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Nepal Telecom to use “Big data” in Cloud

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has started the process of putting its data over a cloud server. With a new tender, Nepal Telecom intends to use its huge data in the cloud server. Similarly, the big data in the cloud will remove the burden to change the hardware to upscale the storage or processing.

Putting data in the cloud server also enables the access of such data from anywhere anytime with preferred analysis. As known, using a Good Cloud platform will also secure such sensitive data.

Ntc Big data cloud

The era of Big data

Nepal Telecom now starts to enter into the era of Big data and Cloud. Almost all of the telecom operators in the world have used this platform or technology for their work efficiency and providing better service to their customers. The telcos have huge data either from their system or from their subscribers or also from the employees, which needs to put into a single platform for better processing and efficiency.

Take an instance for the identification of availability of telco services in all parts of the country. If they put data of all of their services/system in this platform, they can easily find out the required information. Similarly, the platform will also help them to identify shortcomings, problems and the ways to resolve it using AI/Machine learning.

The Tender

Nepal Telecom (Ntc), the government-owned telecom operator has invited a tender for the cloud platform, big data warehouse, and analytics. The deadline for the tender is till September 25, 2019.

It is good news that Nepal Telecom, the largest IT company of Nepal starts adopting the latest technology for keeping data. They can use the system for not only of the subscriber data but also for the regular functioning, system performance and efficient access/analytics.

All the interested bidders can apply for the tender. NTC wants a competent and reputed organization to perform Supply, delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Cloud Platform, Big data warehouse, and Analytics.

What is Big data, Cloud Computing?

Big data is a large set of data/information to store in a computer database. The big data facilitates easy data access, analytics. Such huge data are complex to access/process using traditional software. The term was coined in the ’90s, now it is used extensively with more additional IT technologies like Cloud computing.

Earlier 3V used to Characterize Big data with concepts; Volume, Variety, and Velocity. Now more Vs like Veracity, Value, and Variability is added for Big data. Similar to the volume of such big data has increased from Terabytes, Petabytes and also exabytes of data.

While Big data refers to the content or the scale of the data. Cloud means the infrastructure for the storage, processing, accessing the data over the internet. There are various advantages of using Cloud computing for big data. It enables access to data at any time on the go. Similarly, Cloud computing allows expanding the storage size as per your requirement. Cloud computing also reduces the complexity to access/process such huge data along with the enabling of automation required for some instances.

With the introduction of such a platform for Big data analytics, We hope Nepal Telecom wants to use the power of IT technology to be more efficient. We do not know any details of the project so far but it can also make them automate some of the internal works.

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