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Google Maps Showing Live Traffic Status & Busy Areas in Nepal

Google Maps have started showing Live Traffic and Busy Areas of the cities in Nepal. The pioneer map company has finally implemented this helpful feature into its app for Nepalese users. However, this feature is not new and was already available on the maps since 2007. Let’s know more about this in our article today.

Google Maps Showing Live Traffic in Nepal

With a new update, Google has pushed the feature for users in Nepal. Now, the app can show busy area with traffics on the maps. When the user selects a specific destination on Google Maps and starts navigation, information about the road traffic conditions is displayed. It is showcased in three colors; blue, yellow, and red.

The blue color denotes that there is no traffic jam and the road is clear. While the yellow color shows that the road is busy with a higher number of vehicles and some traffic. Likewise, the red color depicts a traffic jam on the road. Not only on city roads but Google Maps is now also showing the traffic conditions on the main highways as well.

Google Maps Showing Live Traffic in Nepal
Google Maps Showing Live Traffic in Nepal

For viewing the Live traffic status, one should set a specific destination, and turn on the navigation. Then, the map will show the status via the aforementioned colors. This will help the commuters as well as riders to seek a way with fewer traffic jams.

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How Does Live Traffic Work on Google Maps?

The Google Maps app users whose location has been set to “on” are the source of the data used by Google Traffic. Google’s users who share their geographic location with the app provide data about the current traffic conditions on any given road or highway. By initially gathering data from them, Google is able to give real-time traffic updates to all of its Maps app users.

Google has a special built-in feature called Google Traffic on its Maps app that shows traffic conditions in real time on major roads in particular geographic locations. It also tracks and notices the pattern of the movement of the vehicle on the road with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Benefits of Live Traffic on Google Maps

Traffic congestion has become a problem as well as part of our daily lives. Reaching somewhere on time requires you to leave your home early. The growing number of vehicles and commuters on the road often makes it harder on city roads. Hence, the Live Traffic feature of Google Maps comes really handy here.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Users can just set their destination and turn on the navigation. And the Maps will show busy areas with traffic status on the road. It will assist in time management and seeking a quicker path with no traffic. Not only for city roads, but this will also hugely assist highways too. As highways are subject to larger traffic jams and roadblocks, users can get an idea about traffic status while traveling. It works to provide data on the traffic situation of the roads in any area, which can be used to know the amount of delay of the trip in this area.

The new feature will be very helpful for those traveling in high-traffic areas. It has already gone live on the official app.

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So, what do you think of this new feature? Have you tried it yet? Make sure, you update the app and try the feature. And also, drop your views, thoughts, and queries in the comment section below.

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