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How to Connect Wi-Fi and VPN on TV

It’s not always a great idea to have your online activities monitored. The most common problem for people who want to keep their activities private, a Virtual Private Network is the perfect solution. The two primary functions of a VPN are to access geographically restricted data and to hide your internet activities from your Internet Service providers. 

Most people are unaware that their ISP has access to your online activity, and although this is safe in the cloud, it is still a security risk. 

Why Use a VPN on Your TV

Modern Smart-TVs have several capabilities. You can live stream, surf the web and watch videos on demand. These capabilities give you a vast network of video content. However, you may want to access regionally restricted content unavailable in your locality. That is where a VPN comes in. 

Another reason is to prevent your ISP from monitoring your habits. Essentially, a VPN encrypts the connection between your Smart-TV and your internet connection, giving you a secure platform to stream all your videos. With this connection, you can maintain secured internet activity. 

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How to Connect Wi-Fi on a Smart-TV

Connecting to your home Wi-Fi is a simple process if you have a Smart TV. Most modern varieties have inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity. The router range may be an issue if your TV is not in the same room. How do you do it?

  • Press the menu button on your remote and go to network settings. Click on set up a wireless connection, click on the name of your home Wi-Fi, and type in the password on your TV. 

The perks of using a wireless network are that you do not have to worry about exposed wiring. Wireless connectivity is also DIY and does not require professional help. 

Note, however, that some TVs do not come equipped with wireless connectivity. In this case, you may need to use an Ethernet cable. You only need to plug in the Ethernet cable. There are scenarios where the wireless connection may be sketchy. In this case, a wired connection provides a faster and more reliable internet source. 

How to Connect a VPN to Your Smart TV

Hooking your Smart TV to your VPN network is a bit more complicated. This complexity is because most Smart TVs do not come equipped with VPN compatibility. What is comforting is that, with the proper equipment, even a regular TV can accommodate a VPN. There are several solutions here- you can download VPN for your smart TV or run it through an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet connection is usually the fastest and most reliable technique. If you have an issue with cabling, you can install a smaller redirection device behind your TV. 

Other techniques involve wireless connectivity. Here you share a VPN via your home Wi-Fi. All you need to do is click on open network and settings, click on mobile hot-spot. Then you click on Wi-Fi and share an internet connection. Then you type in the password and enter your details. 

You can also install a VPN on your router. This method is an effective way of protecting all your devices, not just your TV. The procedure for installing a VPN on your router differs depending on the service provider you choose. Fortunately, most VPN providers have a DIY walk-through of the steps you need to take and the specific setup instructions. 

There is also the option of a plug-and-play, configured VPN router. In principle, it is possible to purchase a router that already has a VPN installed. With this solution, all you need to do is select a server. Several VPN providers offer this service, and it is the most convenient solution if you want a decent system with minimal fuss. 

What You Need To Know

Compatibility is a problem when establishing a network with Smart TVs. Keep in mind that there are Android devices and non-Android ones. Consistency means that you cannot run apps if the device is incompatible. Ensure you know if your TV can run apps before trying any integration. 

While many installations and setups are simple, always ask for help if you are uncertain of anything. VPN providers usually have support desks to walk you through the process to prevent mistakes. 

Virtual Private Networks have several perks, and once you can hook your Smart-TV up to this system, you will be able to do much more than change your Netflix viewing region. 

Final Thoughts

Smart-TVs are evolving rapidly every year, and with innovations on the market, Wi-Fi and VPN connection has become convenient. Hopefully, this short guide will give you an idea of how you can do it yourself without the need for professional help. 

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