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Call quality problem in Nepal Telecom Mobile

Update 1:05 PM: It seems the problem of problematic voice in Nepal Telecom’s mobile in Kathmandu is solved as per the feeling of call quality. Hope they have solved it permanently. NT is yet to tell about the actual reason behind.

It is known that there is call quality problem in Nepal Telecom’s GSM mobile network from the morning today (June 21, 2016). There are many complains from the subscribers regarding the voice one way call in Kathmandu. Nepal Telecom is yet to confirm about the call quality problem and the reason behind it. Such call quality problem may come to a operator for some time due to some glitch in their network or some configuration issue.

But it is taking long more than a hour to solve. The complainers say for one minute call is fine and the other minute it goes disturbing. So the mobile network quality is still fluctuating. It cannot be said whether it is in Kathmandu alone or whole of the Nepal. If you have encountered the problem, please write below in the comments with your location.

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