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Ntc to focus on data service: Improve ADSL and Speed up Fiber to the home.

Ntc, the Pioneering telecom operator is planning to improve their data services by different measures in their network. Although they are not going to invest more in old technologies like CDMA, WiMAX and Dialup, they are known to have identified the points to improve their ADSL service and expand FTTH service.

Ntc to focus on data service.

Ntc intends to focus on data service for both home broadband and mobile broadband. For home broadband, they will be improving their ADSL and extending the Fiber to the home (FTTH) to more places. Whereas for mobile broadband, their focus is to extend LTE (4G) to more areas of the country.

Ntc to Improve ADSL service.

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Ntc is known to have identified the issues that have joggled the ADSL internet. They are now acting on those issues to have it solved. As per the report in Setopati, the current problem like slow speed and frequent disconnect will either be reduced or removed completely with the improvement. With that, they expect the Ntc ADSL to enhance and provide better internet experience to the users.

Ntc TDM migration.

With their plan to migrate the old traditional phones to IP phones, Ntc will improvise the ADSL service after the migration. Ntc is currently carrying out the works for TDM migration. With which, the distance of the cable from the exchange to the customers home will reduce and also replacing the old worn out cables. This will improve the internet service to the home users.

Ntc FTTH expansion.

Apart from the ADSL improvement, they are also going to increase the no. of FTTH lines. FTTH is a next generation access technology to provide high speed, reliable and quality service to your fixed locations (Home or office) through the use of optical fiber. The availability of this service is quite limited as they need to lay optical fiber to the customer premises. As the optical fiber can support high speed and the loss is also very low, it has better performance than the ADSL copper lines.

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As per the Setopati post, quoting Assistant Spokesperson “Shobhan Adhikari”, both of the works in Ntc will provide choice to the customers for improved ADSL service or FTTH service.

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It has been more than a month that people have started feeling higher speeds in ADSL. As known, that was also a part of the ADSL service improvement. If you are a ADSL user, please feedback about the service. You can even perform the speed test in your computer and let us know with your location and the bandwidth that you have bought.

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