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Ntc upgrades ADSL speed to 5 Mbps, data bonus on ADSL recharge

Nepal Telecom has increased the internet speed of ADSL service to 5 Mbps. Previously Ntc upgraded their ADSL speed to 1 Mbps. In a matter of six months, Ntc now upgrades their ADSL speed to 5 Mbps. It is as per the demand of their ADSL subscribers. Please comment your ADSL speed experience in the comment below, after performing ADSL speed test now. Ntc has also provided ADSL recharge data bonus. (Please read below).

People were complaining of the slow internet speed in ADSL. So, Ntc has listened to customers voice to increase the speed significantly. The new ADSL speed comes into effect from Magh 25, 2074.

ADSL Speed 5 Mbps increase is the most significant update since its introduction. The social media usage, multimedia like video streaming and download will be very smooth with the upgrade of Ntc ADSL. ADSL speed is always dependent on the distance of the copper wire from Ntc office to Customers premises. So, the 5 Mbps speed increase may not affect some customers far from the Ntc office or having bad link quality. Read  more for how to improve ADSL speed problems in Ntc.

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Here is a latest speed test result of ADSL from a Facebook group. It is done after the speed upgrade to 5 Mbps.

Due to the Customers demand for the fast internet, Ntc has come up with this speed upgrade. It is also realizable as Ntc has put the cache server for various applications like Google, Facebook, YouTube. Ntc is also upgrading the capacity of those server for those applications to realize the bandwidth demand.The private ISPs have also provided the unlimited speed bandwidth due to use of those cache servers.

It is a world wide trend to put the most popular website and high bandwidth content in operator’s cache server. With that, operators can save the costly internet bandwidth and provide additional services of high speed using optimization.

 ADSL recharge Data bonus

Ntc have also introduced cross bundling data bonus for the ADSL recharge in their Spring offer. The data bonus will be available for the customer’s registered GSM or CDMA mobile. On recharge of Rs 200 in ADSL, customers will get 30 MB all time pack and 60 MB night data pack in their mobile. Similarly, for recharge of Rs 500 in ADSL, customers will get 80 MB all time pack and 160 MB night data packs in their mobile. And lastly, Rs 1000 ADSL recharge will provide mobile data bonus of 175 MB all time pack and 350 MB night data pack. Here is a table for the data bonus from ADSL recharge.

ADSL Recharge Amount (NRs.)All Time Data (MB)Night Data(MB)

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