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Apple Will Stop Repairing iPhones Reported Stolen or Missing

Apple could stop repairing iPhones that are reported as stolen or missing. That means once your device is in the GSMA registry as missing or lost, Apple Stores and authorized service providers won’t accept iPhones for repair.

The news comes from an internal memo from MacRumours. The memo has it that the repair technicians will reject repair if they gather that the phone has been reported ‘missing’. For this, they will verify a phone’s status from MobileGenius or GSX systems they use for the service.

The GSMA registry is the database that carries the serial numbers of devices. Each device comes with a unique set of information that helps detect an individual unit. The GSMA device registry carries such vital data about a phone.

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If anyone has a phone missing and reports it to the police or any authority, they will ‘illegitimate’ the phone through GSMA. This will assist the repair service providers to identify the status of a phone whenever one arrives.

Apple won’t repair missing iPhones that could contain theft

already has a policy in place that restricts its technicians from removing the Activation Lock of a device. If a handset owner fails to provide evidence of purchase, they can’t disable the lock from a phone.

Meanwhile, this policy will help curb phones from falling into false owners. If Apple stores won’t accept phones for repair, it will discourage theft to an extent. Likewise, Apple will also decline to repair phones if a device is in the Lost Mode.

So far, Apple has not confirmed the supposed policy. But Apple is working on new policies lately and this can be part of its series of upcoming policies to please its loyal phone owners.

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If Apple does stop repairing missing iPhones, do you think it will significantly benefit the users? You can let us know in the comments below.

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