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Nepal Telecom revises the lockdown services, ends PayG discount

Nepal Telecom announced its revision of offers and services on Ashadh 2, 2077, amid the odd circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation suffered an extended lockdown that has finally come into ease.

Nepal Telecom had provided various facilities for people during the lockdown period. Among which, Ntc removes some of them while continues others considering the uneasy situation.

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Revision of Ntc lockdown services

Ntc has arranged the revision in several services and facilities, which are as follows:

  1. No fine for late payment: The company has decided to grant the fine for late payment till Ashadh 7. Ashadh 8 onwards, customers using the company’s service will be charged a penalty for late payment as per the rules.
  2. No discounts: Similarly, the 30% and 27% discounts offered on the basic internet PayG tariff (pay as you go) of GSM mobile data and CDMA mobile data service will not resume, and regular charges will levy on the use of these services from Ashadh 1.
  3. Stay connected offer: The stay connected offer that Nepal Telecom has been providing to its customers in voice and data services will continue as it is. Read more about the NTC stay connected offer.
  4. Free internet connection and maintenance: There was an agreement between Nepal Telecommunication Authority and Nepal Telecom for broadband internet project made on Baishakh 21, 2074. Based on the agreement, the company provided free internet connection and maintenance for two years in 760 locations across Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Kavrepalanchowk, and Sindhupalchowk, that were massively affected by the earthquake. The Government of Nepal later made these places quarantine sites related to COVID-19. Afterward, the service was resumed in those places for two months from Chaitra 23, 2076. At the request of NTA, they decided to extend the service for another two months, starting with Jestha 30.

It is a relief to know NTC is providing various offers and services at different corners of the country. It shows the support and care of NTC towards their clients. NTC has always come forward whenever the people have faced complications, whether during the massive earthquake or COVID-19 pandemic.

As the nation slowly eases to normalcy, some of the earlier discounts halts, while other services continues to help people lift themselves from this challenging situation. 

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Please remember that the government eases the lockdown, which does not imply that the virus infection has relaxed. So we would like to request you to be more aware now and follow the distancing, hygiene guidelines strictly.

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