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How to buy SAG games tickets online?

Find the Match schedule for SAG football games.

Nepal is hosting the 13th SAG games in Kathmandu and Pokhara from Dec 1, 2019. The committee managing the SAG game has already decided to let people book the tickets online. This post we will provide information on how to buy the tickets for several games like Football, Cricket of SAF. Find the match schedule of the SAG Football game below.

The participating countries in the game are Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. All of the games will be held in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Janakpur.

As known, the tickets are for the games to be held in Dasarath Rangashala Stadium, Covered hall. The booking date is from 25th November to the 10th of December. While the events occur from 27th November to 10th December 2019.

Craze for Dasarath Rangashala stadium

The Dasarath Rangashala Stadium was shut down for years due to the damage done by Earthquake 2015. Now that the newly renovated Dasarath Rangashala Stadium will host the games for SAG games, we can expect a huge crowd to show up.

The stadium has a capacity of 20000 personnel but we can expect them to sell the tickets lower in number than that.

As per ANFA, the ticket price of Men’s football games will cost Rs 500 and Rs 1000. The price is expensive towards the VIP Parapet while the normal Parapet (which used to be no Parapet) costs Rs 1000.

Other games that can be watched by buying tickets for SAG games are Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball.

sag games ticket online

Ticket Partner

eSewa, Nepal’s first online payment service provider has already made a separate portal for the SAG games. So, they have started showing the information on the 13th SAG games for now. Now they have also unveiled the schedule and the price of all Cricket, Football matches in the portal.

The opening ceremony of the SAG game will go live from 4 PM, Dec 1, 2019. We thought they will sell the tickets of this event as well. But it seems they will have people with invitations only.

The opening program will broadcast live in Nepal Television (Ntv). If you are abroad, you can also watch the Nepali TV live.

Here is the match schedule of the SAG football starting from 2nd December. The final match of the SAG football match is on 10th Dec, 2019.

12nd Dec, 2019Bangladesh vs Bhutan1:00 PMDasarath Stadium
Maldives VS Srilanka5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
23rd Dec, 2019Nepal Vs Bhutan1:00 PMDasarath Stadium
Bangladesh Vs Maldives5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
34th Dec, 2019Nepal Vs Srilanka5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
45th Dec, 2019Bhutan Vs Maldives1:00 PMDasarath Stadium
Srilanka Vs Bangladesh5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
56th Dec, 2019Nepal Vs Maldives5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
67th Dec, 2019Srilanka Vs Bhutan5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
78th Dec, 2019Nepal Vs Bangladesh5:00 PMDasarath Stadium
89th Dec, 2019REST (NO GAME) Day
910th Dec, 2019Top 1st Vs Top 2nd5:00 PMDasarath Stadium

The online ticket buying is live now for the Volleyball, Cricket and Football games. The volleyball and cricket game ticket costs Rs 500. Which you can buy in the link of the portal mentioned above. As we know, the real craze is for the SAG football match especially that of the Nepali national team, for which the ticket price is already revealed.  The football game tickets are also available to buy for now.

How to buy the tickets?

You can buy the tickets either from eSewa online or from the stadium using the ticketing partner.

SAG football ticket

  • First login to your eSewa app or the portal mentioned above.
  • Then select the game that you want to watch, then select the match.
  • You will be routed to a separate page with the price of the ticket.
  • Select either of the timing, the blocks (for Football stadium) and the game.
  • Enter your details (Booked by and booked for) with your number and email address
  • After you click the purchase and pay for it, you will get the tickets

Are you excited to watch football matches at Dasarath Rangashala stadium, after a long time? Which game and ticket are you going to buy? Tell us in the comment section.

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