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Best Food Delivery Apps in Nepal

Food and Food delivery apps in Nepal are integral aspects for us as Nepal is a multi-cuisine countrySince we live in a multi-cuisine country, our taste buds have high demands. Because of these high taste-bud demands, we crave so many things in so many different hours. That is why we need sources that can live up to our expectations to fulfil these cravings and demands. Here we have listed out the best food delivery apps in Nepal that can and has been living up to our expectations.

There are tons of restaurants, cafes, and places where we can get various kinds of food to fulfil our cravings. But, what we don’t have is the time or sometimes the situation to get our favourite food. For example, we might crave our favourite MoMo while in the middle of the work or crave our all-time favourite ice-cream while we are in the middle of a meeting.

Food delivery in Nepal

Moreover, with the new normal we live in amid the COVID-19 situation, we are mostly engaged in e-learning and e-meetings. Furthermore, we don’t want to risk going out of the house and would love to get our favourite food delivered in our doorstep sanitized.

So, the deliberate answer for all these situations and questions is one tap. With the advancement of the world and technology, we have the opportunity to get our favourite food with just a tap. We have to take out our cell phones, click on our favourite food and voila, and our meals will be at our doorstep. 

Since many food delivery apps provide these services, we will be looking at the top 5 food delivery app, based on the UI design, the services they provide, and the advancement they have taken.

  • Foodmandu
  • BhojDeals
  • FoodMario
  • Bhoklagyo
  • Tato Mitho


Food – whenever and wherever you want it!–Foodmandu.


Founded in 2010, Foodmandu is one of the biggest food delivery apps and services that covers up to hundreds of restaurants that provide us with various dishes. Foodmandu delivers food from over 500 restaurants across three cities in Kathmandu Valley through its 200 riders pool. It also offers fresh vegetables, beverages, and cakes to its patrons from farmers’ markets, wholesalers, and hotels.

It recently added augmented reality features to its platform. Talking about analytics, Foodmandu has very much developed itself over the last four years and has kept its pace on the development of its app, UI, and services.

The app and UI have redesigned its home screen and have added tons of updates from the very beginning. It also has very decent map identification services, where food will get delivered to your doorsteps. 

Now, coming to the play store, it comprises a splendid 3.2 rating and over 100k+ downloads. Also, with 864 reviews and easy to use the app, it has been able to win thousands of hearts. It also accepts Khalti payment, fonepay or cash on delivery. 

However, an application is sure to be facing bugs, but the team always does their best to update and fix the bugs as soon as possible. Coming to its UI, its Multi-cart support system makes it easy to order variations of food, and to be able to choose from a vast pool of restaurants makes it even more comfortable and hungrier to order. 

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Delivery Charges

Place (Distance from Restaurant)                                                              Detailed Delivery Price
Inside ring road (Up to 2 Km) For orders up to Rs. 999 -Rs. 50

For up to order of Rs. 1000 and above- Rs 50

After 2 Km Additional Rs.10/KM

For up to order of Rs. 1000 and above its Rs 50 no matter where

Outside ring road ( Up to 2 Km to 6 Km)



For orders up to Rs. 999 and above- Rs. 50


Additional Rs.15/KM for additional 2 Km to 6 Km and max Rs 20 after 6 km.
Outside ring road – no matter where within Kathmandu Rs 50 only For orders up to Rs 1500.


Food for One-Stop, Delivering Happiness– Bhojdeals

Bhoj Deals

Bhoj Deals is a one-stop food delivery application for the customer, who loves a place and want to order a whole bunch of food from one specific menu. This app has a fantastic facility for payment, which is Bhoj-Wallet. From this service, regular customers can get amazing deals and discounts from various restaurants of their choice. These deals vary for each day.

Its app comes with an amazingly attractive UI design and is also easy to use. It currently has a 2.9/5 rating with over 100k+ downloads. Along with that, it also has 830 reviews to always be deliberate of the app we are using. With services expanded with more than 150 restaurants, it delivers in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur areas. They also have taken away services, where we can order food to get cooked and can just go, can pick up at the given specific time. It accepts payments through fonepay, eSewa, credit/debit card, IPS, khallti , Paypal and also accepts cash on delivery. However, the map identifying services aren’t as accurate most of the time.

Users can optimize the places by clicking at the area they live in. This app also allows you to use functions to explore restaurants near you based on your preferred cuisine or location. Ultimately, you can also Refer Bhoj Code to your friends. These codes get discounts when they order using your system, and you get more credits in your Bhoj-Wallet.

Delivery Services Maximum Price
Inside ring road and outside the ring road Maximum Rs 100.



Craving for a home-cooked meal, here’s the deal- FoodMario


FoodMario is Nepal’s first and only platform that connects home chefs with customers all over Kathmandu Valley. Food Mario is such a fantastic platform where we can have delicious home-cooked food even by ordering from our cellular devices. Food Mario works on the agenda on the way of socializing with the help of foods and an opportunity to empower each other”. And honestly, it is a legit statement that does reflect their services. If you want to taste multi-cuisine with the aroma of home food, you must try this application. Moreover, chefs who use FoodMario’s services take superior care for hygiene, quality, taste, and consistency. 

Now, as for the reviews and ratings from the web, it has secured 3.3/5 with 10k downloads; it also stands in the top five food delivery applications. Along with that, it has 57 reviews, which make it easier to choose our favourite food. They accept digital payments from Fonepay, eSewa and cash on delivery. 

