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7 Powerful Subscriber Retention Strategies

Once prevalent in businesses, ad-driven models have now started fading as it spoils the user experience. Instead, the ad-drive model is now converting into a subscription or blended model. The same is visible in popular entertainment services. However, a subscription-based model comes with its own set of problems, and the most crucial is retaining the subscribers. With many businesses now employing subscriber-based services, the battle between acquiring new subscribers and keeping the current ones has become fierce. On top of it, with so many options available to customers, their loyalty is steadily declining.

The Importance Of Subscriber Retention 

It is essential to acquire new customers while, at the same time, businesses should have proper strategies to retain current subscribers. It is because acquiring a new subscriber can be as high as $200 in the competitive market, and it takes nearly 15 months to get an ROI. with the right subscriber retention strategy, it is possible to increase the profitability of a business. Listed below are seven powerful subscriber retention strategies which a company can employ.

1. Collect Data On Subscriber’s Interest 

The most important step to retain the subscriber is to know what they are interested in and how they behave on the platform. It is possible to gain this information through McDVoice, like feedback, behavior, and interest tracking. The businesses can then use the collected data to improve the content strategy accordingly. 

At present, most businesses track subscribers to understand the type of content they consume to retain them. This tactic is followed by customer services asking the customers why they cancel service, which helps the companies understand the problematic area.

2. Provide Personalized Recommendations 

With the information collected in the above step, businesses should use Artificial Intelligence to personalize their offerings to different customers. Many media platforms do the same through their recommendation system. Personalized recommendations ensure people save time browsing the content they want. When the content is tailor-made according to the customer’s preference, it makes discoverability easy for them to ensure they stay glued to a platform for much longer. 

3. Identify Users Who Might Cancel The Subscriptions

Users do not cancel a subscription out of the blue. Often, subscription cancellation comes with multiple hints that the firms should pay attention to intervene at the right time. For example, if a subscriber is not visiting a platform for multiple days or weeks, the chances of canceling the service increase. 

An integrated CRM can help identify such subscribers and work on a solution to fix the problem. But, again, this step requires behavior tracking of the customer. 

4. Reward Subscriber Loyalty 

Wendy rewards the customers who fill out their feedback form as it helps them to improve their service. Many gaming platforms also use the same strategy to increase the engagement time of the players. Likewise, businesses of other niches should use the same approach to retain subscribers. One simple tactic to do it is to gamify an app or platform. It makes the platform more fun, keeps the people tuned in, and helps the company build long-term customer relationships. 

5. Offer Exclusive Benefits To Subscribers 

It has become common for customers to compare the cost versus the value of the subscription. Most customers now are price sensitive and need to feel that their subscription is of high value. Businesses can ensure the same by providing subscribers exclusive benefits. For example, a content platform can have an exclusive section reserved only for subscribers, which a non-subscriber cannot read. 

6. Float Out Reminders 

Notifications are effective tools to retain subscribers when they get dormant. Sometimes, it takes a slight push to bring the subscribers back to the platform and reduce the risk of subscription cancellation. However, a general reminder will only do a little good. Companies who float reminders to bring back dormant subscribers should ensure that the reminders are personalized. It is because personalized reminders increase both the open rates and conversion rates. 

7. Offer A Good Customer Support 

In the age of social media platforms, it is common for customers to vent out on Twitter or other social media platforms about a lousy product or service. Such mentions can immediately affect the business. It can avoid such havoc by providing subscribers with good customer support. Also, monitoring social media mentions is essential. 

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These strategies can only work when the companies collect enough data from the customers and make it possible for the data to work for the company. Therefore, the first step includes a collection of data, followed by analysis and strategy planning then, finally, the implementation of the strategy. 

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