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Heavy rain, flood disrupts mobile network in Terai region.

Following the heavy rain from Friday night, mobile network disrupts in Terai region. As most of the areas in Terai are inundated, the telecom equipment are affected causing the disruption of mobile network there.

Houses, offices and several areas have been badly affected by the flood. Loss of life and physical damages are yet to be confirmed in those areas.

Before, the impact in mobile network was more severe in Ntc side as eastern region was black out due to the flood. But now the effect is also increasing in Ncell’s network in some areas, including birgunj region.

Ntc and Ncell mobile network affected

Update: Mobile network in some part of Eastern region is restored as per the information from people there. The places are like Rajbiraj, Biratnagar, Lahan. As Itahari is more affected, it is taking some time to put the network back.

Update on Sunday morning, August 13: Mobile network of both Ntc and Ncell in Birgunj region to Chitwan, Bhairahwa are also affected due to the failure of transmission link and power. As equipment rooms are filled with water and failure of fiber links, the mobile network has come under huge trouble.

It is known that Ntc technical personnel are also working in the water filled equipment room to solve the issue. As the situation in Biratnagar, Itahari is more severe and most of the mobile towers are connected from it,  the problem can be solved with mending of the equipment there. Even the electricity is cut off in the areas with the flood.

Whereas for Ncell, some of the transmission links are out and some towers are not functioning due to no electricity supply. They can resolve the issue with the link and power restoration.

Directives from NTA

Meanwhile NTA, the regulator has also directed the telecom operators to keep the network alive with different measures. They mention communication has a vital role to help people and government officials for the rescue and relief effort. So, NTA has come up with the directive in this disaster period.

If you are in Terai region, please comment about the situation in your area, along with the mobile network.

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