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Nepal Telecom selects VNPT for IPTV service

Nepal Telecom, the government-owned telco has selected VNPT (Vietnam Post and Telecommunication) for their IPTV service. VNPT is a telecommunication company which is owned by Vietnam Government. VNPT has several subsidiaries like VinaPhone: a telecom operator and VASC: a software development company.

Nepal Telecom (NTC) had called a Global tender to provide IPTV service to its customers, a couple of months ago. With the Global competition, VNPT succeeded to grab the deal by collaborating with Kalash. Ntc and JV of VNPT-Kalash had inked a deal for the IPTV service on October 14, 2019.

VNPT had also attended the Nepal Investment Summit 2017 to seek opportunities to supply IT services and solutions to Nepal. After 2 years of their interest, they could partner with the largest telecom operator of Nepal for the video service.

As video content is already a big thing for the telecom industry, telcos are pushing to tap into this new opportunity. Due to the proliferation of OTT applications like Viber, Skype, WeChat, Google Duo, etc, Telcos are under pressure to offset the loss of revenues from their core services like Voice.

Some of the telcos develop their own platform for the TV and video service while some collaborate with the already available platform for such service. As known, Ntc will use the platform of VNPTV to provide the broadcast TV, Video on Demand services.

Within four months period, they will bring in the required hardware, software to integrate its platform in the Nepal Telecom system. After this, Ntc can deliver the IPTV service to their FTTH and mobile (3G, 4G) subscribers. We believe Ntc IPTV platform provides a combined solution for IPTV, Web TV and mobile TV (app). Nepal Telecom is currently expanding their 4G service, with a target to reach every nook and corner soon.

What is IPTV service?

IPTV is a digital technology that provides Video/TV service over an IP transmission link. Earlier the video/TV transmission was through analog broadcast or channel multiplexing through cable. With the introduction of IPTV, service providers deliver the Video/TV content through the IP (Internet protocol packets).


The growth of IP broadband networks either Wired or Wireless enables the path for the IPTV service. IPTV can provide high quality and best content to your home TV or your mobile. Some countries have already started providing 4K resolution TV/Video content in IPTV service.

Currently, several ISPs provide the IPTV service to customers using their FTTH or Cable connectivity. They provide digital TV along with the internet through the same link.

Here are the different services that come along with IPTV service.

  • Live TV: All the famous TV will come live through the IPTV service.
  • Catch-up TV or Time Shift TV: Not every people can watch TV as they come to live. But now with the Time shift TV feature, you can watch your favorite shows at any time you want.
  • Video on demand: You can select the most popular videos among the list to watch, which includes popular TV series, web series, music videos, documentary, movies, etc.

Further, they can add more services like:

  • Music on demand
  • e-learning
  • Interactive online games
  • Video conferencing
  • Digital Marketing, online shops

FTTH, Cable connection requires incorporating such IPTV applications within the set-top box which will be done by the service provider themselves. Whereas a mobile customer just needs to install the mobile application to use the service and subscribe to the packages. For a web user, they need to browse the website of the service with their subscribed account.

As VNPT has its own MyTV platform, we believe they will use the same to provide the IPTV service here for Nepal Telecom (NTC).

Tell us what do you think of Nepal Telecom and VNPT-Kalash deal for IPTV service, with your expectations.

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