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Nepal Telecom Recommends Using Router UPS/Adapter For Uninterrupted Voice Service in FTTH.

Nepal Telecom has been replacing traditional copper wires with FTTH (Fiber To Home) Service and has been providing voice and data services over the fiber. Though Fiber is better than copper wires, the telephone line becomes nonfunctional when there is no electricity. The company tries to resolve this drawback of changing from traditional copper wire to Fiber cable with this recommendation of backup power for Ntc FTTH CPE.

NTC has also decided to provide Television (IPTV) service as well over the same fiber in the near future. This is the reason why there has been a substantial increase in the popularity of this FTTH service.

During the time of power cut off, voice service with landline phones connected with the FTTH also gets interrupted together with the internet service. But in the case of traditional copper wire, you will not find disruption of telephone line due to electricity supply.

So, this is the reason why most of the users get annoyed as they are unable to use the voice service with fiber, during the time of load-shedding/electricity cut. Some of the people also find it troublesome to actually switch from their existing copper cable to fiber. But small solution resolves the issue at a very reasonable cost.

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UPS or Adapter for Ntc FTTH Fiber CPE

There are small-sized UPS or Adapter which are easily available on the market. Customers could use UPS or Adapters for their own convenience to provide uninterrupted power to the router. Those devices could be of different capacities and are suitable for a few hours of power cutoff. It provides customers with uninterrupted service if they could invest some money in these devices.

These devices charge themselves when electricity is available and stores the power inside it. During the time of load-shedding or power cut, the same backup supplies power to the CPE/router device. Customers could buy 12 volts and 1 Ampere capacity of Adapter for FTTH service provided by Nepal Telecom. As known, the Adapter can supply power to the routers for about 2 hours. Based on the requirement, customers could either buy it online or from the computer market.

Currently, the company has provided various attractive packages under FTTH service. In technically viable places, Nepal Telecom is replacing old landline phones with new FTTH service. For such customers, Ntc also provides WiFi routers (CPE) and one hundred meters long drop fiber for free.

Here is how you can change your traditional telephone line (with ADSL) to FTTH Fiber internet. Nepal Telecom provides triple-play service, high-speed internet, and video service, telephone service, and television service with fiber cable. After the implementation of a TV service, FTTH service would be even more attractive for the customers.

Tell us what do you think of Ntc’s suggestion to add small UPS or adapter for the backup power to the CPE/Routers for uninterrupted voice service. Will you buy such a small-sized power backup or one hour phone and internet outage due to electricity is no big deal for you, please comment.

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