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NT regains top spot in voice.

June 17, 2015: Nepal Telecom, the pioneering telco has regained its top position in voice. According to the Latest NTA report, NT surpassed Ncell in subscriber numbers for the month of Falgun, though the percentage of both the operators is found the same of 46 percent. As the majority of the subscription is from the mobile, the figure is actually based on the no of distributed SIM cards. Ncell has around 12,157 thousands subscribers solely based on the GSM technology where as NT's subscribers stand at 12,183 thousands for GSM, CDMA, PSTN, WLL. From some years, Ncell has been claiming the top spot based on the no of subscription, though the no of active subscribers are pretty low compared to the distributed ones. The active subscribers for Ncell also seemed to be lower than that of NT. Since NTA's report is based on the subscription data but not on the active subscribers, it was advantageous to the largest private operator. NT was already the leader in market share in data/Internet with 57 percent market compare to that of Ncell's 40 percent. Similarly for data, Ncell is only based on the GPRS/3G subscription whereas for NT, the number is that of GPRS/3G, ADSL, WiMAX, CDMA/EVDO.


Nepal Telecom launches NT recharge

May 20, 2015: One month after the announcement of NT recharge, Nepal Telecom has launched the single recharge card today. The new recharge card called NT recharge can be used to top up the balance for GSM prepaid and CDMA prepaid and postpaid services till now, which will be expanded to use for all services of Nepal Telecom, in a bid to converge for a single recharge platform. This single recharge came true after the recent up-gradation of their billing system. There are huge complains in the market for the problem of the recharge system in Nepal Telecom. With the new launch of the integrated recharge card, NT believes the recharge problem will be solved for ever. Meanwhile it is also known, the old recharge cards will also be available in the market for sometime. 

How to use the new recharge card in NT.

There are actually many ways to use the new NT recharge card.
  • Through IVR, you need to dial 1415 and follow the instructions to put 15 digit pin code.
  • Through USSD code, you need to dial *412*PIN CODE#
  • Through Web, you have to visit 
To confirm the top up balance, GSM prepaid customers can either dial *400# or call 1415 but for CDMA service, only 1415 IVR works.


Operators having tough time maintaining Mobile service following the earthquake.

May 20, 2015: Following the mega earthquake on Baishak 12 and the series of aftershocks afterwards, Nepali telecom operators are working hard to recover their mobile services in the affected areas. The earthquake not only made huge loss of life and buildings, but it had also brought significant impact in the telecom infrastructures which is owned separately by the operators. In several places, Operators used alternatives like Diesel Generators, Mobile BTS van, Satellite links and Temporary cells on vehicles to resume the services on one hand whereas on the other hand the house-owners are putting a lot of pressure on the operators. As most of the telecom tower reside in people's homes over their roof top in City areas, it is giving tough time for the operators to resume their service as the house owners are complaining to remove the towers from their houses. There are some buildings where the damage is serious and that demands immediate removal of the tower to prevent additional loss of life and property. But the house-owners whose buildings are not any way damaged, are also demanding to remove the towers. Fearful of additional damage from the recurrent aftershocks, such complains from house owners are growing big. As communication in the emergency period is of utmost importance, Government bodies and regulators are asking operators to retain the basic mobile service at any cost. NTA even provided additional frequencies in GSM 900 MHz to help the operators resume their services, this will be of avail if the operators could not operate their towers in people's houses. With the increasing complain letters from the rigid house-owners, operators (mostly NT, Ncell and UTL) took it to the regulator NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) for this issue which was already taken there by some house owners. Civil engineers Team from the operators (along with support from NEA) have been assessing the telecom towers and they assured house-owners for no future damage in their property only due to the telecom towers, as it already withstood the major earthquake on Baishak 12 and have no significant damage in it. Being a responsible citizen, the house-owners should also cooperate with the operators to keep the communication alive in this emergency situation.
Photo: People using mobile at night inside their tents. Many people are still sleeping under tents, due to fear of recurrent earthquakes and the mobiles is their all time companion.


How can you donate from your mobile to help Earthquake victims?

May 10, 2015: As we know our country needs huge sum to save its people from the disaster (Mega Earthquake on Baishak 12) with immediate relief and help them rebuild their lost homes, every individual has to think of the possible support from their side too. Yes people are conscious to help the government in this difficult situation. We can see individual of supporting the earthquake victims in their area and remote villages from their own side, by providing tents, foods and sanitation items. Nepal Telecom also donated 280 million Rs to PM Disaster relief fund to help earthquake victims. Now that Nepal telecom has developed the SMS donation plan to crowd-source the government fund for earthquake victims, every individual can donate to PM Disaster relief by simply sending a SMS. The new service launched from Sunday, May 10th enables GSM and CDMA customers to donate Rs 25, Rs 50 and Rs 100 and is initially valid for two weeks. All you have to do is Type Help and send it to 15025, 15050 or 15100 to donate Rs 25, Rs 50 and Rs 100 respectively. The weekly accumulated amount will be transferred to PM disaster relief fund in the form of a cheque. We encourage every individual to send some amount to the fund. Country needs your support!!!

Type help and send it to 15025 to donate Rs 25.
Type help and send it to 15050 to donate Rs 50.
Type help and send it to 15100 to donate Rs 100.

Nepal Telecom donates Rs 28 crore to Disaster relief fund.

May 10, 2015: Nepal Telecom, the government owned telco has donated Rs 28 crore (280 million) to PM disaster relief fund. In a bid to support the relief distribution to the earthquake victims, Nepal telecom's Chairman Sunil Bahadur Malla handed over the Rs 250 million cheque (from company itself) to Prime Minister Sushil Koirala whereas Nepal telecom's MD Mr. Buddhi Prasad Acharya gave a cheque worth Rs 2.75 crore (27 million) to PM that was collected from the employees salary. Minister for Information and Communication Mr. Minendra Rijal was also present in the handover program held today in Baluwatar. Nepal Telecom even announced of contributing Rs 1 billion for the reconstruction of the structures (Cultural heritage sites like Dharhara, Shoyambhu, Manakaman Temple, Durbar squares in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and schools) that are devastated by the Baishak 12 Earthquake. NT assured of the huge fund usage to be under the directives and plan by Nepal Government. 
There was highly rough estimation in the amount of the free calls that NT made for their subscribers, immediately after the quake till one week, NT disclosed the amount to be Rs 1.46 billion for national/international Calls, SMS and data usage. Thanks to Nepal Telecom for the free service and the donation, You have made us realized what a national operator can do for their own country. The company deserves a big salute. Hats off.
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