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CAN Info-Tech 2015 begins today.

Jan 28, 2015: The only ICT Annual trade show in Nepal, "CAN info-tech" started today with inauguration by Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Singh, at Bhrikuti Mandap Exhbition hall, Kathmandu. The 21st edition of CAN Info Tech is being organized by Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) and will be held for six days: 28th Jan to 2nd Feb (Magh 14 to Magh 19, 2071). The event is showcasing latest technology products, services from the major players in the ICT industry, from Handset maker to Computer/Laptop & accessories provider to ISP to telecom operators to various other services/products. The organizer expects a total of 4.5 Lakh visitors for the event which is known to provide a big boom in the Nepali ICT sector, even promoting it by creating awareness in people.  Many Offers/Discounts/Launches up for grabs in the event, so the business there will be quite overwhelming as always. Major participants for the event are Nepal Telecom, Subisu Net, Canon, Huawei, Micromax, Dell, WebSurfer, Vianet and many more. If you are one of those who want to have a knowledge of ICT products/Services, then you must pay a visit there and it will cost you entry fee of Rs 150 for the General visitors and Rs 50 for students. is also going to do a survey on the Current Mobile scenario. Do visit T80 stall to fill the survey form there and you could win recharge card of Rs 500.

Mobile throwing competition in Kathmandu

If you own a old mobile phone and are not sure of what can you make out of it, well here is a chance to win a new smartphone by taking part in a competition and for a good cause. Named as Mobile throwing competition, which is organized for the first time in Asia where you can win a new phone by throwing old phones to the maximum distance. To take part, either you have to provide a old phone or pay Rs 1000 to the organizer. The good cause is you are enabling the organizer to send those collected usable mobile phone to the remote district of Mugu, where the mobile penetration is very low. The competition will be held in Tudikhel, this Saturday (Jan 10, 2015) at 11 am. The event is organized by Rotary club, Rudramati and is a nice intiative by youth in connecting people of remote area which can change the way of life there. This sort of event is also helpful in increasing the rural mobile phone penetration. Kudos to the organizing team and would like to wish them a grand success.


How to use QR codes?

Have you ever seen any picture like above and wondered what is it about? Well the picture is a QR code which is used to easily track products. Named as quick response code, it was previously used for vehicle and parts tracking in automotive industry. Now it is being used in other industry, as a fast tool to present some information. Before dedicated cameras were used to scan the code and extract the information, whereas now in the consumer end, smartphones are used to scan the code and give the information in some useful form like a URL for a website. Hence it is used in advertising of a product, where the product's website can be easily accessed without manually entering the URL. We can even see the codes in our daily newspaper for the link of their news portal or some multimedia links that cannot be shown in paper. Some advertisement in the dailies now even have this code to present you the video ad in Youtube or their Facebook fan page.
Most of the smartphones available today can easily generate and read the QR codes, otherwise you can even use some applications to make or read those codes. Besides URL,  QR codes can be used in virtual stores, code payments and some authentication.

Here is how you can use the code.

If your phone supports QR code, aim your camera towards the code in the centre or you can use the qr code reader applications to scan the code.
After scanning, as the camera finds the qr code, it presents you the information that is stored in the code.

Now try with the above code.
Take out your phone, aim to the picture in the centre, either with the phone camera itself or using the qr code reader application and you will be presented with the URL stored in it.

Happy new year SMS collection

Every festivities, people are fond of sending SMS to their friends and family with some precious words, wishing them good celebrations. Telecom operators even earn a good sum from SMS during such festivities. Now that the year 2014 is going to end tonight and people are ready to welcome 2015 with a big bang, would also like to wish all our readers and well wishers, a happy new year 2015. Here are some SMS compilations of new year wishes. Do select some and text it to your loved ones.

Naya akash naya dharti naya jiban naya pal naya din ra naya barsa ko subhakamana!!
नयाँ आकाश नयाँ धर्ती नयाँ जिबन नयाँ पल नयाँ दिन र नयाँ बर्ष को शुभकामना!!

Naya Umanga Naya Josh tatha Naya Jagaar Naya Khusi Naya Pragati Naya Bahar Naya Sapana Naya Ayam Naya pal Naya barsa le pradhan garosh tapai ko jiwan samridhi banos. Naya Barsa ko Subhakamana.

नयाँ उमंग नयाँ जोश तथा नयाँ जगार नयाँ खुशी नयाँ प्रगती नयाँ बाहर नयाँ सपना नयाँ अयम नयाँ पल. नयाँ बर्ष ले प्रधान गरोश् तपाईं को जीवन सम्रीधि बनोस। नयाँ बर्ष को शुभकामना।

We Will Open The Book.
Its Pages Are Blank.
We Are Going To Put Words On Them Ourselves.
The Book Is Called Opportunity
And Its First Chapter Is New Year’s Day

Keep The Smile
Leave The Tear
Think Of Joy
Forget The Fear...
Hold The Laugh
Leave The Pain
Be Joyous
Coz Its New Year!
Happy New Year ...

