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Prime Minister appoints Asgar Ali as IT expert

Hon. Prime Minister Mr. K.P. Oli has appointed Mr. Asgar Ali as an IT expert. Mr. Asgar Ali is one of the successful entrepreneur in the country. He is the CEO of the first digital payment system: eSewa. Mr. Asgar Ali has also been awarded the Young CEO of the year in the first ever CEO summit, organized this year.

Prime Minister has appointed him as an expert so as to make use of technology for enhancing people’s life. Mr. Asgar Ali will be starting his work to promote the use of technology and enhance the technical man power in the country. Mr. Asgar also expressed his delight for this appointment to enable him work for the modernization and prosperity of the country.

If we look after the technological status of the country, it is far below par. Although there are abundant engineers who can do better, they are under shadow due to non realization of their capacity. We need to praise the works from the entrepreneurs or startups or innovators who have done something for the IT usage. But still the overall adoption and usage is not satisfactory. There has been very little works done from the government bodies till date. Lets take an example of Smart city, lawmakers, bureaucrats & political parties have spoken a lot about it but they don’t know what is the first step to go for the Smart city.

We hope the appointment of Mr. Asgar Ali will result in some changes in the technology adoption and the usage of some platforms for making people life better. The appointment of experts from different field in such post, regardless of ideology is a good sign and key to the achievement of prosperity dream that we all have.

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