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How to handle data service barred problem in prepaid Namaste SIM?

As NT has upgraded the GSM network in Kathmandu with a new system, many customers are complaining of their data service in Namaste Prepaid being stopped with a message from Nepal Telecom saying “Your data usage has exceeded Rs….., so your data service has been barred. Please recharge your account to restore the data service.”

NT is notifying its customer that the balance for the data service will only be deducted after some time and if it crosses some negative amount, the data service will be barred and the recharge needs to be done for the used amount to restore the service.

But sometimes it takes more than one day to get the balance deducted to resume the data service (as per the new notice, such barred service will be opened after 5 PM). So, customers need to be aware of their data usage by seeing the default data usage settings in their mobile or put the additional application for it and only use the data for the amount you have it in your balance (internet data charge of Rs 1 per 1 MB).

Also, don’t forget to put off the data connection for stopping automatically update of different applications in your smartphone, that may be consuming the data unknowingly and bar your data service later with a negative balance.

What is barring?

Service barring is a telecom service feature which restricts the usage of different services to a customer with either some balance issue or some others. The telcos can make either incoming or outgoing call bar to a subscriber based on his balance. Normally, telcos bar the service when the balance goes either 0 or also beyond some minimum threshold value.

In the above case, due to the issue in their billing system, all the people who have negative balance will have service barred either data or voice. To open the service bar, you have to recharge your phone balance. If the bar is not because of the balance, you need to visit the telecom operator or call their customer support center.

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