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NTC Increases Profit by 18 Percent in Q2, FY 078/79

NTC (Nepal Telecom) has increased its profit by over 18 percent in the second quarter (Q2) of the current Fiscal Year 078/79. Running on good finances post COVID-19, this is the operator’s consecutive positive number in this FY, the report shows.

In the current Q2 of 078/79, the company netted 3 billion, 89 crores, 78 lakh, and 75 thousand in profit. In the previous Q2 of FY 077/78, the company earned a total profit of 3 billion, 28 crores, 93 lakh, and 94 thousand. This was an 18.46 percent year-on-year profit growth for Ntc which means its profit grew this term by 60 crores, 84 lakh, and 81 thousand.

Nepal Telecom Q2 Total profitAmount
FY 078/79 3.90 billion (approx.)
FY 077/78 3.29 billion (approx.)
Growth 61 crores (approx.)

Likewise, the company’s total operating revenue has also increased by 6.87 percent in the first 6 months in comparison to Q2 of FY 077/78. Previously, till Poush, 2077, the company had collected total revenue of 17 billion, 72 crores, 49 lakh, and 13 thousand. This year it increased by 1 billion, 48 crores, 23 lakh, and 3 thousand. In total, the operator accumulated 19 billion, 20 crore, 72 lakh, and 16 thousand.

Total revenue also climbs up

The company’s total revenue has also increased to 21 Arab, 98 crores, 91 lakh, and 88 thousand (till Poush, 2078). Previously (till Poush 2077), it stood 20 Arab, 57 crores, 59 lakh, and 25 thousand. This means the company’s y-o-y revenue rose by 1 Arab, 41 crores, 32 lakh, and 63 thousand which is 6.87 percent.

Nepal Telecom Q2 Total Revenue Amount
FY 078/79 21.99 billion (approx.)
FY 077/78 20.58 billion (approx.)
Growth 1.42 billion (approx.)

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Ntc’s EBITDA has also climbed up by 9.01 percent reaching 9 Arab, 38 crores, 61 lakh, and 90 thousand. Last year till Poush 2077, the company totaled 8 Arab, 61 crores, 3 lakh, and 17 thousand. This is an increase of 99 crores, 58 lakh, and 91 thousand.

Reasons behind NTC’s increased profit in Q2, FY 078/79

The company says the following reasons played a part to draw in other positive finances this Fiscal Year:

  • The 4G coverage expansion has also increased the number of active users for the company. There is a marked increase in voice, data, and SMS services. Similarly, they even expanded their 2G/3G/4G services to areas with no any 2G/3G mobile network before, which further boosted the company’s customer base.
  • The popularity of its Triple Play service with Fiber internet, Telephone and IPTV has contributed to the increase of the company’s income from Fixed Network services. Check out: Ntc fiber net Speed, Price, Offers
  • The company’s projects and service delivery improving after COVID-19 cases lowered in recent months.
  • NTC has not generated remarkable earnings from COVID-19 related data packages. However, the upgrades, and maintenance of its services, have lured in more customers and revenues over the past few months.
  • The growing consumption of OTT services has lowered the company’s revenues from international calls, and roaming. However, online classes, businesses, social networking, internet-based entertainment has increased. This has resulted in higher earnings from voice, data, SMS, and VAS. This helped the company boost its finances from the previous FY’s Q2.

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How much has your data and voice from NTC increased? Have they been convincing enough to you? Do let us know in the comments section.

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