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NT to phase out CDMA

August 23, 2015: Nepal Telecom, the pioneer operator is known to phase out CDMA within 3 years span. CDMA mobile technology or service is seen as the perfect technology to provide mobile coverage in different remote parts of Nepal, having such mountainous/hilly terrain. As their GSM network is being expanded to those remote areas with the current GSM/WCDMA project, NT plans to remove CDMA base stations gradually but only when the GSM service is made available there. Currently NT is running 2 Million CDMA project with which it is expanding 2G/3G services to remote areas but with this decision it seems the project expansion will be stalled. It was in 2006 that NT launched CDMA with limited mobility in Kathmandu and later extended to other parts. NT brought EVDO (3G CDMA) service in 2010, providing data service (of 3.1 Mbps). NT holds around 1.5 million CDMA subscribers (including the data only users in EVDO through USB dongle). Customers living or travelling to the remote parts of the country prefer CDMA for voice call and data where there is no any other means of communication available. NT is even providing cheaper data tariff in CDMA when compared to GSM. But the current trend shows that the subscribers in CDMA is going down due to non-availability of different range of Handsets, absence of some other services like Value added services (VAS) and the growing coverage of 2G/3G GSM.

It is also in the world that CDMA technology has no evolution beyond 3.5G and even CDMA researchers/investors are opting for GSM family. Some people even say LTE is indirect evolution to CDMA and some operators are also using CDMA as the fallback network to LTE. Though global and national trend shows the decline in CDMA, the phase out should be done after thoughtful plan and the implementation schedule. With the growing 3G/4G networks, some operators already shut down CDMA and some like Singapore are planing to phase out GSM in 2017. which will avail more spectrum to the expanding 4G networks.

NT website look got improved

August 20, 2015: Nepal Telecom, the government owned telco has revamped its website to a new look today. The portal for all of the information for NT and services is one of the oldest websites in Nepal, and was very popular back then. As it was already more than half decade that it had any major changes and the information was not up to date, the website popularity was going down. It currently stands 123 position in the Alexa rank for websites within Nepal. 
The new look is much more customer centric than it was before,  as all of the information for their services are easy to find it in the first page. Some services like websms which are already out out of date and removed from the website are still there which means they are still in the process to review it. The social media link for their official Facebook page is noteworthy but there should be integration of social medias in their posts as well so it will help customers to share those information without copy paste.
But overall you can feel the change in the new look whereas the biggest problem in the government company like NT is updating the information promptly as it comes. So, the challenge or we would rather say a priority should be towards keeping the website updated for all of their services.
Here are some major services from the website:
  • Email service
  • Online recharge.
  • Online Mobile/Telephone bill.
  • ADSL self care.
  • Information for all services and Downloads.

Go to the website and have a look. Do feedback below what you have found it to be.

Kantipur launches ekantipur SMS along with change of its digital platform.

August 19, 2015: Kantipur, the leading Media group in Nepal has relaunched its digital platforms for all of its wings including daily, weekly papers/magazines to Radio to television to mobile app. They have integrated all of the digital platform into one and they called it to "ekantipur" which was previosuly the name for its news portal only. 
Kantipur has also launched ekantipur SMS platform that provides you breaking news from KMG after subscribing the service. To subscribe the Nepali and English SMS, you can type SUB<space>ENG and send it to 33333 for English sms or type SUB<space>NEP and send it to 33333 for Nepali SMS.
To unsubscribe the service, type UNSUB and send it to 33333. Till now the SMS service is only available with NTC network. 

The proliferation of online portals in Nepal has bound them revitalized one of the oldest online news portal in Nepal and the not so old "KMG" app also upgraded to ekantipur app. The online portal now shows news and articles from entire network of Kantipur Media group and includes all the specific sites within sub domains like, etc. It also includes the recommended news, epapers of all the publications, trending news from social medias. The user experience of ekantipur app is somewhat faster than that of KMG which also includes the digital medias from all of its wings like News, articles, trending and recommendations. 

