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Samsung S5 launched in Nepal (price and review).

Samsung's latest high end smartphone Galaxy S5 has been released in the market all over the world, and Nepal is no exception. Despite being a small market, Authorized dealer of Samsung, International Marketing Service (IMS) had also made arrangement to prebook the flagship phone here in Nepal and the phone was made available on the very day of its launch worldwide. Price at hefty sum of NRs 76,000, the latest succesor of South Korean Handset maker Samsung's Galaxy series, S5 is a big treat to all the gadget freaks out there. 
The phone is also bundled with Nepal Telecom to provide free SIM card with a free data of 5GB. Samsung wearables were also launched with GS5 whose purchase entitles you to Rs 3000 off in the overall price, valid for the month of April. 

S5 comes with faster processor, better camera, long battery life, enhanced S health, new wearable and finger print Scanning features. The phone is powered by Quadcore 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 Processor, 2GB RAM which makes it a powerful phone. Running with the latest OS Android KitKat 4.4.2, S5 uses isocell technology in its camera for better sharpness, faster auto-focus and low light sensitivity. Rear and Front cameras are of 16 MP and 2 MP resolution with the same aperture as that of S4. Compared to its predecessor S4, there is longer battery life in S5 with 28000 mAh ( up from 2600 mAh). Internal Memory space comes with either 16 GB or 32 GB whereas micro SD slot is also present for extension up to 128 GB of external Storage. Connectivity includes WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS/GLoNASS, USB OTG, GSM/EDGE, HSPA+ and different variants of LTE to support different regional carriers. The water and dust resistant phone also supports finger print scanning feature, heart rate monitor with enhanced S health.
Despite such features, the phone has got mixed reviews from tech reviewers. People have questioned the accuracy of finger print scanning and heart rate from S Health, which needs to be improved for good word of mouth. S5 even falls short of the exciting innovation that Galaxy series carried in all these years and is also a big let down for the looks of such high end smartphone. Major innovation needs to developed for Samsung Galaxy S6 that Samsung may resist to release within the year 2014 with slight decrease in the profit, as a result of market saturation and tough competition for high end smartphones.
But with such powerful processor, better camera and connectivity, S5 is a good flagship Android phone.

Happy New Year 2071 SMS.

Though there are many New Year in our calender,  Bikram Sambhat (B.S)  is the official New year of Nepal. Here are some collection of New year SMS. wishes Happy New Year 2071 BS to all. Select some and send it to your friends, family, and relatives.

Naya akash naya dharti naya jiban naya pal naya din ra naya barsa ko subhakamana!!
नयाँ आकाश नयाँ धर्ती नयाँ जिबन नयाँ पल नयाँ दिन र नयाँ बर्ष को शुभकामना!!

Naya Umanga Naya Josh tatha Naya Jagaar Naya Khusi Naya Pragati Naya Bahar Naya Sapana Naya Ayam Naya pal Naya barsa le pradhan garosh tapai ko jiwan samridhi banos. Naya Barsa ko Subhakamana.

नयाँ उमंग नयाँ जोश तथा नयाँ जगार नयाँ खुशी नयाँ प्रगती नयाँ बाहर नयाँ सपना नयाँ अयम नयाँ पल. नयाँ बर्ष ले प्रधान गरोश् तपाईं को जीवन सम्रीधि बनोस। नयाँ बर्ष को शुभकामना।
We Will Open The Book.
Its Pages Are Blank.
We Are Going To Put Words On Them Ourselves.
The Book Is Called Opportunity
And Its First Chapter Is New Year’s Day

Keep The Smile
Leave The Tear
Think Of Joy
Forget The Fear...
Hold The Laugh
Leave The Pain
Be Joyous
Coz Its New Year!
Happy New Year ...

Lets welcome the year
Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new,Lets cherish each moment it beholds, Lets celebrate this blissful Newyear
New is the year,
New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for u.Have a promising and fulfilling new year

2071 Is Coming Before 2070 Ends,
Let Me Thanx All The Good People Like U Frnds.
Who Made 2070 Beautiful For Me.
I Pray U B Blessed With Faithful Year Ahead.
I Wish U A
Fantastic Baishak
Loveable Jestha
Marvellous Ashar
Foolish Sawaan
Enjoyable Bhadra
Successful Ashoj
Wonderful Kartik
Indepedent Mangsir
Powerful Poush
Tastiest Magh
Beautiful Falgun
Happiest Chaitra
Hope I’m 1st Person To Wish U
Happy 12 Months Of 2071....

Blooming Flowers
Sparkling Crackers
Colorful Night
Sweetest Bite
Smiling Faces
Delicious Dishes
Only Luv, No Fear
Let’s Welcome The New Year.
@@Happy New Year@@

Mäy Thé Yèär 2071
Bring Fòr Ü, Success,
Änd Be Fillèd Wid Peäcé,
Höpe & Tögethérness,
Öf Ùr Fämily & Frènds.....
Wìshing U A Häppy Néw Yéär!!

As We Bring This Year
To An End And The
New Year Begins.
Let Us Pray That It
Will Be A Year With
New Peace,
New Understanding,
New Happiness
And An
Abundance Of New Friends.

God Bless Throughout
The New Year!
Happy New Year 2071...

