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China’s Rapid 5G Expansion: 1 MN Base Stations And 450 MN Users

China is leading the 5G race with superlative numbers leaving the global competitors far behind. Find all about the recent mind-boggling data on China’s fifth-gen network strides.

The number of 5G base stations in China has exceeded 1 million. China’s MIIT has reported that the number of 5G subscribers has crossed a whopping 450 million. These numbers are solid among the competitors and Chinese officials are claiming is the world’s largest independent 5G network.

China mobile users at a store
Chinese consumers at a mobile store | Img: Chinadaily

In the early half of the year, China had only 900,000 5G base stations. Now, the number has reached over a million. Currently, there are 1.16 million 5G base stations spreading the 5G signals across China. In the meantime, China has also achieved 450 million users connected on the fifth-gen network. Something the world’s leading countries are yet to achieve.

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China Leads The 5G Race!

Being one of the manufacturing powerhouses and flush with unprecedented resources for ICT, China has become a front runner in the 5G race. Already the world’s largest telecommunications market, China has all the assets to lead the revolutionary fifth-generation cellular network. The ever-impressive figures also highlight that it is in the right direction.

Speaking to the media, Chief Engineer of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, outlined the country’s 5G profile. He revealed that China’s 5G base stations have crossed the 1 million mark. With this, the country’s base station will count for more than 70% of the world in total. He also informed that 5G’s essential end-to-end network slicing is also accelerating in the country. He also said that China’s 5G network now makes it above 80% of the entire world.  

Next, China plans to further enhance the country’s IT plans. It plans to invest more in big data, AI, industrial software, and etc. There are also plans for a 6G launch around 2030.

It should also be noted that China is the world’s largest telecommunications market and it is predicted that the total number of mobile broadband users will surpass 1 billion in 2021. Before 5G, China’s 4G base stations also account for half of the world.

5G base stations in China
5G base stations in China

China’s state-funded 5G project is backed by the IT Giant Huawei, which is leading the 5G gear-making race. It holds a key to building China’s next-gen 5G communications network.

China is planning to complete the 5G expansion between 2021-25. It is estimated that the country will have 560 million 5G users by 2023 and over 1 billion before 2030.

When Will 5G Begin In Nepal?

While neighboring countries are making strides in 5G, Nepal is limping behind. The state-backed telco for all its efforts has struggled to make major gains for the revolutionary network. NTA, the regulatory body for telecommunications in Nepal, has not approved its 5G proposal. The authority has also held up from allocating spectrum to the telco.

NTC was prepping for the 5G launch by Poush this year but that seems unlikely. On the other hand, the private telco Ncell has also requested NTA’s approval for its 5G project but we have not heard much from it. It seems like Nepali mobile phone users will have to wait for more for a 5G breakthrough.

With the two neighboring countries strengthening their mobile telecommunications with a 5G network, Nepali authorities seem complacent towards it.

Do you feel eager for the 5G network or are you content with the current 3G and 4G? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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