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Nepal Telecom Provides Free Mobile Data on FTTH Subscription

Nepal Telecom brings FTTH “Jado ma Nyano” offer which provides free mobile data to the customers on the subscription of yearly FTTH packages. In this scheme, all customers who purchase a yearly FTTH (Fiber internet) service of speed 20 Mbps or above get 300 MB data per day on their mobile.

The offer for Free Mobile data on the purchase of Ntc FTTH starts from Poush 1, 2077. The FTTH Jado ma Nyano offer is valid for those who subscribe, renew and upgrade the Ntc fiber internet service with a speed of 20 Mbps or greater. Not to forget, you also get free CPE and 100 meters of optical fiber required for the internet service with the subscription.

The daily 300 MB data becomes 107GB for a year as it is for a yearly FTTH subscription. AS per Ntc, the yearly FTTH subscription will provide you a worth of more than Rs 10000, which is quite an offer to grab. The worth of the data is calculated as per the regular data packs available in Ntc.

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How to get Free Mobile Data with the Ntc FTTH subscription?

To get the free data on your mobile with the Ntc FTTH subscription, you need to follow the steps.

  • Visit Ntc office/counter.
  • Provide your mobile number to include in the already subscribed FTTH Customer contact number.
  • Dial *1416# and activate the free 300MB data per day with the FTTH ID.

You can use the free mobile data (from FTTH subscription) in any mobile network 2G, 3G, 4G, and for all-time.

Once you activate the free data on the purchase of the yearly FTTH package, you will get the daily 300 MB data for a year. You do not need to subscribe to anything after the activation process mentioned above. This free data is valid for individual and corporate users.

If you want to change your existing ADSL or telephone line to Fiber, you can do it free of cost. Read the details on How to change your ADSL line to FTTH.

If you want to subscribe a 20 MBps FTTH internet at your home, not only for this free mobile data bonus but also for your regular internet requirement, you can do so at Rs 13,000 for a year. Moreover, the offer is also valid for an internet speed of 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps, and 60 Mbps.

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Worth of Ntc FTTH Jado Ma Nyano Offer

NTC claims of providing Rs 13000 worth of free offers on the purchase of 20Mbps internet at Rs 13000 for a year. Here is the breakdown of the bonus or offers with the yearly FTTH subscription.

  • Mobile data of 300MB per day= more than Rs 10,000
  • CPE: Rs 2825
  • 100-meter fiber cable: Rs 1000
  • Total of more than Rs 13000

Currently, FTTH provides you a bundle of high-speed internet and voice service with the fiber line. Whereas in the near future, Ntc is going to provide IPTV service over the same Fiber. Although we had posted the news on the successful testing and launching of IPTV service soon, Ntc has taken more time than expected for this television service.

Tell us what do you think of the free mobile data on the purchase of the Ntc FTTH service, with the Jado ma Nyano offer.

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