12 M0nths Of Happiness
52 Weeks Of Fun
365 Days Of Success
8,760 Hours Of Good Health
525,600 Minutes Of Good Luck!
3,153,600 Seconds Of Blessings

...: * H * A * P * P * Y *:...

* N * E * W * Y * E * A * R *:

New Year Is The Time To Unfold New Horizons
& Realize New Dreams
To Rediscover The Strength
& Faith Within U
To Rejoice In Simple Pleasures
& Gear Up 4 A New Challenges
Wishin U A Truly Fulfilling Happy New Year

Fill Ur Life With Happiness & Bright Cheer
Bring To U Joy And Prosperity For The Whole Year
And It's My New Year Wish 4u Dear
Wish U A Very Happy New Year

I Remember When I
Opened My New Calender
Smiling As I Saw The First
Month Of The New Year .
Months Hve Passed
Since Tht Moment N
The Countdown Now
Comes To An End
There Isn't A Time In
This Year When I
Regreted Being With You
Because Of You, I
Laughed N Loved As Well
As Cried N If Given
Nother Chance, I Would
Stil Spend Next Year
All Over Again With You ...
Send This Msg To The Ppl
Who Brighten Your World *.*
N Without Them , The Next
Year Would Be
Incomplete ... :)...

May This Year Mark The Beginning Of A Year
Of Pleasure And Discovery For You.
May Each Day Hold Something Special,
That Is Wonderful And New…
For You Deserve The Best Of Everything,
That Life Can Ever Bring. Happy New Year!...

This New Year May You Find Time
For The Joys Of Friendship,
Warmth Of Memories
And The Woinders Of Love,
Enjoy The New Year!

For Last Year’s Words
Belong To Last Year’s Language
And Next Year’s Words
Await Another Voice.
And To Make An End
Is To Make A Beginning.
Happy New Year...

Peace Within Your Heart
Love From Family And Friends
Faith To Guide Your Way
Hope To To Make It Through Each Day
Sunshine To Light The Day
Heavenly Stars To Wish Upon
Rainbows To To Let You Know There Is A Tomorrow
A Tear To Show Compassion
A Heart To Hold The Love
But Most Of All I Wish For You
To Feel My Hand In Yours,
To Know I Am Here If You Stumble Or Fall.
To Bring You Cheer,To Bring You Love,
To Return The Love You Always Share With Me.
Happy New Year...

I Wish U To Have A …..
Sweetest Sunday,
Marvelous Monday,
Tasty Tuesday,
Wonderful Wednesday,
Thankful Thursday,
Friendly Friday,
Successful Saturday.
Have A Great Year.

Oh My Dear, Forget Ur Fear,
Let All Ur Dreams Be Clear,
Never Put Tear, Please Hear,
I Want To Tell One Thing In Ur Ear
Wishing U A Very “Happy NEW YEAR“!...


Yahi Hai Ek Achhe Saal Ki Shuruaat...! 


NT ready to launch own social networking website, named Namaste Nepal.

March 27, 2014: Social Network website from Nepal Telecom was a big rumor back in 2010 which allegedly named NT Chautari then. But NT Chautari never did appear nor another such friends network website was known to be in work until six months. With the UCS (Unified Communication System) project, the social network website is now known to be ready for launch. Entitled as Namaste Nepal, the network is first reviewed by Techsansar and the curiosity in the people is growing for the features in the website. It seems they have integrated the social media experience with the telco services like SMS, IP calls but the primitive type of design/fonts makes you realize it is still under development. When we tried to register a new account with it, it never sent a confirmation email, making us unable to have insights. So, we have to wait till the website gets launched and see if it allures Nepali's social media lovers who are already accustomed with plethora of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn etc. 


NT removes credit system in GSM prepaid.

March 23, 2014: NT has removed the credit system in their GSM prepaid service, that was quite a problematic to the GSM data users in Kathmandu with the data service barred problem. It is known that the charging of the data service in Kathmandu is made real time as it is in the other parts of the country. Previously the balance of the data service used to be deducted after some time of the usage and customers even had negative balance in their mobile, having a big surprise. Customers were quite annoyed by the procedure that their mobile kept on surfing even if the balance crossed zero and it all came to them after barring the data service with huge amount to recharge for restoring the service. It also took more than a day to get the service restored even if they recharged their balance. 
Now that the problem is solved, data hungry customers expect good packages for the internet service in their mobile. 

NT to provide free Wifi till Chaitra.

March 14, 2014: Nepal Telecom's WiFi service that was told to be commercialized from today, is continued to be free till the end of Chaitra. Earlier NT has decided to made the WiFi Service free till Falgun 28 but now due to expansion of WiFi in more areas ( in and out of Kathmandu), the free WiFi service has been made available till Chaitra 30. It seems that the WiFi service will be launched in New year 2071 with the already mentioned tariff of Rs 10 per hour, or some other packages (more hours) can also be expected by then. 
To use the WiFi service, you have to send a message WiFi to 1416 from a NT GSM prepaid and Postpaid mobile, then you will get a password reply from 1416. After connecting your device to the available NT WiFi wireless, you have to browse any website and put the username(your mobile number) and password (that you have got from 1416) in the web page that appears. Then you can surf the internet for an hour with that password.

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