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Hamro Patro launches Hamro Market Kathmandu, an e-commerce platform

Hamro Patro starts community feature on its platform

Hamro Patro – one of the most downloaded Nepali apps – has started Community feature on its platform to connect all Hamro Patro users. On 21 November 2019, the team announced the launch of Hamro Market – Kathmandu, a community-based e-commerce platform for Hamro Patro users in Kathmandu.

Hamro Patro is a Nepali calendar app. It was launched back in 2010 when its founder Shankar Uprety was studying Masters in Computer Engineering in the USA. That time, the main purpose of the app was to help Nepali living abroad stay in touch with festivals and important dates in the Nepali calendar year. The app was available in the iOS platform only and was used mostly by diaspora Nepali community.

Slowly, with the emergence of the Android platform, they decided to launch the app in the Android version in 2012. Currently, the Android version of the app alone has been downloaded by more than 5 million people. Almost 10 million are estimated to have signed up in the Hamro Patro platform.

The concept of Hamro Patro Community

Facebook group has been here for a long time and has become one of the most important features of the social networking site. Along with various other networking activities, Facebook groups have been also utilized to carry out e-commerce activities. Talking about online shopping in Nepal, has emerged as a wonderful e-commerce platform for all Nepalis. It’s been in operation for almost a decade. In this scenario, the launch of community feature by Hamro Patro, and Hamro Market – Kathmandu can be considered a great initiation.

We all know, almost 10 million people use Hamro Patro. But these users have not been connected to each other yet. ‘Community’ concept can be a wonderful feature to connect Hamro Patro users to each other. And, Hamro Market – Kathmandu can emerge as a great e-commerce platform for residents in Kathmandu.

Hamro Market – Kathmandu

Hamro Market – Kathmandu is an ‘invite-only’ community where members can sell their items online with fellow Kathmandu residents. The platform seeks to facilitate community-based e-commerce to people in Kathmandu. Launched just yesterday, we can see 3500+ people joining the platform within 24 hours. Dozens of posts have been made by the users in this duration. So, we can be sure that this group will be heavily engaging and useful to people in Kathmandu.

Currently, Hamro Market – Kathmandu supports e-commerce in these four categories:

  1. Real Estate 
  2. Bikes
  3. Cars
  4. Mobile phones and accessories

Shankar Uprety, founder of Hamro Patro made an announcement post at the Hamro Market-Kathmandu community.

Hamro market

Most of the responses in the post so far are positive.

This group might become a competition to Hamro Bazaar.

How to join Hamro Market – Kathmandu community?

You have to visit this link to join Hamro Market – Kathmandu or any other community there. You can sign in with your Gmail or Facebook account.

Response to Hamro Patro Community and Hamro Market – Kathmandu so far

As of writing this article, it’s just been 24 hours since Hamro Patro launched Hamro Market – Kathmandu community. And, we can see over 3500 people have already joined the community and over a hundred posts have been made in the group. Furthermore, the posts on the group are engaging and you can get responses from the group members instantly.

Hamro Patro Community can emerge as a successful and very useful platform if executed well. We are yet to see the reception of a wider audience. If the Hamro Patro team is successful to enroll all 10 million Hamro Patro users to its community, it will be like a revolution in Nepal. Let’s see how Hamro Patro will take the community platform ahead.

Have you installed Hamro Patro on your phone? Which is the most useful feature of the app? Are you excited about the ‘community’ feature by Hamro Patro? What are your thoughts about Hamro Market – Kathmandu? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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