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Ntc operates GSM Mobile service in remote area of Gorkha

Nepal Telecom (Ntc) starts their mobile service in remote area of Gorkha, which is in the trekking route to Manaslu. Ntc now covers two remote areas of Gorkha, namely Gamladanda and Lhoma with GSM mobile service. They have operated two new GSM BTS tower in that area from Chaitra 7.

Among the two BTS tower, Ntc puts Gamladanda tower in Chumnuwi Gaupalika Ward no. 3. Gamladanda BTS tower covers Lakpal, Yaruphat, Jagat, Salleri, Bhaluwan, Pati, Fidim under the same Village bodies. Similarly, Lhoma tower is kept at Ward no 2 of the same Village body. The second BTS tower covers areas like Lho, Khyala, Shyo, Li. These remote places in Gorkha district are now facilitated with the available of GSM mobile service. This will not only help the people of the villages but also the trekking personnel walking through.

As per Ntc, both the towers BTS operates with Solar power and Satellite link, due to the remoteness. Ntc establishes the BTS equipment there to serve the people of that region, where no other operator prefers to provide, due to the cost and feasibility factor. The altitude of Lhoma is 3565 meters above the sea level and that of Gamladada is 1500 m. The distance of Gamladada from Gorkha district HQ is 100 km whereas for Lho, it is around 160 km. It takes a bus ride to Soti through Arughat and then additional 4, 5 days walking to reach Gamladanda and Lho respectively.

The mobile service will help to exchange information among them and their family members abroad and in the country. Ntc has also distributed free SIM cards, 500 in Lho and 350 in Gamladanda Village.

The Challenge to operators

The remoteness challenges the operator to expand their services to these kind of remote areas. For which, the operators needs to invest heavily like the expensive solar and Satellite link. Although they are not sure of the service outcome, Government owned operator Ntc provides the service for such remote people with heavy investment. Challenge also lies in the maintenance and further up-gradation of these mobile towers. Hope they will keep it operating well even under the harsh weather condition there at times.

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