Comparing NT and Ncell data packs.

August 17, 2015: Two big operators in Nepal, the government owned pioneer "Nepal Telecom" and the private giant "Ncell" are having a severe competition in having bigger market share and so for the revenue. According to the trend, the data tariff reduction is imminent due to the fierce competition between the two. Currently NT holds 54 percent of the total market share in data internet whereas Ncell has just 43 percent (as of Latest NTA data). The majority of the data subscription comes from the ubiquitous GPRS. Edge and the growing 3G. Ncell has recently reduced the data tariff without packages from Rs 6 per MB to Rs 3 Per MB whereas NT stands the same at Rs 1 per MB from quite few years. Similarly Ncell has been adding whole range of data volumes and validity to suit multitude of people's buying capacity. Though both the operators follow the same: higher the data volume, cheaper the data tariff it gets scheme, there are some significant difference in the data tariffs from the two operators. With the addition of first data pack range from Nepal Telecom, here is how we compare the data tariff between NT and Ncell.

  • Without package data tariff is cheaper in NT which is of Rs 1 per MB whereas that is Rs 3 per MB in Ncell.
  • Data packs validity ranges from daily, weekly, monthly in Ncell whereas NT data packs ranges from one month to six months.
  • No small volume packages in NT whereas Ncell provides 6MB, 18 MB, 40 MB daily packages.
  • The cheapest data you can get from NT is 28 paisa per MB by subscribing 10 GB at Rs 2800 which is valid for 6 months whereas the cheapest one in Ncell is 38 paisa from the 3GB data pack at Rs 1150 that is valid for 30 days.
  • Same volume of 1 GB data valid for 1 month costs Rs 500 in NT whereas it costs Rs 550 in Ncell.
  • 3 GB data pack in NT costs Rs 1290 valid for 2 months whereas it costs Rs 1150 in Ncell that is valid for 1 month.
  • Ncell does not have data packages above 3 GB in prepaid (5 GB only available in Ncell connect) whereas NT has higher volume data packs 5 GB and 10 GB.
  • Here is a table for the comparison of the nearest data packs in volume, price and validity.

NT brings data pack in Namaste prepaid

August 17, 2015: Nepal Telecom has brought internet data packages to its GSM prepaid (Namaste) subscribers. There are three different types of pack namely Bronze, Silver and Gold which have different Validity period and data Volume. The data packages are known to be available to customers from Bhadra 1, 2072. The lowest Volume customers can get is for 200 MB at Rs 130 whereas 500 MB data costs you Rs 300, both are valid for one months in the bronze pack. The silver package includes 1 GB at Rs 500 and 3 GB at Rs 1290, the later one valid for 2 months , similarly the gold package includes 5 GB at Rs 1800 (valid for 3 months) and 10 GB at Rs 2800 (valid for six months). The above data package follows the scheme: Higher the data volume, lower the price rate per MB, hence the cheapest pack is the one with highest data volume, 10 GB data which costs 28 paisa per MB. The data tariff for Namaste prepaid, without any data pack is Rs 1 Per MB which is deducted as per the usage of internet on the go.

How to subscribe the data packs?

To subscribe data packs in your prepaid mobile, Customers need to type "Data200MB"  and send it to 1415 for 200 MB. Similarly for 10 GB data customers need to type "Data10GB" and send it to 1415. The rated price will be deducted from customers mobile and they can use the stated data volume for internet within the duration that it is valid for. 
To find the remaining data volume, customers need to type VL and send it to 1415.

It was in April that NT launched data and voice combo pack for postpaid customers but prepaid Customers have been demanding data packages from long and were continuously raising their voice in social medias. Though they have launched the data packages now, it seems to be missing the low volume daily and weekly packages that are mostly favored by students but the start of the data pack will definitely be appreciated and other smaller packs will be added too.

Find the latest data package from Ncell: Click Ncell data packs.
Also read the latest post for the Comparison of NT and Ncell data packs.

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