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NT appoints consultant for strategic partnership

Strategic partner in Nepal Telecom is one of the issues that is in the talk for several years. After such a long time, NT finally appoints a consultant “Analysys Mason UK” for the procedure to the divestment of its shares to international telecom giants.

Two years ago, NT had selected the same consultant for the strategic partner in the company. But there has not been any significant development in bringing a strategic partner in Nepal Telecom until lately. It was in limbo due to the CIAA (Commission for investigation of Abuse of Authority) hindrance for the alleged inspection. They took all the files related to the strategic partnership, for the examination.

Recently we posted news regarding the progress of the appointment of consultant for strategic partnership in NT, which is possible as the CIAA under new Chief cleared out all the documents taken back by them 2 years before.

The contract for the consultancy service of NT share divestment is signed between NT and Analysys Mason UK on Poush 5, 2073. NT MD Mrs. Kamini RajBhandari and Analysys Mason UK’s Rohan Dhamija (Partner Head-India & South Asia) have signed the contract.

It will further provide consultation service to Nepal Telecom for the selection of proper telecom giants for partnership and the implementation procedure. It will serve to prepare all the tender documents related to the divestment.

Earlier Government had decided to divest up to 30 percent of NT shares for the interested international telecom giants. Several international telecom giants like Sing-Tel, Vodafone, SK Telecom, Airtel, NTT has shown interest to partner in Nepal Telecom.

After the divestment, the international giant will also take up a key management position in the company. That will surely help the company to compete well enough with private operators due to instant decision making. They will also start using efficient tools/techniques and make fast roll out of projects. So, it is beneficial not only to the company, government but also to the customers for new, good quality services.

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