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NT offers SLC SIM with additional 100 MB data.

March 28, 2015: Now that the SLC (School Leaving Certificate) exam is going to finish for this year, NT is back with SIM offer for students appearing in SLC. With the offer, SLC students can get Nepal Telecom Prepaid GSM SIM card (popularly known as Namaste SIM) at Rs 100 which is being sold to others at Rs 200. The SIM card is known to have talk time worth Rs 100 and the best part now is that it will be also having data package worth of 100 MB. NT will be distributing the 100 rupees SIM (with Rs 100 talk time and 100 MB data pack) from 13th Chaitra to 30th Chaitra, 2071.  To get the SIM, Students need to submit filled registration form to their office outlets or authorized dealers, with admit card for 2071 SLC, Citizenship certificate or their parent citizenship certificate or any valid identification issued by Nepal Government and a passport sized photo. The SLC SIM offer from NT always allures the targeted students who is allowed to own a mobile phone from their parents and schools too. With the additional 100 MB data, this popular offer will be admired by tens of thousands people for sure.


Top Ten popular Nepali apps

March 16, 2015: Continuing the result of the survey held in CAN info tech 2015, we now release the top ten Nepali application that is popular among Nepali smartphone users. As we post in the previous result "Top Ten phone makers in Nepal" that Android has more market share in Nepal than any other operating system, most of the popular applications are developed in Android platform. Comparing to the result we had in 2012, we find that some of the apps like Nepali Loadshedding schedule and Nepali Patro seen in the top list then, are also equally popular now whereas there are some latest applications as well. Here is the list of Popular Nepali apps from the tenth spot to the top spot.

10. Nepali FM radio: Best way to Listen to all NEPAL FM Radio on your Android Phone. This app has more than 100+ Nepali Radio Stations right on your Android phone.

9. Call break: Popular Card game in Nepal to play it in Android phones, launched a year ago.

8. Type Nepali: Type Nepali app provides an easy way to type in unicode Nepali right on your mobile device. Type romanize Nepali words in the text box on homepage. As you press spacebar, the words will be converted into unicode Nepali and displayed inside the text area above.

7. Nepali Dictionary: First offline dictionary for Nepali Language. It's a two way dictionary, that means it is Nepali-English dictionary as well as English-Nepali dictionary. 

6. Nepal Telecom: Application for the information about all the services and payment utility for Nepal Telecom users. Official app of government owned operator: Nepal Telecom.

5. Hamro Nepali Keyboard: Hamro Keyboard is a Nepali keyboard for all of us who love Nepali language. You can use this keyboard to write Nepali text in any app. With Hamro Nepali Keyboard, you can type Nepali directly to any app.

4. KMG: Android app for Kantipur Media Group: the big Media house in Nepal. A platform that will allow you to access all of Kantipur services (from ekantipur, Kantipur radio, KTV, National dailies like Kantipur, Kathmandu post and Weekly Magazines) from a single device.

3. eSewa: eSewa, a digital wallet in your web is made available to your mobile device with this app. It is the Digital Payment Portal of Nepal enabled with hosted wallet both Internet and mobile wallet along with new and unique services like VISA Prepaid Card, Payout Agent (Cash in and Cash out) and different payment facilities. 

2. Nepali Patro: Calendar for Nepali People, available both in Nepali Unicode and English language. Provides Tithi and Events in Bikram Sambat, Date Conversion from BS to Ad and vice versa, Foreign Exchange, Horoscope and Shuva Sait for Marriage, Pasni and Bartabanda.

1. Nepal Loadshedding schedule: Nepal Load shedding Schedule serves all android users with efficient way to view loadshedding schedule. You can view, create widget, receive notification before/after the loadshedding. 
Apart from those ten, some of the apps like nLocate, Loksewa Nepal, Marriage Card game, and Batti ayo came very close to the list in Android platform whereas in iOS Batti gayo, Hamro Patro, SCT Moco, Nepali FM are found very popular.

Smartphones and Sex life.

