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NTA warns people of one ring fake missed calls “Wangiri scam”

NTA, the regulator for the telecommunication sector of Nepal has notified people to be aware of scam calls. Recently, People have received multiple one ring missed calls from unknown numbers abroad. Fearful of scams, people complained those numbers to telecom operators and NTA itself. Such one ring missed calls is also named as Wangiri scam.

Such missed calls not only disturbs people repeatedly but also when replied will put people in trouble. Find out more information below and how to avoid the trouble.

What is Wangiri Scam?

Wangiri Scam (a Japanese term meaning one ring and drop) sends repeated one or two rings missed call to multiple numbers. It is automatically generated by some computer or bot. Those numbers prompt you to call them by sending missed calls multiple times. If you do make a call to them, it will charge you more for the long-distance calls. So, your balance will be cut heavily.

Wangiri Scam Nepal

This sort of scam is done by some group of people, to earn some money out of the long-distance callback amount. Similarly, some may call you for some lottery winning or some other fake things.

Such numbers are generally from foreign countries, which could be in any part of the world.


Such scam missed calls also happened before in our country. That time, the calls were mainly from Tunisia with +21 code. Then the operators have issued a public notice to the people for not to fall prey to the scam.

This time, the majority of the calls are seen from +48 code which is Poland. Some of such scam call numbers are +48 459573936, +48459573925.  If you have witnessed more numbers like this time, please feedback below in the comment box below.

NTA warning

NTA warns for not to pick up or call back to such numbers even if they prompt you multiple times. NTA also notifies to inform the operators or them if such one ring missed calls or unidentified calls come to you.

NTA has also directed the telecom operators to prevent such numbers from disturbing people and make them fall prey to the Wangiri scam.

They also provide their email address ( [email protected] OR [email protected]) to send the respective number, if encountered.

Have you encountered such Wangiri (one ring missed call) scam lately or ever before? If so, then please feedback.

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