Coming to its UI, it comes in different design as compared to other apps. We can choose from the chefs and the cuisines they prepare, whereas in other applications, we choose from the hotels and restaurants. Also” FoodMario is ready to scale almost exponentially– by bringing on board a hundred of chefs and delivering homemade dishes to its thousands of customers in Kathmandu and beyond. Once it covers all parts of Nepal, it will set similar markets almost all around the world.” are the words of the CEO, which does define the definitive as it states reality.

Delivery services Maximum Price
Inside and outside the ring road Rs 100

Bhok lagyo

For the late-night deliveries in Nepal- Bhok Lagyo

Bhok lagyo

Bhok Lagyo is the first- official multi-cuisine production and delivery company that gives us the immense pleasure of satisfying our mid-night cravings. If you ever run out of food in the middle of the party, you do not need to worry about it anymore, just order food from Bhok Lagyo. This company doesn’t have an app but provides you service from 4 pm to 4 am, which is something super amazing. 

Along with its delusional night services, this production house and delivery service also make custom made food, i.e., burger mixed with a fusion of 3 spicy sauces and takes custom-made order. This feature makes Bhok Lagyo one of the customer-friendly app and production houses as well. They accept digital payments from Fonepay, cash on delivery and eSewa. Here are the top digital wallets in Nepal.

As for the UI and ratings, with a 3.0 rating, bars are set high for any other multi-cuisine food delivery app that is planning to establish their mark on the night-delivery ground. In terms of the app, they have their production that offers a wide variety of food menu. It has decent reviews and good ratings, along with excellent service so far in terms of usage.

Delivery Services Maximum Price
Inside and outside the ring road Maximum Rs 100

Tato Mitho

Get hot & delicious food delivered from Nepal’s Best Restaurants FREE –  Tato Mitho

Tato mitho

Tato Mitho is also one of the food delivery apps that has been gaining hype in the food delivery segment. This service also has superior facilities and also has decent app features. Tato Mitho provides us with food from the best restaurants with no minimum order, and the best part being it is free.

Taking a look at its app and UI, it has 3.7 ratings on play store with 1k downloads and 63 reviews. The web has a legit Whereas talking about its UI, there have been some minor bug issues now and then, but the dedicated team always stays ready to fix it and solve the problems that somehow arise. Moreover, its app has superior features and is super easy to use. It not only has food delivery but groceries and hotel room services. This service accepts digital payment through Khalti or Cash on delivery. 

When you open the app, you can get to choose your niche, and then it asks for your location, which is super amazing, and then you can enjoy the deals that vary for each day. When I did my first order from Tato Mitho, a Monday special offer was a flat 20% off on my favourite burgers and sandwich. Along with that, the delivery and cash on the delivery system were comfortable and very reliable.

Delivery Charges Free

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Summing Up:

S.N. Food Delivery Apps Web Rating Agenda/ Services and Minimum order
1 Foodmandu 3.9 Making life easier through online ordering

Food delivery, partnership with a wide range of food places. Takeaways, dine in deals, groceries, baked items, fruits and vegetables. Also KN 95 masks.

Minimum Order- Rs 500


Delivers food from amazing food networks (desserts included), groceries, fruits vegetables and frozen items.

Bhoj wallet for payments, dine in deals, takeaways and more

Minimum Order- no minimum order

3 FoodMario 4.5 Foodmario is Nepal’s first and only platform that connects home chefs with customers all over Kathmandu Valley.

Home-cooked and custom made food, groceries, fruit, vegetables and essentials.

Minimum order- No minimum order

4 Bhok lagyo 3.5 First-night food delivery application.

Night delivery services, customized menu, big deals, and more.

Minimum order- Rs 500

5 Tato Mitho 4.7 Hot and tasty food delivered to you in your doorsteps and that too without any delivery charges. It’s free.

Minimum order- none

Honourable Mentions:

There are so many food delivery apps in Nepal like 911 food express that provide amazing services, not just for Kathmandu. But, apart from that, there are also other delivery apps in regions such as Pokhara, Chitwan that provide amazing services as well. Like for Pokhara, there is FoodMood and Pokhara Food delivery which are very famous in that region, and for Chitwan, there is MeroKinmel. There is also a dedicated mobile app for food delivery at night period called Khaanpin Night food delivery.

Similarly, there are food delivery facilities that are connected via Facebook as well. Still, we are here to consider the platforms that can track the food order and allow digital payments. Moreover, some individual restaurants also offer delivery, but we are here to talk about mobile apps from which you can find all kinds of food and cuisines. So, we have summed up and mentioned some of the amazing food delivery apps in Nepal.


These are the list of top food delivery apps in Nepal, especially inside the Kathmandu valley, which has set up high marks on Nepal’s delivery services. These are one of the best known in town services that have various add on features and have also extended their services to delivering fruits, vegetables, and many other things.

We suggest you have a look at the top online shopping sites in Nepal.

Moreover, they also follow strict safety measures during the crisis period. This makes it easier for us to trust them in terms of hygiene and sanitation. Bhok Lagyo has proved to be amazing with its timely and fast service in terms of night delivery. Whereas, KhaanPin Night Food delivery is specially managed to deliver food at night time. Food Mario has proved to be a very considerate and holistic environment for not just users but also cooks and home-cook services. So, these are the best top 5 of all the other food delivery apps in Nepal.

Let us know your opinion about these food-delivery apps and also mention which is your go-to food-delivery app that you like the most.

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