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Nepal Telecom upgrades its 4G LTE speed

Nepal Telecom (Ntc) has enhanced its 4g LTE speed with the latest system upgrade. The pioneer Telco had announced of the system upgrade to make people aware of the possible disturbance during the actual work. Now that the upgrade is successful, we found a huge leap in Ntc 4G speed.

Some people might have experienced problems during the upgrade and as per some customer, they had found issues in 4G browsing the day after. Some online news reports quoting the spokesperson of Nepal Telecom as the issue will resolve within a day or two.

Ntc says they performed migration to new PCRF (policy and charging rules function) having bigger capacity. They also ask customer to put “ntnet” as an Access Point in their mobile data settings. Now they will also send alert notification for two times after consumption of 80 percent and 100% volume in the data pack.

Read: How to activate 4G and put 4G mode.

Nepal Telecom has been expanding its 4G LTE network throughout the country. Till now, there has been commercial operation of more than 2000 mobile towers covering all the 77 districts which doesn’t mean Ntc 4G coverage is available everywhere. But we can anticipate Ntc 4G to reach most of the inhabitants by this year.

4G Speed Before

During the launch of the last year’s 4G launch event, they demonstrated the speed of the 4G to be 234 Mbps which was the peak download speed that was most probably with a single user. After the launch, we asked the speed test result from our Facebook page, which gave us a speed of around 20 Mbps download. You can find the speed test result that time in post and the comments there.

4G Speed Now

Now after the up-gradation, we checked the 4G speed in several places of Kathmandu at first with the Speedtest app for fair comparison as we already test with it. Then we tested the 4G speed with our soon to be launched speed testing website called NetCheckpro.

The peak 4G speed that we got in Ntc is 65 Mbps for download which is the highest  4G speed we have seen in Nepal. Most of the times, the speed is above 40 Mbps. Only in few areas during the day time, the speed is in the 20 Mbps range.

The results are extraordinary in terms of the meaningful surge in the Download speed values as compared to that of previous speed shown above. But the Uplink is more or less the same as 20 Mbps.

To witness the data speed boost, we advise you to test the speed with Ntc 4G yourself. Please take the data packs before running the test.

Then afterwards we tested the Ntc 4G with our tool. Here is the snapshot of the speed test with it.

Ntc 4G speed

This speed test result is the actual internet connection to the dynamic global server rather than the local one. So, this is the real internet speed that the customer gets while browsing. We also recommend you to check for the internet speed of your internet connection at home or the one from 4G/3G data using NetCheckPro.

Clearing confusions

We would like to clear out some confusions regarding the speed test result.

As we find the higher 4G LTE speed snapshot, it is not guaranteed that you will get the same speed everywhere. The speed or the throughput of cellular mobile broadband (3G/4G) depends on the coverage of the mobile signal (Location), the time of usage and the number of subscribers that are in the same area.

  • Better the coverage, better will be the internet speed.
  • Tests during peak hour results in lower speed.
  • If you are testing in a crowded location, then the speed will become low as many people might be using the internet from same tower.

Although we discussed about the higher 4G LTE speed, there are no such streaming service which demands internet speed above 10 Mbps. With the 10 Mbps speed, you can stream HD quality video without any buffering.

We recommend you to read Ntc 4G spectrum bands and how to get the most.

Tell us if you have found such increase in the 4G speed at your place, do comment your views along with your location and snapshot of test result.

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