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Cheap Video call in Ntc for speaking and hearing impaired.

Nepal Telecom is known to be providing SIM cards to people with disability (PWD). The Ntc SIM will have discounted video call facility, dedicated to hearing and speech impaired people. The video call rate which is normally Rs 2 per minute, will be charged as 50 paisa per minute for those people with disability. The cheap video call rate is applicable to the calls made within Nepal Telecom’s network only.

Till now, the video call works with SIM card based on 3G technology (WCDMA). The users need not only have 3G handsets but also the video calling feature in the phone. You have to extra careful if you are going to buy a new phone for including that feature. The 50 paisa tariff is without taxes and such SIM card (with discounted video call) is available to take from Nepal Telecom counters.

How to take cheap video call in Ntc for person with disability

PWD personnel need to carry the identification that proves their hearing and speaking disability. They will get a SIM card (with that video call feature) at Rs 90, which includes Rs 50 talk time. The SIM card is like the normal SIM card as of the same price but it will have cheap Video call. The cheap video call feature comes handy for all those hearing and speaking impaired people. They can use sign language to communicate through the video appearing on their screen. It is of great importance for them as there would not be any other means of communication for them.

Nepal Telecom has already launched a new scheme to provide a free SIM or RUIM card to those injured during Jana andolan movement or people with disability (read more here). With these offers, it seems Nepal Telecom is focusing more on giving some facility to PWD, which is highly appreciable. Nepalitelecom would like to thank Nepal Telecom for bringing such offers and schemes, beneficial to make people lives easy.

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