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People campaign to boycott Ncell Sim due to tax issue.

#NoTaxNoNcell trends on Twitter and the campaign revives again

People including several renowned personnel have started to campaign for boycotting Ncell SIM due to the pending tax issue. Some of them also put Ncell SIM on fire, pressurizing them to pay the tax. As per the decision of Supreme Court, Large taxpayers office (LTO) has asked Ncell to deposit Rs 39.06 billion within 7 days. On the final day of the deadline, Ncell filed a petition to challenge the tax amount set by LTO.

With the Ncell’s challenge through the petition, people see it as a trick to avoid the tax amount. They also see it to push the issue for the long term and ultimately close without paying the tax. Ncell has been dilly-dallying over the payment of the Capital Gain tax amount, despite several decisions from authorities and the latest from Supreme Court.

Campaigners for Ncell boycott

One of such campaigners is Senior Advocate Dr. Surendra Bhandari who is debating against Ncell for this tax issue. He has also released a Video where he says, “With SC decision, Large Taxpayers office asked Ncell to pay around 40 billion Rs within 7 days. After the completion of 7 days, Ncell moved to Supreme court to challenge the amount by which they intend to prolong the issue by 1/2 years. And later trick not to pay the tax amount.”

He also said that the nonpayment of tax by Ncell is a big loss to the Nation. So, he publicly asks every nation lovers to boycott Ncell SIM until they pay the tax. In the video, he also requests Nepali people all around the world to spread the boycotting Ncell campaign pressurizing them to pay the tax.

Here is the announcement video posted in social media.

#NoTaxNoNcell campaign

Following the announcement, several people have shared it in Fb status and messages promoting the campaign. Some people also shared the photos of the Ncell SIM thrown in action for the boycott. There have also been some incidents where people (including social activists) gather to set Ncell SIM cards on fire. They also ask people not to use Ncell service.

Ncell SIM boycott
By Chakra Thapa

Some Ntc SIM card users even write in social media network that they will not pick calls from Ncell until they pay the tax.

Along with all of the circumstances, the hashtag campaign for #NoTaxNoNcell also revives in Twitter and is on trending.

Vijay Lama

Similarly, another popular celebrity Mr. Vijay Lama also posted on his Facebook account supporting Dr. Surendra’s effort to boycott Ncell SIM. He also remembered the mega Earthquake period when Ntc provided free local and international calls to the people. It is not only Vijay Lama, but most of the people also praised Nepal Telecom for their restoration works and free service. Read more here. But he said Ncell did not provide any as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Mr. Lama revealed that he stopped using Ncell SIM from that period.

Subodh Raj Pyakurel

Human Rights Activist Mr. Subodh Raj Pyakurel has now posted a photo burning the Ncell SIM card. He said that he destroyed Ncell SIM three years ago to provide solidarity for action against Ncell’s haughty nature.

Bhim Upadhyaya

Another Activist Mr. Bhim Upadhyaya also took it to Facebook requesting people to rise against Ncell’s cheating action. “The boycotting action and strength will prove today’s people are not of yesterday but of the 21st century. So let’s not be in dilemma to boycott Ncell as people will suffer when a nation is cheated”.

He also gave an example of how Finland people took action against Nepali restaurant when the restaurant owners treated their employees badly. He told that People did not go to those restaurants, ultimately forcing them to close.

It seems boycotting Ncell SIM and #NoTaxNoNcell campaign will become more popular as more people join in.

Against the Campaign

There is also a small group of people who are against such a campaign. They argue that it is the responsibility of the Government to recover the taxes, and it is their freedom to choose whichever SIM they like. Some of them even fear such action will impact the Foreign direct investment (FDI) in the country.

Disclaimer: We are not in any way encouraging the Ncell SIM boycott campaign.

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