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Ntc makes Caller ID and more services free in landline

Nepal Telecom, popularly known as Ntc, makes the activation of different supplementary services including caller ID free of charge in their PSTN landline phone. Those services used to incur some charges to the customer before, for which Ntc makes free of charge from Shrawan 1.

Supplementary services free in Ntc landline

The supplementary services that are made free in Ntc landline are:

  • Caller ID: The Caller ID services enables the display of calling number in the Landline phone.
  • Originating restriction of ISD service: Users restricting the ISD service in their phone.
  • Abbreviated dialing: Saving frequently used numbers in two digits and use the short code in place.
  • Call transfer: Unconditional call divert from one number to another number.
  • Conditional call divert: Call divert based on the  conditions as
    • Busy Transfer
    • No Answer Transfer
  • Wake up Call: Telephone to use as an alarm to wake up at predefined time.
  • Call Waiting: To enable another call coming during ongoing call.
  • Change of locking  code: Customers can also change the locking code for a number without any additional charges.

Though customers can take other services by themselves, they have to visit the nearby Ntc office to activate the Caller ID and other locking codes. The process to enable those services differs in several exchanges of Ntc.

What do you think of the free activation of those services in Ntc landline?

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