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3G Usage Survey Result 1

Nepal is the first country to launch 3G (WCDMA) network in South Asia with the Government operator Nepal Telecom back in 2007, but the 3G network here is still not that ubiquitous. The rivalry of two major operators Ncell and Nepal Telecom to dominate the data market, drives them to expand the 3G network to different regions of the country and are equally competing to make the 3G service affordable. (in its research for Nepali telecom market) did an online survey among thousand people to get the current scenario of 3G usage in Nepal. It seems like most of the 1K people are either current 3G users or prospective 3G subscribers.
According to the survey, most of them use 3G from the smartphone itself though we can use USB dongle and tethering on your PC (which has very less percentile). Among the reasons for not using 3G, people's worry for the 3G to absorb more data and money is the main one (35 %), whereas the unavailability of 3G coverage in their place and quick battery drainage are found to be the other major reasons.
Regarding the questionnaire for the mobile network settings in their mobile, it is found that almost half put the settings in automatic mode, 30 percentage put in "GSM mode only" among which sixty percent of them switch to 3G when they need to surf the internet.
The satisfaction level of 3G is found little below the 50 percent mark mainly due to no smooth coverage of 3G, and Data tariff (not in accordance with published rate).
Other services from 3G like MMS and Video call is used very less of which Video call (20 %) seemed more popular than MMS (15 %).
It is also found that significant no of people use 3G inside their homes, in place of their fixed ADSL or cable or WiFi plans.
Majority of people seems to use 3G for Facebook which counts for 45 percent of the total usage, whereas other reasons are for email, news, Youtube and Video call.

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Xiaomi to arrive in Nepal soon

OCT 29, 2014: Xiaomi- the Chinese handset maker that is currently in the top five of the world, is known to arrive here in Nepal. Previously Xiaomi fans here in Nepal used to buy the devices straight from China or recently from India. Now it is known that it will be completely hassle free to get those devices (phones and accessories) here in Nepal as Mobiland Electronic pvt. ltd claims to have got the authority and even looking for distributors to sell it all over Nepal. It is also known that the devices will be available in the market after 20th of Kartik. According to Subarna Maharjan of Mobiland Electronic Pvt. Ltd, they have already taken approval from NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) to sell the Xiaomi smartphones in Nepal. Till the device becomes available in the market, they have even started taking pre-booking in their website
Pic: New Xiaomi store in the making at Hua xiang bei, Shenzhen, China
Xiaomi's current range of Smartphones are: Mi2/2S, Mi3, Mi4, Redmi Note, Redmi1s, Mipad (tablet). Compared to similar devices from other vendors, Xiaomi phones are cheaper with build quality. Its android skin (MIUI) is also very popular with several amazing features. The latest being MIUI 6 is available for Mi2, Mi3 and Mi4 in its developer version, but stable version is not yet out, which is scheduled for the end of this year.
Popular accessories from Xiaomi include the piston earphone/headphone, Mi power bank (Batterry bank: 5200 mAh and 10400 mAh), Mifi router and screen protector/cover. As the price of these devices are not yet fixed, it is hard to tell the business despite the popularity of device and excitement.

SC acknowledges Digambar Jha's appointment as NTA chief.

OCT 29, 2014: There was a big concern in telecommunication development due to absence of Chairman in the regulatory body, NTA (Nepal Telecommunication Authority) as major policies, regulations were stalled for long duration. Even there was a recent protest by NTA Employee unions to make alternative for the NTA head. Following the appointment of former NOC head Digambar Jha to NTA chairman, another contender and former NT MD, Bishownath Goyal had filed petition against his appointment, claiming him to be illegible (without degree in Telecommunications). After 2 years of the appointment, SC on Tuesday acknowledges the appointment citing Goyal's petition to be lacking honest intentions. This latest verdict paves the way for Jha to assume office. Talking to Kantipur, Jha expressed he will come with new plans as his two year old plans are outdated. As the tenure of the NTA head is 5 years, it is not clear if he will take the post for 5 years or remaining 3 years. 

