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Ncell to double the data for daily pack, with an offer.

Ncell, the private mobile operator has launched a new offer with which you are entitled to get the exact data volume for free for the daily data packages. With the offer named as Ek ko Dui offer, if you buy a daily data package (currently of 3 MB, 6 MB, 9 MB and 20 MB), then you will be getting the same volume for free. To activate the offer, you need to dial *17123#. The price of the data packs for 3 MB, 6 MB, 9 MB and 20 MB are respectively Rs 6, Rs 9, Rs 12 and Rs 20. This shows that Ncell is promoting users to surf more by providing lower tariff for Higher volume data packs, Keeping the same Rs 6 per MB tariff, without any offer. The same holds true for the Monthly data packs of 10 MB to 10 GB, but reducing the charge after package to Rs 4 to Rs 2 per MB.
If you compare Ncell's data tariff with the incumbent operator Nepal Telecom, NT does not have this sort of packages, for major outcry in the NT subscribers, but if you see their data tariff is a flat rate of Rs 1 per MB for their GSM Namaste SIM card. So if NT later brings such offer, the data tariff will go down enormously for the higher data volumes, compelling Ncell to bring another promising offer.

First Android one phone is made available in Nepal

Feb 16, 2015: Among the three devices for Android one phone, Spice Dream UNO Mi-498 is now made available in Nepal from today. After months of waiting since the news for launching the budget phone in Nepal came out, one of the Android one device is made available by Big business house Jyoti Group. STARCK TECH, subsidiary of Jyoti launches the device in a program yesterday ( Feb 16) and for now, the device can only be bought online through OhoBaazar. The Dual SIM, entry level 3G smartphone is powered by Mediatek 1.3 GHz quad core processor and 1GB RAM. The phone is known to have 4.5 inch IPS display, and 5 MP auto-focus rear shooter to 2 MP Selfie snapper. The main buzz about this phone is you get pure Android experience and the update to next android (Android Lollipop) will be managed by Google itself, which will be available for two years for other such update. The phone is priced at MRP of RS 11,990 (retail price to be higher, if available), a little high as speculated from the $100 mark (NRs 10,000) but you will be getting 8 GB memory card as an offer. Additionally 10 GB space on Spice Cloud, and 15 GB space on Google Drive is also available with the device. 
Spice Brand was previously available with Teletalk Pvt. Ltd, and now after this affiliation with Jyoti Group, they are expecting to bring whole range of phones from feature phones to mid range Smartphones in Nepal.

How to buy the Spice android one phone in Nepal?

Just like how Chinese and Indian phone makers are selling the phones in their country, the first Android one phone is also being sold through online portal at first. To buy the first android one phone (which will be available for booking after 11 am, Feb 16), you need to login to the website ( and book the phone with payments from esewa account. At first, the online sales is available for Kathmandu only for this week which will be delivered within 48 hours. In next phase, the device will also be delivered outside Kathmandu, that is within 72 hours. 


NT launches two new apps in its anniversary program.

Feb 05, 2015: Nepal Telecom has launched two new applications today. Marking the day NT changed from Corporation to a public company, NT organized an official event in its corporate office. In the event, chief guest Minister for Information and Communication (MOIC) launched those two new applications, both in android platform. First one is a general Nepal Telecom app for information about services, recharge, inquiry and Complain. Though they already had similar application in last years anniversary, it seems like that app won't have that official status. Similarly, they had launched another app called NT pro for its VoIP calls, which is not yet available in Android play store. It is known that the features in it are very similar to that of various instant messaging and SIP calls. With this app, subscribers mobile number can be used an unique identity for those SIP calls, that comes in handy for those frequently travelling and abroad living Nepali people. We are waiting till the full fledged apps becomes available to give more review.
Here is the link for the new generic Nepal Telecom app. 


NT providing 11 percent discount with 11th Anniversary offer.

Feb 5, 2015: Nepal Telecom the government owned Telecom company is turning 11 years old. Marking the day it changed to a public company from government Corporation, NT has been continuously launching new offers for the anniversary day, also called NT day. This year also, the operator has launched a new offer through which customers will be getting 11 percent discounts for PSTN, GSM/CDMA voice calls and many other discounts too. The PSTN billed amount for the month of Falgun will be discounted by 11 percent whereas the tariff for both Prepaid and Postpaid GSM/CDMA voice calls will be slashed by the same 11 percent for one week duration. Other offers include 300 MB free data for its GSM and CDMA post paid users, up to 72 percent discount in WiMAX Outdoor CPE. New post paid subscription during that one week (Magh 22 to Magh 29) will get free 1 GB data whereas new prepaid subscription entitles free 200 MB data for that same duration.  The free data will be valid for 3 months from the date of subscription. Meanwhile it is also known that they will be launching a new android app for various information and services. On this occassion, We ( would like to wish Nepal Telecom happy 11th anniversary and hope for your continuum good quality service to Nepali people at affordable rates. May they be able to provide those services to every nook and corner of the country. 

Nepal Telecom launches Social networking website.

Feb 1, 2015: NT has made soft launch of its social media website, that is rumored to be aired long time back. With the project named Unified Communication System (UCS), NT has started the service which is not yet launched in full fledged. The social media site with URL can be registered by all active GSM/CDMA prepaid/postpaid customers and they could update status, share photos/videos, upload & download, Like/Unlike that are most common to social media sites. Web Chat, Web SMS, Messaging with attachment, polling features are also integrated with the UCS service. The registration now requires a valid email and an active NT mobile number that can receive OTP (One time Password) and subscribers need to enter that password in web to activate their meet account. The social media is also available in Nepali language and be made available as an app in Android, iOS to follow later. As the social media platform is in its preliminary stage and we could not actually get the OTP, it is too early to give the review. NT hopes this service will promote interaction with the NT customers, setup platform to host local content and promote its application which help reduce the international internet bandwidth: beneficial to NT, the country and its citizens. 

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