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What Will Happen to The Grey Phones After MDMS Implementation?

The government has switched on MDMS to monitor smartphones in the country but what will it mean to the grey phones? Find out NTA’s plans with MDMS for the next fiscal year.

The recent budget speech had one announcement that made the existing grey phone users worried. Those carrying unauthorized phones had an undesirable message from the government. Fret not, reading this post shall help you get rid of this problem.

Hon. Finance minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel revealed that the government will disable the so-called grey phones after Shrawan 1 with MDMS. But later it was found out that was not the case. NTA said the authority would allow grey handset owners more time to register their phones.

As MDMS has begun, many are skeptics about their unregistered. However, the government has allocated a 2 months deadline to register their phones. Meanwhile, for phones that will enter Nepal from now on, they will need to go through the newly established protocols.

The government will launch MDMS to disassociate phones that are not in its database records. That means the users of those phones will not be able to exchange any calls or messages. While it has alarmed many with such phones, some may not be convinced about the government’s resolution. The question still begs: will the government really disable grey phones after Shrawan 1?

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What Has Been Said?

NTA Deputy Spokesperson Achyutanda Mishra has said that the authority has been blacklisting lost or stolen phones on reports. After MDMS comes into operation, the NTA will also crack down on grey phones which have no traces in the authority’s registries/database.

As per the protocol, “The smartphone distributors first acquire a type approval certificate for the concerned mobile brand from the NTA.” He further added, “After the approval, NTA registers the IMEI of those devices in its systems and they are allowed to be distributed within the Nepali market.”

When distributors import mobile phones in Nepal, NTA registers the IMEI numbers under the exporter’s titles. When those devices reach the customers, the exporters transfer the ownership to their customers.

The Deputy Spokesperson also maintained that even buying/selling from among the users requires documentation. He informed that the telecom regulator is bringing in a KYC system soon for the purpose.

Grey Phones
grey phones in Nepal

NTA Firm on Disabling Grey Phones

The soon-to-be-launched Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) will incorporate the NTA, Customs, police, telecom operators, and mobile manufacturers. All these parties will work concurrently and white list phones that enter via legitimate channels.

When a new buyer inserts a SIM into his phone, the MDMS will trigger and try to ensure its registration. If it fails to find the device’s IMEI in the database or is found black/grey, then the system will block the phone from getting the mobile signal. The status of the phones in the MDMS database is either white, black, or grey.

Deputy Spokesperson Achyutanda Mishra has stated that MDMS will afford maximum security to the consumers. It will allow the phone’s operation when IMEI’s and the SIM card owner’s identities match.

illegal phones

Currently, grey phones have occupied more than 5% of the Nepalese market and the open borders have largely contributed to it. Not only has it compromised users’ safety, but it has also cost the government a large share of revenues for years too. Now the government seems adamant that it will execute MDMS to full effect and disable the grey phones in circulation.

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What Can You Do For your Grey Phones?

Due to open borders, and Nepalese in foreign at large, it is no surprise that grey smartphones are easy to find. Buyers may have even bought phones from stores without knowing the legitimacy of the device or fell for a cheaper price. And some are even confused about whether your current phone is an authorized one or a grey one.

But do not worry. There are ways you can confirm your device’s status online. Go to NTA portal to ‘know your device’ then add your details to find out whether your phone is within the law or not.

For a more comprehensive guideline on the registration of your phones in Nta, you can follow our post here.

If you are sure that your device is not yet registered, do fill up the details of your device and get result. NTA will keep the records and verify them soon based on your documents and device information.

As thousands of devices enter Nepal in gifts to their relatives, such phones remain unverified. For this purpose, the customs depart of Nepal will soon set up an MDMS system to regulate them right on point.

A word of advice: before it’s too late we urge our readers to hasten up register their devices to avoid the impending repercussions.

The MDMS system will add an important layer of safety to the devices and help the government collect revenues. It will also help curb the crimes that grey phones have contributed to in the past.

Once the government implements it, all the devices in Nepal will be regulated and help track their location when it is required. The tracking of phones when it is lost or stolen will be made easy while blacklisting such phones would be convenient.

What do you think of the MDMS impact on phone users at present? Are you carrying such a device? Do you think they should prolong the deadline for the ease of mobile users? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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