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How to buy Rs 900 pack in NT GSM post paid?

April 21, 2015: With the arrival of New year 2072, Nepal Telecom had launched some offers including the Rs 900 package in their GSM post paid service. As there was no any information in the advertisement itself, subscribers were found confused regarding the process to buy the post paid only package. Some even thought of subscribing it through sending message to a short code but that is not the case here. All you have to do is visit the nearest NT counter, fill up a form for various services (available there or you can even ask there) and include Rs 900 package in others. Once you pay the amount, your old rental package will be removed and the 900 Rs package will be activated instantly. The 900 Rupees package includes 2 GB data and talk time worth Rs 500 (normally would have cost Rs 2500 from Rs 2000 for 2GB and Rs 500 talk), which is very cheap comparing to other packages available in the market. It seems like NT is promoting their post paid service with such affordable packages, which is already showing surge in the subscription.


NT to provide single Recharge card for all services.

April 21, 2015: Nepal Telecom is known to launch single recharge card for all of their services. Now they are having different sort of recharge cards for different services which will be integrated to a single platform. NT teases the single recharge called "NT recharge" in an advertisement in national dailies which means it will be available in the market very soon. In the first phase only GSM and CDMA subscribers will be able to use this recharge card. This single recharge is made possible due to the recent migration of GSM Prepaid subscribers to a new billing system (called Convergent real time billing system a.k.a CRTB). It seems like there are many other advantage of the new billing system other than just the data packages. In the next phase, all other services can be used for recharge / bill payment as they are also in the pipeline to be migrated to the new billing system. There are huge demand in the market for Rs 50 recharge card which was stopped by the operator due to recurrent problem with their voucher management system. The new "NT recharge" also includes the 50 Rs recharge card (as found in the picture below) which is popular among students and low paying customers. 
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Complain test on NT's upgraded billing system.

April 19, 2015: Customers are always found complaining that the operators are charging more than the announced tariff for the services, be it in Voice or Data. Such complains are more frequent towards Ncell, for which people doubt of any hidden costs involved but the government owned company is also no distant with little less yelling though. After the up-gradation of billing system for GSM prepaid SIM (Namaste), subscribers are found complaining NT to allegedly charge more for the data services. They even pointed out that more of their balance is reduced even if they have surfed the internet with very low data. These days, subscribers are so aware that they keep on checking their balance for any particular usage of data or voice call but for a new system they definitely miss the issue. Customers always put a operator in such a position to check for any problems that they have never thought of to be encountered. This time, we have done this test to make subscriber aware for any possible mislead. After getting some complains from the subscribers in our Facebook page, we did a testing on the balance by using their data services which is now priced at a flat rate of Rs 1 per MB. 
As we checked the balance immediately after some minimum data usage (just opening up a simple webpage), we found the balance to be cut by around Rs 7 which is what subscribers are complaining of. The snapshot below shows the balance (checked by dialing *400#) before and after the minimum data usage to be Rs 30.69 before and Rs 23.68 afterwards, a difference of around Rs 7.

At first, we thought this to be a major issue in their upgraded billing system, but later when we closed the data session and checked the balance again, we found the balance to be Rs 30.58 as shown in the snapshot of the balance query below, that means only Rs 0.11 was deducted from the balance.
So, after repeated test, we came to know that the upgraded billing system takes out Rs 7 from the balance to a pool for the data usage and reduces the balance from it according to the usage. When the session is closed, the remaining balance (if any) from the pool will be put back to the balance. This is what we have found to err some customers and hope this post helps to remove the misconception in the people.
Some problems are already noticed by the customers in the new billing system like unavailability of balance transfer, Ringback tone which comes against the long waited advantage of data package (soon to be launched in NT GSM prepaid).

If you have encountered any other problems, please comment in the box below. 

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Ncell Koseli to gift your loved ones

April 18, 2015: Ncell, the private operator has launched a new service in its Prepaid Mobile. Dubbed as Ncell Koseli, it allows subscribers to gift Ncell services and pack to their friends and family. Launched from today (Baishak 5), it lets Ncell prepaid subscriber to send some talk time and data pack as a present to other Ncell Prepaid number. Till now there are only three such presents, namely 20 minutes talk time, 40 MB data and 500 MB data which are priced at Rs 49.47, Rs 111.87 and Rs 450.87 respectively. Once you send the gift, the amount will be deducted from your main balance. The gifted talk time can be used for calls inside Ncell network only with no time bound whereas the data volume shall be used within 30 days. 
To send the gift, you can dial 17111 and follow the process afterwards. The no of times a subscriber can gift in a day is limited to 20 times each for talk time and data pack. In a bid to bring unique new services in this fierce competition, Ncell has launched this service which is expected to be popular among love birds.


NT to upgrade billing system for data packages.

April 16, 2015: Nepal Telecom is upgrading its billing system to provide data packages for GSM Prepaid customers (Namaste SIM). Last week, when NT had launched the post paid only data packages in GSM, it came under fire from prepaid customers (which contributes to 90 percent of the subscribers). Now NT is known to migrate its billing system to a new one so that all of the services will be charged from it. It is also known that among all of their services, only GSM and CDMA subscribers will be billed from the new system (also called Convergent billing system) in the first phase, then all others services (WiMAX, WiFi, Landline, ADSL) will be brought under it in next phase. After the migration, NT will be able to launch data packages in their Namaste Prepaid SIM, which is long waited from the customers. It is believed that the data packages will increase the data usage along with the reduction on the churn rate, thus improving the revenue as a whole. Data packages are built such that customers can get data at cheap rate, after subscribing some data volume packages that are valid for either daily or weekly or monthly. From the current data packages in NT CDMA and Ncell, it is found that higher the data volume you purchase, cheaper the data tariff you get. This is the reason why data hungry costumers are eagerly waiting for this sort of packages.
NT has even published a notice in today's daily for the possible interruption of the Voice, Data, SMS and recharge in GSM prepaid Mobile for the time of the upgrade which is known to be done from 2072 Baishak 4 (Friday), 11 pm to 5 am, 2072 Baishak 5 (Saturday). If you find some problem in your phone later in the Saturday morning, you can report to their customer care number 1498.

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