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Nepal Telecom's CUG service

Nov 24, 2015: NT has announced CUG service for GSM postpaid customers of corporate groups. The service was already available for corporate houses from some years with some special tariff for higher no of subscription. Now they have classified the tariff according to the no of users that they want to put in the Closed user Group (CUG). The small size of 50- 100 person from a corporate office will have call tariff of 50 Paisa per minute, the medium one of 101-200 person will have call tariff of 45 paisa per minute whereas the call tariff for the large one with subscription from 201-500 will be 40 pasia per minute. The service will be made available from Mangsir 10, 20172 (Nov 26, Thursday). The call rate is exclusive of regular taxes. The regular call tariff for post paid users is Rs 1 per minute. The monthly rental for each of the subscriber will be Rs 300 which is the regular rental charge. 

How to get CUG for your employees?

If you are a small to medium to large offices, you can give additional service to your employees through CUG with discounted call tariff ( mentioned above) according to the no of users you put in closed user group. The corporate office has to submit the list of the employees that they want to put in CUG along with the additional papers to either Mobile Service Directorate office situated at Sajha for Kathmandu, OR Regional Directorate for your respective region (outside Kathmandu). The subscription will be made free of cost.


NT decides for FNF service in GSM prepaid

Nov 10, 2015: Nepal Telecom has decided to provide FNF (Friends and Family service) to its GSM prepaid service from Kartik 25, 2072. Previously the FNF service was already available in its GSM postpaid, CDMA (both prepaid & post paid) numbers. With the FNF service, you can get discounted calls to some NT numbers that you call quite frequently could be your love, friends and family. Before it was only for 3 NT numbers but now you can get such discounted calls to 5 NT numbers either GSM, PSTN or CDMA. For GSM prepaid, the discounted tariff will be 70 paisa per Minute call.

How to subscribe the FNF service in GSM prepaid?

To subscribe the FNF service in GSM prepaid, all you have to do is send a message with text "FNFSUB*MDN" to 1415 where MDN is the NT number that you want to add it for the discounted call. To add other 4 numbers, you need to send a text "FNFADD*MDN" to add the NT numbers for discounted calls one at a time, so you have to send 4 text messages with 4 different numbers that you want to add for FNF. You can even modify, delete and inquire the FNF numbers as shown in the table below.

For GSM postpaid, you can subscribe it for 5 numbers by sending a text "FNF<space>Number1<space>Number2<space>Number3<space>Number4<space>Number5" to 1400 which is the similar way as before but the number was 3 before. To query the FNF number that you have subscribed before, you have to send a text with "FNF" to 1400. The discounted call tariff for those NT numbers will be same as before that is 55 paisa per minute call.

The service is already available for CDMA prepaid and postpaid numbers where the tariff will be 70 paisa for prepaid and 55 paisa for postpaid. All of the subscription, addition, deletion and inquiry procedure mentioned above for GSM prepaid applies same to CDMA service as well.

Ncell increases 3G data speed.

Nov 9, 2015: Ncell, the private GSM operator has increased the data speed in its 3G data service. Ncell has announced that the speed has been boosted to 21 Mbps which is known to be possible with the latest upgrade of their Base stations. Previously the maximum speed we used to get from Ncell was around 9 Mbps in congestion free zones. After the earthquake the speed had gone down significantly due to the destruction of many sites in the affected areas but now Ncell has claimed it to be increased with the swap of new BTS in Kathmandu where the 21 Mbps is currently available. The swap is known to be going on and Ncell believes that the 3G speed after the completion of the update will satisfy their customers in major cities. The technology that is used for that data speed is HSPA+ in 3G which is also called 3.5G. Ncell's rival, Nepal Telecom also claims to be using HSPA+ technology but their announced data speed is 7.2 Mbps only (you can even higher than that in some cities). We hope this technology upgrade and the competition between these two operators will have good impact on the network experience by customers.


NT brings small data packs

Nov 6, 2015: Nepal Telecom has announced small data volume packs in its Mobile services. Previously NT had launched data packs ranging from 200 MB to 10 GB volume, that were valid for weeks to months. As there was enormous demand from people for the small volume data packages, NT had listened to people's voice to bring the small data packs which is believed to be very popular among students. There are actually two such packs in GSM mobile (both prepaid and postpaid): Rs 8 for 10 MB valid for two days and Rs 35 for 50 MB data valid for 10 days. Whereas in CDMA there is only such package which costs Rs 15 for 40 MB valid for 3 days. All the costs are exclusive of the applicable tax. If you compare this data pack with the large data packs launched earlier, you can say it is of low cost and validity is even less but the tariff per MB is costlier than the large packs.
All the small data packs will be available from Kartik 22, 2072 (Sunday) for subscription.

How to subscribe the data packs in NT?

For GSM postpaid, all you have to do is send a message with text: Data"space" Volume Size to 1400. For ex: Data 10MB to 1400 for subscribing 10 MB data. To know the remaining volume, you can send a message with text CB to 1400.
For GSM Prepaid and CDMA, all you have to do is send a message with text Data and Volume size to 1415. For example: Data40MB to 1415 to suscribe 40MB, remember not to put the space (different from GSM post paid). To know the remaining data volume, you can send a message VL to 1415.


NT's festive offer for this Dashain, Tihar and Chath

Oct 11, 2015:  Nepal Telecom has announced offer for this Dashain, Tihar and Chaath festival which includes Call/SMS discount, Data offer, free landline calls and many more. This sort of offers is like a trend from many years to give special discount to their customers, on the special festivals. As Dashain, Tihar and Chath are the biggest festivals in Nepal, people expect heavy discount in various services. Here are the discounts offered by NT for this Dashain, Tihar and Chath.
  • New price of Rs 90 for SIM/RUIM card with Rs 50 balance.
  • 10 percent discount in voice calls.
  • Bonus SMS.
  • 200 MB data volume for Rs 50 in GSM.
  • 300 MB data volume for Rs 50 in CDMA
  • 50 MB data free for post paid
  • 100 free calls in landline and C-phone.
  • ADSL/WiMAX validity extension.
  • New WiMAX data packages.
Among them, the discount offers are valid for the festive period, 2072-7-3 to 2072-7-9 and 2072-7-25 to 2072-8-1. 
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