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CG Net Arrives In More New Areas Of Kathmandu

CG Net has expanded its fiber internet service to more areas in Kathmandu. Initially launched in select areas of Lalitpur, they are now extending the fiber net to some more areas of Kathmandu. This will enable more people of Kathmandu to grab the blazing CG Net in their households.

CG Net launched its fiber internet on June 1 for a remarkably low-cost Rs. 999 monthly for 120Mbps which made it an instant hit among the consumers. Providing the highest bandwidth speed at a low cost has helped it achieve loud plaudits all over Nepal. Now, many in other parts of the country are eagerly waiting for CG Net to take off.

CG Net inaugurated its FTTH service in Jawalakhel, Jhamsikhel, Ekantakuna etc. Then, the fiber internet from CG expanded to Kalanki, Teku, Kuleshwor, Balkhu, Kalimati, and Tripureshwor. Now, the residents of more areas of Kathmandu will have the option of CG Net. The company has expanded the service to Kupondole, Sanepa, Gusingal, Jwagal, Chakupat, Chayasal, Balkumari (Inside Ring Road).

With the current pace of expansion, you can find CG net fiber in all areas of Kathmandu within 2078.

CG Net’s Offer For New Customers

As per the debutant ISP, new customers can have CG Net installed within 6 to 24 hours after confirming the new installation. The company charges Rs. 999 (excl. of VAT) for the breakthrough 120 Mbps fiber internet.

For customers who will make annual payments, they will receive router and installation free of cost. Additionally, they have the option of monthly, 3 months, and six months subscriptions which will spare installation and fiber cable charges.

CG Net has said it is planning on widening its coverage to major cities this year. CG’s Managing Director Nirvana Chaudhary has said, the company is committed to adding more services to its fiber internet package and integrate IPTV service soon. Regarding the viability of the low-cost sustainability, he said CG Net has avoided investment in legacy networks and only employees latest technology which helps it skip additional investments.

Besides, reducing overhead costs has helped it lower its packages for the customers’ benefit. He said CG Net could further lower its internet prices in the future when its FTTH goes nationwide.

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We will keep you updated about CG Net’s coverage as it expands further. If you want to know more about CG Net and its availability, let us help you in the comments.

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