Lets welcome the year
Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new,Lets cherish each moment it beholds, Lets celebrate this blissful Newyear
New is the year,
New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for u.Have a promising and fulfilling new year

2015 Is Coming Before 2014 Ends,
Let Me Thanx All The Good People Like U Frnds.
Who Made 2013 Beautiful For Me.
I Pray U B Blessed With Faithful Year Ahead.
I Wish U A
Fantastic Jan
Loveable Feb
Marvellous March
Foolish April
Enjoyable May
Successful Jun
Wonderful July
Indepedent Augst
Powerful Sept
Tastiest Oct
Beautiful Nov
Happiest Dec
Hope I’m 1st Person To Wish U
Happy 12 Months Of 2014....

Blooming Flowers
Sparkling Crackers
Colorful Night
Sweetest Bite
Smiling Faces
Delicious Dishes
Only Luv, No Fear
Let’s Welcome The New Year.
@@Happy New Year@@

Mäy Thé Yèär 2015
Bring Fòr Ü, Success,
Änd Be Fillèd Wid Peäcé,
Höpe & Tögethérness,
Öf Ùr Fämily & Frènds.....
Wìshing U A Häppy Néw Yéär!!

As We Bring This Year
To An End And The
New Year Begins.
Let Us Pray That It
Will Be A Year With
New Peace,
New Understanding,
New Happiness
And An
Abundance Of New Friends.

God Bless Throughout
The New Year!
Happy New Year 2015..

12 M0nths Of Happiness
52 Weeks Of Fun
365 Days Of Success
8,760 Hours Of Good Health
525,600 Minutes Of Good Luck!
3,153,600 Seconds Of Blessings

...: * H * A * P * P * Y *:...

* N * E * W * Y * E * A * R *:

New Year Is The Time To Unfold New Horizons
& Realize New Dreams
To Rediscover The Strength
& Faith Within U
To Rejoice In Simple Pleasures
& Gear Up 4 A New Challenges
Wishin U A Truly Fulfilling Happy New Year

Fill Ur Life With Happiness & Bright Cheer
Bring To U Joy And Prosperity For The Whole Year
And It's My New Year Wish 4u Dear
Wish U A Very Happy New Year

I Remember When I
Opened My New Calender
Smiling As I Saw The First
Month Of The New Year .
Months Hve Passed
Since Tht Moment N
The Countdown Now
Comes To An End
There Isn't A Time In
This Year When I
Regreted Being With You
Because Of You, I
Laughed N Loved As Well
As Cried N If Given
Nother Chance, I Would
Stil Spend Next Year
All Over Again With You ...
Send This Msg To The Ppl
Who Brighten Your World *.*
N Without Them , The Next
Year Would Be
Incomplete ... :)...

May This Year Mark The Beginning Of A Year
Of Pleasure And Discovery For You.
May Each Day Hold Something Special,
That Is Wonderful And New…
For You Deserve The Best Of Everything,
That Life Can Ever Bring. Happy New Year!...

This New Year May You Find Time
For The Joys Of Friendship,
Warmth Of Memories
And The Woinders Of Love,
Enjoy The New Year!

For Last Year’s Words
Belong To Last Year’s Language
And Next Year’s Words
Await Another Voice.
And To Make An End
Is To Make A Beginning.
Happy New Year...

Peace Within Your Heart
Love From Family And Friends
Faith To Guide Your Way
Hope To To Make It Through Each Day
Sunshine To Light The Day
Heavenly Stars To Wish Upon
Rainbows To To Let You Know There Is A Tomorrow
A Tear To Show Compassion
A Heart To Hold The Love
But Most Of All I Wish For You
To Feel My Hand In Yours,
To Know I Am Here If You Stumble Or Fall.
To Bring You Cheer,To Bring You Love,
To Return The Love You Always Share With Me.
Happy New Year...

I Wish U To Have A …..
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvelous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have A Great Year.

Oh My Dear, Forget Ur Fear,
Let All Ur Dreams Be Clear,
Never Put Tear, Please Hear,
I Want To Tell One Thing In Ur Ear
Wishing U A Very “Happy NEW YEAR“!...


Yahi Hai Ek Achhe Saal Ki Shuruaat...! 

Government to use RTDF for ICT development projects

Dec 26, 2014: Government has finally formed a committee with a mandate to start utilizing the huge resource of Rural Telecommunication Development Fund (RTDF). The long talked process to utilize the RTDF for ICT development projects has finally taken a shape, where Projects like "Connect a School Connect a community", District Optical fiber project, ICT friendly VDC, are known to be financed through it. The fund is known to have Rs 10 Billion, collected from two percent of annual income from all of the license holders.
Information and Communication Ministry (MOIC) formed the committee after NTA chairman assumed office after winning a case filed against his appointment nearly 2 years back. THT reports quoting MOIC officials that Gopi Nath Mainali, joint secretary of NPC, Ram Sharan Pudasaini, chief of corporation cooperation division of MoF, and Kabi Raj Khanal, joint secretary of MoIC are the three members in the RTDF disbursement committee.  The committee is known to select the project, fund through RTDF and monitor the selected projects. The Himalayan times reports that one of the project could be soon awarded fund within this fiscal year. 
Though Government has decided long before to utilize the fund for various ICT development project, the actual funding is now going to happen and is hoped to be a big leap in bridging the Digital Divide in the country. Similarly an ADB funded WiFi project is known to be operated soon in the name of SASEC (South Asian SubRegional Economic cooperation) Information highway, which will be benefiting rural areas by connecting telecenters in those VDC's.
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