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Top 5 Online Shopping Sites in Nepal

With the growth of the Internet and Internet-based devices, most of the people are fond of things available over the internet. Facebook and online media have grown their popularity in Nepal very much these days. Online shopping sites or online stores are also one of the popular things in the internet world now. Find the list of best/popular online shopping sites in Nepal below.

Online shopping has become very popular among people living in the major cities of Nepal. It has become popular mainly because of the convenience and ease of shop from their home or office.

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One of the most appealing factors about online shopping is that it alleviates the need to wait in long lines or search from store to store for a particular item. We see many young people are attracted to online stores, as we can view the price, compare between two or more sites, and buy the product.

We, the members of team have been using various online shopping sites in Kathmandu. As per the experience, based on the availability of products, quality of product, and timely delivery with easy payment options, we have chosen the best 5 online shopping stores in Nepal.

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Popular online shopping sites in Nepal


Nepbay started its service in 2007 as an online directory of shops in Kathmandu and Lalitpur. They have grown to become an online platform for Buyers, Sellers, and Advertisers to showcase their products and brands.

They offer a selection of a wide variety of stores and categories where the buyers can select from 1000s products. 100s of stores and 1000s of categories make NepBay online platform for secure online transactions.

NepBay accepts PayPal, VISA, MasterCard as international payment options. They also provide payment form Nepal Investment Bank and Laxmi Bank credit and debit cards.

4. is the online version of the departmental store “Muncha House”. They have a very early history. Muncha started its service in 2000. is a digital shopping mall and gift site where you can find a wide variety of products to meet your needs. Their main aim is to provide unlimited varieties of products with the best quality services.

They accept iPay, MasterCard, and VISA as a payment option. Cash on Delivery is available in Muncha. They deliver products within 2-3 working days.

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Sasto Deal is also one of Nepal’s biggest online shopping website. Sastodeal deliveries are mostly free inside Kathmandu valley and a small surcharge is added for orders outside the valley. They guarantee the returns and exchange of the products within the specified period of time.

Sastodeal delivers products to most of the cities of the country and offers cash on delivery for the payment. Some delivery charges are incurred while the products are delivered to your location.

2. is an online classified which enables individuals as well as companies to list the wide variety of new or used product online. It is one of the most used shopping sites in Nepal as it provides the platform for the individual to sell their own products. is a great channel for connecting buyers and sellers. is a perfect solution which helps to list your products for free.

They also feature new products but the site isn’t that popular for buying new products. It is also one of the most visited sites in Nepal.


Formerly Kaymu is the fastest growing online marketplace operating in South Asian countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. A wide variety of products are available in Daraz. The products include consumer electronics, fashion, and beauty products, alongside rapidly growing general products.

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Daraz is ranked in the first place because of the availability of products and their quality. Recently they have updated their app to include more products and features. Daraz’s delivery is also reliable. It ships products to most of the cities of Nepal. There’s almost everything listed on the site that is needed in daily life. Daraz has been my very first priority while buying products online. They offer only cash on delivery option for the payment to date.

Worth mentioning and Latest online shopping Apps

Here are some of the latest ones to join the online shopping race in Nepal. The eSewa Pasal, which is launched by F1 soft international, seems to be not working now. Other Worth Mentioning Sites are:

  • InternetPasal is one of the fastest-growing free classified marketplaces in Nepal which helps both the companies and individuals to sell both new and used products. InternetPasal is focusing on the various companies to grow their business digitally. It thrives to become a perfect platform in buying selling products like bikes, furniture, real estate, mobile phones, electronic products, and much more.

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Online shopping platform has a great potential in Nepal, with the introduction of more players for delivery, products/brands, and payment solution. With the proliferation of smartphones and online communities, people have started to prefer these portals for their shopping needs. The app-based online shopping in Nepal has also grown significantly.

As we mentioned above, Daraz (owned by Alibaba), the top most player has a strong foothold in the Nepalese online shopping industry. Their 11.11 campaign also gave a big boost for the people to shop online. Here are some of the expectations for online shopping sites in Nepal. There are some challenges that need to be overcome for the betterment of the e-commerce industry of Nepal.

Some of the challenges include good quality & a wide variety of products, timely delivery, responsible online stores, and better customer service. Due to the growing competition among the players or impending Amazon entry, we can expect a big boom in the online shopping industry and the improvement of the platforms.

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If you know any popular online shopping websites in Nepal that you find the best, you can comment below.

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