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Rogers Network Resumes After 19-hours Outage in Canada

Rogers Network has been restored after an incredible 19-hour outage in Canada. The network fallout that began early Friday has largely resumed and the company is offering an apology. The event kept away millions of customers from mobile and internet services for a long duration.

This was one of the biggest network outages for Roger that deprived service to much of Canada.

The outage was so widespread it kept many services such as health care, law enforcement, and financial sectors without communication. But, it didn’t stop there. Even the 911 emergency calls didn’t connect. Reuters reports that the wide service deprivation also included debit card transactions. After the fiasco, Rogers president and CEO Toney Staffieri said the service was restored. He claimed that the company’s “networks and systems are close to fully operational.”

The operator has blamed maintenance updates for the historically long network outage.

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Catastrophe avoided!

The country’s major network outage has drawn comments and opinions throughout.

Richard Leblanc, a professor of governance, law, and ethics at York University in Toronto, implied that the outage was a lesson. He maintained that the Russian hackers could see how vulnerable Canadian industries can be to an attack.

 “This could have been catastrophic for the country if this was a threat actor,” Leblanc said on the Rogers network outage.

Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri
Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri

“I think it’s time that regulators — and this includes Industry Canada, the CRTC, and the Competition Tribunal — begin to insist on proper, robust, independently audited internal controls, so that you don’t have an outage like this,” he weighed in.

“I think regulators have the authority, they have the power. The question is: Do they have the courage to use it?” he said.

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Rogers network outage lasted 19 hours | Canada

Similarly, Patricia Valladao, a spokesperson for the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, stated that Canada’s telecom regulator is in contact with Rogers.

“Right now, our focus is on the outage and recovering from it. When it is over, we will take all necessary actions to examine what occurred and put in place the necessary measures to prevent it from happening again,” she wrote in an email.

Compensation is on its way and so are lawsuits, possibly!

Apologetic Rogers Networks said that it will compensate customers for the network disruption. However, the company has not yet revealed the details. Meanwhile, spam text messages have circulated apparently claiming to offer credit and customers will get it automatically.

Meanwhile, experts opine that the telecom giant could receive class-action lawsuits by individual firms claiming compensation for the cost of the outage.

Rogers reportedly has not responded to requests about how many customers were out of service and the account of compensation they will receive. Check out: Fault in Subsea Cables Slows Internet in Pakistan

According to Netblocks, a U.K.-based cybersecurity firm, the network shutdown kept about 25 percent of Canada’s internet connectivity offline.

How long have you suffered from network disruption? Do share how you coped with such a condition in the comments below.

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