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NT starts network upgrade in EDR

Nepal Telecom, the pioneering government owned operator has started their mobile network upgrade in Eastern Development region (EDR). NT has been upgrading their mobile network (2G and 3G) in all of the regions in the country. In the part of the ongoing 10 million GSM project with the vendor Huawei, Nepal Telecom has already done the upgrade and installation of 2G and 3G networks in WDR, CDR and Kathmandu whereas old network in 2G exists in EDR, MWDR and FWDR. As most of their subscribers are in 2G network, it is known that they are equally concerned with the majority of customers and it is the 2G network in EDR that will be swapped now from the existing ZTE equipment to Huawei. Though both of the vendors are from China, but the ZTE equipment is really old, less power efficient and of less capacity compared to new Huawei equipment. The new hardware from the swap is expected to be of high capacity and bring good quality voice, better data speed in 2G. The outage of the signal in various locations is also known to be mitigated with the swap as the new hardware is being power efficient.

The swap of the existing 2G network has been started from Itahari and it will follow towards other cities of Eastern region like Biratnagar, Dharan, Jhapa, Damak e.t.c which is known to take around 2 months to complete. The 3G network there has been already with the Huawei network, and is also known to expand after the 2G upgrade. The swap and up-gradation is being done with the 5.2 million GSM project ( a part of the 10 M GSM/ UMTS project).

If you are in the major cities of eastern region, you can expect the 2G network to be quite good after the completion of swap in more than a month period. The data speeds will be significantly increased in 2G with that. We will keep you updated about the swap from our website, so keep on tuning.

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