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Triple Play service (Voice, TV And Internet) Over Nepal Telecom’s Fiber and Its Benefits

Nepal Telecom launched its IPTV service on 1st January in select areas. This TV service comes bundled with high-speed internet and voice calls over Nepal Telecom’s FTTH Fiber.

Although the trend of internet-based television is not new, it has finally come to reality over Ntc fiber, with a unique approach known as Triple Play. What is Triple Play and what are its benefits for consumers? Let’s explore this topic in this post today.

Before We Begin …

What is IPTV and How it Works

Nepal Telecom has launched its long awaited IPTV service. It stands for Internet Protocol Television. In layman terms, the content we see on television is delivered to us over internet and not satellite. It is an extended form of digital TV. Find the difference between IPTV and regular digital TV here.

IPTV service

IPTV is a complete overhaul over traditional set ups. It sends contents to your devices over internet connection. You can watch videos on demands, stream contents live or watch exclusive contents with pay. You watch what you want. The viewer has a complete authority over what he chooses to watch.

Now To The Point

What is Tripleplay?

Nepal Telecom didn’t just launch their IPTV, they also introduced a unique Triple Play concept for the first time in Nepal. It is the package that provides broadband internet connection, television and telephone service all through the same fiber optic.

Nepal Telecom Triple play service over fiber

What are the advantages of Triple Play Service?

With improved technology, it is obvious that there are benefits. Nepali households for long bore with unreliable cable TV connection and for internet they subscribed to ADSL on a very low bandwidth. As for movies, they used DVDs and Torrent for home entertainment.

Now the time has changed. Nepal entered into digital television six years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Dish Home made DTH mainstream and now Worldlink, Subisu and Vianet have become households when it comes to internet and television combo. But where they stall Nepal Telecom’s NT TV takes off. Find the Best Internet Service Providers in Nepal.

What Does it Have for The Service Provider?

Triple Play extends current norm internet and TV combo further. Adding voice calls over telephone, it raises the bar among other competitors. Now Nepal Telecom will play around its benefits as a cost cutting measure on its part too.

The approach is cost effective on long run for the operator. Burden of constructing infrastructures from utility poles to land lease and erecting towers will be reduced. Maintenance will be easy and less expensive due to the integration of various services over a single cable.

Thus, the operator; Nepal Telecom could use its time and resources on catering appealing contents over time. It will be able to offer a plethora of contents via streaming, video on demands, apps and other smart features. The add-ons will help to boost its economic base while maintaining its basic package at a modest price.

How Will it Benefit the Customers?

It Provides One Extra Service: Telephone

While limited ISPs are bundling combo package of internet and television, Worldlink and Vianet for example, Nepal Telecom will offer customers telephone service too. Not only will they be getting a reliable broadband connection and Television, they will also get telephone service.

Its cost effective

Nepal Telecom has been generous enough in rolling out this service at a fairly cheap price. The basic package kicks off at NRs. 1250. Normally, this would get internet and television service but Nepal Telecom is also giving telephone service.

It’s Convenient

With Triple play service, you will no longer have to seek different companies for their distinct services. All you have to do is fill up a form at Nepal Telecom office. The rest comes together. Payment will be easy and simple. When you make a payment after every expiration, you are paying for all the three at once.

Its Hassle Free

Our houses are equipped with many electronic devices and most of them are wired. We have cables for telephones, Television, music system, router, repeater and the list goes on and on. Our houses have literally become littered with wires.

But with Triple Play enabling three services with one fiber, it will significantly reduce number of different cables running into your house. It will be easy to manage those cables and help to retain the aesthetics of your interiors too.

It’s Just Better

Triple Play, embeds three different services together. It eases hassles on the customers part and also simplifies the service. Households don’t have to call separate companies for services or make different transactions. They all rely on a single company for three services. As this also comes at a comparatively cheaper rate, it simply makes for a a plausible choice.

Our Verdict

Though the Triple Play is not a newer concept, it took a lot of time to arrive in Nepal. It is better than their past approaches in providing television service (remember WoWTime!). This will certainly generate interest among the customers especially those who have upgraded their internet from ADSL to Fiber, it should be an easy choice.

For those out of Nepal Telecom’s horizon, they will also get drawn to triple Play and its attractive concept of three services over a fiber optic. Maybe its a giant leap towards a new mode of connectivity and home entertainment in Nepal. Our verdict, lets embrace it, if you are lucky enough to have Ntc Fiber network at your place.

For more information on Nepal Telecom’s IPTV subscription and the packages, you can find the detailed information on NTTV Price.

Tell us what do you think of Nepal Telecom’s Triple play service and the benefits, in the comment section below.

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