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Alleged hacker claims to have hacked all Ntc data but..

An unknown person called to Ntc on Sunday with the message: ” I have all the Ntc data with me. I can hack any Ntc phone anytime”.  It was a call to Ntc Central office number. After making the short call, the alleged Ntc hacker hang up the call.

Following the call, there was a big turmoil in Ntc office. At first, the officers had confusion for how to deal with the issue. Then after discussion of technical personnel with senior officials, they found out the caller number and more information from the call details. They informed Nepal Police and even submitted written request for the alleged hacker and his details.

After some investigation, Nepal Police identified the person to be a 18 year old, 12 standard literate Purushuttom Adhikari, from Okhaldhunga. On Monday morning, police arrest the person from Grande, Dhapasi of Kathmandu. Talking to Nepal Police, he mentioned of the call for no any hacking trouble but to warn the operator for cheating their subscribers. He also mentioned of the call to make himself popular in no time.

Police also realized of the same for having no potential for the hack that he had mentioned to Ntc. Although alleged Ntc hacker was a hoax, Police filed a case of public offense against the person.

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