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Top 10 reasons to buy Samsung S10 phone

Samsung’s tenth-anniversary flagship phone; the Galaxy S10 has been in the limelight ever since it got released. The phone has top-notch specs, better design aesthetics, and superior performance, making it the first choice for many. Despite the tough rivalry by the Chinese Smartphone makers, Samsung Galaxy S10 stands out from those phones in many points. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should buy the Samsung S10 phone.

1. Design:

Samsung S10 phone having 93 percent screen to body ratio provides almost bezel-less experience. The full-screen design, looks, and the curved edges have a great appeal for the dazzling phone. The punch hole cut out for the front camera does not disturb the full-screen experience (at least to us).

Samsung S10 punch hole camera

2. Camera:

Samsung S10 incorporates three camera lenses in the rear namely 16 MP f/2.2 ultra-wide lens, a 12 MP f/2.4 telephoto lens and a 12 MP main lens which switches between f/1.5 and f/2.4 aperture. The Triple rear camera satisfies you in almost all purposes. From ultra-wide photography, fast random shots to the portrait shots and the super slow motion video, you would not complain of its camera capabilities. The 2X optical zoom and 10 X digital zoom allows going closer for some far shots. We can say the photos up to 5X on daylight can produce a nice shot.

S10’s camera sometimes relieves you from carrying the bulky DSLR camera. There is also no camera lag for any photography tasks and photos from S10 are vividly clear with better color saturation. Similarly, the front camera can make you as beautiful as you want with the filters, Auto beautification features.

3. Ultrasound-based fingerprint Sensor:

Samsung S10 incorporates the world’s first Ultrasonic based in-display fingerprint sensor.  The under display fingerprint sensor works fine in every worst condition like wet hands, bright sunlight, etc. Spoofing or hacking the fingerprint sensor is not possible as it uses sound waves to bounce off from the finger. The ability to recognize the 3D fingerprint makes the phone very secure.

4. One UI Software

Samsung’s latest Android Skin: the One UI also makes the S10 phone look and perform better. Smart gestures bring a new way of communication with the phone with the features like Smart Capture, Smart Alert, lift to wake and more. The full-screen navigation provides more screen for the display while swiping does the all for the home, back and recent apps button. Similarly, the system-wide dark mode is already available before Google puts in Android Q OS.

5. Better Screen and Eye comfort display.

The HDR10+ capability in the display of the phone shows a wide range of colors visible to human eyes. Which makes the display look accurate to the real picture with the balance in dark scenes and light scenes. The Always on display feature makes the phone look gorgeous even on hand or resting in the table. The dynamic AMOLED display also reduces eye stress by preventing excessive blue lights. While doing so, it does not change the color representation of the real picture on the screen. The blue lights reduction will help phone users to have better sleep at night.

6. Wireless Powershare:

With this feature, you can charge other wireless capable phones and accessories like earbuds, gear/watch. So you do not have to carry different chargers for Samsung phones and accessories. Just enable the Wireless power share feature and put the device to rest on the back of the phone, then the wireless charging will occur.

7. Smooth 4G browsing:

Having used the phone as a daily driver, the 4G browsing, streaming experience with S10 is smoother compared to other phones. It may be due to the higher UE category (CAT 20: 2 Gbps DL/ 150 Mbps UL) that the S10 has and also the better signal reception.

8. 3.5 mm Audio jack:

Despite being a 2019 flagship phone, Samsung has kept the Audio jack alive in their premium Galaxy phones. So you do not have to carry the extra adapter for your music listening and the chance of missing the small converter will not trouble you. To me, the extra adapter looks ugly while using it in the outdoor/road/streets.

9. DeX for Desktop experience from Smartphone:

Samsung’s renowned feature DeX will allow you to use your phone as a Desktop. You need to have DeX accessory, an HDMI connector, and others for the display/monitor, mouse, keyboard). The connectivity could be wireless or wired for the mouse and keyboard. This feature removes the burden of sharing the phone’s data every time you want to use in big screens or desktop.

10. Performance and Multi-Tasking:

Samsung S10 performs very fast and is highly responsive. It is the high-end processor (8 nm Samsung Exynos 9820) and the 8 GB RAM that makes the phone perform superior.

With Samsung S10, you can open a whole lot of apps and do multitasking at the same time. You won’t feel any fall back with multiple tasks like gaming, music, browsing, and a combination of more. If you want to avoid the multiple switching from one window to another, you can use the Split screen feature that also operates smoothly.

11. Intelligent battery and fast charging.

Although we were set to cover the top 10 reasons, we can not omit the intelligent battery feature that helps to optimize the battery last longer for daily usage. The phone has 3400 mAH battery can survive a whole day with the average usage including calls to video/music streaming, social media network to video calls. The fast charging feature in the phone allows adding the battery juice from 0 to 50 % in nearly half an hour.

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Apart from those reasons, Samsung has fit in many other features in the S10 like

  • Digital well being: Which shows the on-screen time and the several app usages, just to inform the usage of your phone to make you aware.
  • Edge lighting for notifications: We always put our phone in silent mode in a meeting. Leaving your phone on a desk on a meeting informs you of notifications arrival from the edge lighting. You can even color-code the light for 5 contacts. This feature is simply awesome.
  • Secure Folder, Recycle bin: Samsung has made their phone more secure to avoid the spoofing of the data. You can create a secure folder to keep your personal content with a higher level of encryption. You can either use one or combination of password, PIN, patterns or fingerprint. The recycle bin feature (like in the Windows) will put the deleted files on hold for 15 days.

Having said all of the above, who would not want to grab the lightweight but heavy in performance Samsung S10 Phone!!!

Tell us in the comment section below if you want to feedback on the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone.

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