Digambar Jha holds a mechanical engineering degree and has more than 10 years experience in Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC). 

Tihar (Deepawali) SMS 2071

Here are Some Tihar (Deepawali) SMS collected from different sources. Do pick some and send it your friends and family. wishes you Happy Tihar to you all. Enjoy!!

Ghar ma Laxmi ko baas hos,
Satruko naas hos,
Harek kamana fulfil hos,
beer ko barsat hos Ani haatma 21 patti Taas hos.
Tihar Ko Shubhakama

Suji ko Roti, pyaj ka Aachar,
Surya Ko Kiran, Khushi ko Bahar,
Chandra Ko Chandi, Tapai ko Pyar,
Suvakamana tapai lai, Deepawali ko Tihar

With gleam of Diyos
And the Echo of the Chants
May Happiness and Contentment Fill Your life
Wishing you and your family
Happy and Prosperous Deepwali!!

It is time to feel good,
time for reunion,
time to share happiness,
time to feel being loved,
time to show ur love,
time to live for others and time to wish for peace.
Wishing you and your family
Happy and Prosperous Deepawali!!

Three people are asking ur mobile no. with me.
I didn't give ur no but I gave home address to them.
They are coming at ur home in this Dashain.
They are Sukha, Shanti and Samriddhi.
Please welcome them. Happy Tihar. enjoy !!

This sms with xplode in 5 seconds.

Let every joy ask LIGHT from u, Let every LIGHT ask LIFE from U, Let ur life b filled with immense LIGHT that even the sun ask LIGHT from U. HAVE A COLORFUL TIHAR.

A Cup of hot hello, A plate of crispy wishes, a spoon of sweet smiles and A slice of great success Specially 4 U. .. Wish a very very HAPPY jhilimili tiHaR.

May ur happiness b as big as Ganeshji's ear, ur problem b as tiny as his mouse, ur LIFE b as long as his trunk n moments b as sweet as his Laddu. HAPPY JOYOUS TIHAR.

No sweet thoughs 2 forward No cute graphics to send, Just a CARING HEART SAYing HAPPY DIWALI. (((((((dyanng))))))

Ye bhanabhana bhai ho.... deusi re.
Ye Tihar ko subhakamana....deusi re.
Ye ramrari bhana......deusi re.
Ye mobile ma lekhera bhana....deusi re.
Ye nepali ma lekhera bhana.....deusi re.
Ye Happy Tihar......................deusi re.


NT Wifi launched in Sajha bus

Aug 03, 2014: NT has launched WiFi service in Sajha bus from today. The Sajha buse service that was relaunched in KTM is popular among Kathmandu denizens for its high capacity and spacious space. Now with this service, it seems it will be more preferred over other buses, micros and taxis. 16 buses in two routes are being operational from more than a year after several years of shutdown. Tourist buses to Pokhara, Chitwan were avail of Wifi service by the bus owners themselves with the unlimited WiMAX service, but this is the first time NT has operated their hotspot service within a bus which is also available in many major areas throughout the country. Till now 72 districts have this service with 220 locations which are mainly the areas with accumulation of people like Hospitals, Malls, Airports, Busparks, Tourists place etc.
Now that the bus is equipped with this service, Sajha can launch the digital cards in no time with different  kind of packages. Apart from Wifi and digital cards, Sajha need to add more buses in other routes too.
After launching this service in Sajha bus, NT is also planning to install this hotspots in other buses too, which is a good news to all the Netizens out there.

To use the WiFi service, you have to send a message WiFi to 1416 from a NT GSM/CDMA prepaid and Postpaid mobile, then you will get a password reply from 1416. After connecting your device to the available NT WiFi wireless, you have to browse any website and put the username(your mobile number) and password (that you have got from 1416) in the web page that appears. Then you can surf the internet for an hour with that password (that is valid for 24 hours).
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