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Nepal Telecom’s Free SIM to Jana-Andolan victims and PWD

Nepal Telecom has initiated a new scheme through which it is giving free SIM card or RUIM card to those injured during the Jana Andolan of 2062 / 63 (People’s Movement part 2) or fully handicapped people (people with disability). The scheme is already made available from this week and will remain into effect until 2073 Magh. SIM card is based on GSM technology whereas RIUM card is for CDMA technology, both of them are known to be prepaid (that is charge your number with some money before making calls). The scheme will provide a free SIM or RUIM (GSM prepaid or CDMA prepaid) card for one time, to those injured or fully handicapped in the people’s movement of April 2006. It was after the people’s movement that the democracy be back on track, and made the way for the peace process and republic Nepal. In a bid to respect their effort in restoring democracy and peace in Nepal, Nepal Telecom, the government owned operator has given this sort of offer which is very appreciable work.

For those injured in Jana andolan, they need to submit the identification of the victim of Jana andolan ( given by government) and a copy of their citizenship along with a pp size photo, for the free SIM or RUIM card. Whereas for people with disability (PWD), they need to submit their identification (Red card) as PWD from Samaj kalyan Parishad in Ministry of women, children and social welfare, a copy of their citizenship and a pp size photo. They can get the SIM or RUIM card from their nearest NT counters.

Although this is a good step as a respect to the Jana Andolan victims and people with disability, there is a big question regarding the accessibility of those NT counters for general disabled people. The disabled people also want to do their work on their own as it is being done by others but it is of great significance if the operators like Nepal Telecom make all of their counters accessible to people in wheelchairs. Just a thought! Nevertheless the offer is beneficial to both Jana andolan victims and People with disability.

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