March 15: 2015: Have you been feeling dissatisfied with your sex life of late? Your smartphone may be to blame, suggests a study.People are more likely to be seduced by gadgets than by their partners, a research from Durham University says.
The study commissioned by condom-maker Durex, involved detailed interviews with 15 couples around Britain, 40 percent of whom confessed to delaying sex to use their smartphones or tablets, Daily Mail reported.
Others revealed they had "raced through sex" in order to check their social media notifications or respond to messages.

One third of participants admitted to interrupting sex to answer incoming calls.
The study also revealed over a quarter of the couples had used their gadgets to film their sexual encounters, while 40 percent had clicked pictures.
Mark McCormack, who carried out the interviews, said taking gadgets into the bedroom has "potentially serious costs to relationships".
Couples keen to know how their smartphones could make their sex lives more exciting were surprised to learn the answer is the switch off key.


Ncell reduces data tariff to Rs 3 Per MB

March 12, 2015: Ncell, the private operator has significantly reduced the tariff of the data internet to its prepaid users. The data tariff of Rs 6 per MB is now changed to Rs 3 per MB. With the price war for the data service between Ncell and NT, Ncell has been frequently launching offers and discounts for the data tariff. Recently Ncell has launched Ek ko dui offer, where customers can get double data volume after subscription of daily packages. Even after the offer, the data tariff was high comparing to NT for the low paying customers. NT is having a flat data tariff of Rs 1 per MB without any packages in Namaste SIM whereas Ncell used to have Rs 6 Per MB for the same GSM technology, which is now reduced by 50 percent. Ncell has been providing broad range of data volume packages that enables high paying customers to get data service at lower tariff (for instance, if you buy monthly package of 10 GB data volume at Rs 2999, tariff will be Rs 0.29 per MB).
There is a notice published in today's Kantipur for the approval of the new data tariff by NTA, where it is written that the price of data service will be Rs 3 Per MB. With the reduction, Ncell tries to prove that they listen to their customers feedback. There was huge criticism to Ncell from their subscribers regarding the high tariff for their data service, especially from the low paying customers end. Now that the new tariff is valid, lets see what will be the feedback of the customers towards Ncell data service.


Top Ten phone makers in Nepal: Mobile Survey

March 10, 2015: It was back in 2012 when we had done a survey about the penetration of types of phones in Nepal. That time it was done online with the website and Facebook page, the result found Nokia to dominate Nepali handset market with 48 percent (click for more details). This time we had the opportunity to get it done during CAN Infotech 2015 Exhibition at Bhrikutimandap, where we requested the visitors there to fill the survey and submit there only. We had collected data from around thousands forms and found the following result.
According to the Mobile survey, Samsung is found at the top spot with 39 percent market share, like the way it stands for the whole world (but a little higher market share here as compared to the world). Though Nokia sold its mobile business to Microsoft and has very less share in the world, it stands at the second spot (with 20 percent) with the majority of them being old operating system Symbian OS. Apple has given good fight against Samsung in the last two quarters with the popularity of iPhone 6 in the world (including the overwhelming sales in China) but it stands third here in Nepal (with 10 percent share) due to the gigantic price of the contract less smartphones here.

The rise of Chinese handset makers (like Xiaomi, Meizu) in the world still has no great impact in the overall market share here in our country (due to their unavailability), but Indian brands like Colors, Micromax and Karbonn has got a significant dominance with the broad range of price and features. As found from the survey result also, these Indian firms take good position after the top three vendors, which is expected to rise more here in Nepal (Official launch of Android one to expand the rise). Chinese handset maker Huawei (with Official store here) is at the tenth position with 2 percent market share, the same percentage as with Lava, HTC and LG.
If we see the total smartphone penetration in the country, it is near to 20 percent as predicted from the data back in 2014. But this percentage share is found to be high in a city like Kathmandu (where the data was collected). According to the survey data, the smartphone penetration is found to be around 65 percent in the capital, with the dominance of Android phones (60 percent among them). 
This is the first outcome of the Mobile survey result 2015. More results will be coming soon. Please stay in touch.
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