and other charges. The company has paid around 22 crores a part of its first installment. However, it failed to pay the 33 crores, 58 lakh, 47 thousand, 3 hundred, and 3 in dues in the second installment by Ashar 2078. Due to this, Supreme Court deauthorized the company back in Mangsir. Already in favor of the Nepal government, Sumargi is seeking another one from the government to salvage his telecom company with an extension to pay off its bills.

Ajay Sumargi launched the telecom company Hello Nepal in 2009 BS with an aim to connect rural areas of Nepal. Although with a vision, its plans never came to fruition and rather got mired in legal matters after woeful service growth. Now, the company is almost non-operational and fighting its last battle to survive.

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The major operators NTC and Ncell have already expanded their coverage and services. The third-largest company Smart Cell is battling its own financial constraints. In it, Hello Nepal is surviving on a hinge and still seeking a business potential and continues to seek validity from NTA. Is it reasonable or they should rethink their telecom operations? Do offer your perspective in the comments below.

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