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Landline phone to be migrated to IP technology with TDM migration project

Nepal Telecom, the government owned telco is known to migrate its PSTN phone to IP technology within 3 years. Landline phone through PSTN technology is one of the most popular service of Ntc. There are around 7 lakh (700 K) customers in Landline phone service in Nepal, most of them through TDM (Time division multiplexing) switch and only few thousands through IP based on NGN technology. The current landline network connects from NT exchanges to customer premises through twisted copper pair.

Recently Nepal Telecom has signed a contract with Huawei for the TDM migration and bring it through IP technology. In the current phase, Ntc will shift 4 lakhs (400 K) customers to the new technology which reduces the length of the copper wire. The reduction of copper wire will enhance the quality of the link for better voice and high speed internet services. The IP technology will also add up new services to landline phone like messaging service, Video services and data internet through a single wire also known as Tripple play or Quad play services. The data speed will also be higher than the current ADSL technolgoy and the minimum to be of 256 Kbps.

TDM migration in phases.

First phase to include major exchanges in big cities like Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Pokhara. Through which, the length of the copper will lessen than 2 km with addition of more nodes in the locality. This connects to the core servers through optical fiber. Ntc starts migrating their mobile telephony to IP based services within 3 years. The phase out of TDM services and the installation of IP technology in Landline phone, will complete within 3 years.

Ntc believes the current complain with the ADSL service will solve with the new IP technology landline phone services.

An IP Telephone
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