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Ntc CUG pack with unlimited calls

New CUG pack for Ntc GSM prepaid and postpaid corporate users.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has brought new CUG packs targeted to corporate users. The pack provides unlimited calls among the corporate user Group (CUG). Ntc CUG scheme is now repackaged and includes different tariffs along with unlimited calls to their customers. Ntc CUG pack is now available with the Ntc Summer offer. Now, they have also added off-net calls in the CUG packs. Updated

  • Now available for Ntc GSM & CDMA prepaid and postpaid.
  • Ntc CUG pack can also include landline number.
  • Provides free resources every month that depends on the pack’s amount (see below)

What’s in the NTC CUG pack?

The best part of the new CUG pack is the unlimited voice calls among themselves in the group. Apart from the closed group, they can even make a call to any Ntc numbers and use data pack as a combo with the different packs. They have a free resource of on-net calls, off-net calls, SMS and data.

Targeting different range of corporate users, Ntc has provided different CUG packs of Rs 200, Rs 400, Rs 700, Rs 1000, Rs 1300 and Rs 1600. The lowest pack available in the CUG scheme is Rs 200, which entails 100 mins of a voice call to any Ntc number, 10 mins of off-net calls and data package of 140 MB per month. The Rs 200 pack is only available in Prepaid whereas all others are available for both prepaid and postpaid. Following are the details of all the Ntc CUG packs for GSM prepaid and postpaid subscribers of corporate offices.

  • Ntc has a special prepaid only CUG pack of Rs 200.
  • Voice call tariff beyond the packs applies as the normal one.

S.N Ntc CUG packs Voice call among the corporate group (Per month) Voice call to any Ntc number (per month) Off-net call Data package (per month) SMS
1 Rs 200 (Prepaid Only) unlimited 100 mins 10 mins 140 MB 50
2 Rs 400 (Prepaid and postpaid) unlimited 230 mins 20 mins 300 MB 100
3 Rs 700 unlimited 370 mins 30 mins 800 MB 100
4 Rs 1000 unlimited 550 mins 40 mins 1000 MB 150
5 Rs 1300 unlimited 600 mins 50 mins 2100 MB 200
6 Rs 1600 unlimited 750 mins 50 mins 2700 MB 250

How to take Ntc CUG packs?

Ntc targets the CUG pack for small to large corporate offices through GSM prepaid and postpaid number. NTC provides a subsidized rate for telecom services like voice, SMS, and data. The corporate office needs to send an official request of the CUG packs for their respective employees to Ntc. They should take a minimum of 10 corporate users in the CUG scheme, more info on CUG. Corporate users can take the CUG scheme from any Ntc customer centers, i.e. Ntc offices.

If any prospective customer does not have any Ntc mobile, they need to apply for the numbers at the same time as CUG registration.

Previously, a minimum of 50 corporate users could take the CUG offer and the call rate was 50 paisa per minute. The CUG scheme was also lacking data packs before. The NTC CUG pack seems much more efficient for corporate users and is also being popular among them.

Tell us what do you think of the NTC CUG pack and if it is suitable for you?

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