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Is Samsung Going To Kill Galaxy Note Series?

Questions over the Future of Galaxy Note Series with Introduction of S Pen in S21 Ultra and more rumors surface.

The rumors have long circulated about Samsung killing its acclaimed Galaxy Note Series. As Samsung has finally brought its most distinguished Note series feature to the latest S21 Ultra the questions over its future have surfaced again.

The company has revealed that it will not be releasing the 2021 variant Galaxy Note but deflected the idea that it is killing the series altogether. The company chief Koh Dong-jin, told at an annual shareholder’s meeting that not releasing the Note series this year is due to a “serious imbalance” in the supply and demand for semiconductors, a major component in global smartphone manufacturing.

The chief further stated

Note series is positioned as a high-end model in our business portfolio. It could be a burden to unveil two flagship models in a year so it might be difficult to release Note model in 2H. The timing of Note model launch can be changed but we seek to release a Note model next year.

His words come at a high time of rumors that Samsung is going to ditch the Note series. But Samsung is adamant that it is not entertaining the idea of phasing out its flagship iteration. However, judging by how Samsung has been dealing with the Note series it looks likely that sooner than later it will finally cut off the high-end Note series. In this post, we will explore some of the not-so-flattering Note issues that might compel Samsung to take the decision in near future. Keep reading.

Samsung has already unveiled its flagship line-up for this year. The South Korean company has launched three models S21, S21+, and the crown jewel S21 Ultra with 5G. Most interestingly, it’s the S21 that strikes us with one key feature not seen before in its Senior segment. Samsung has introduced support for stylus on the said smartphone which had been a distinct factor for Note Series thus far.

For years Galaxy Note Series distinguished itself from its S line-up with its “S Pen” feature. For old school smartphones, the pen was one thing they wanted and the Note series gave it to them with a gamut of other features. It had been a supreme object of craftsmanship from Samsung with the latest technologies and innovation. It was Samsung at its best.

S Pen Samsung Note 10 plus

The Infamous Battery Fiasco

For years Samsung launched two flagships every year, its S series and the phablet Note series. The S series directly competed against Apple’s iPhones while Note was an ultimate treat for the loyal fans of Samsung.

However, the Note has also incurred a major embarrassment for Samsung. In 2016 Samsung launched its Note 7 series to much fanfare as usual, but its battery fiasco let the company down to the point they had to pull the series altogether.

The Two Schools of Thought

The Note series did survive the debacle of 2016 but critics have long believed Samsung has over-crowded its smartphones branch with too many segments.

There are top end flagships, mid-rangers and then lower end devices for budget buyers. The numbers of devices Samsung manufactures is overwhelming. This has led to dilemma and confusion as to which device fits their needs leading to segment.

Gordon Kelly who writes for Forbes has reinforced in his blog that ending the Note series might make sense arguing that the latest S21 Ultra will close in on Note series charm with ultra-thin bezels and a cheaper rate.

He further added that with S Pen arriving to the S series Samsung “does not have plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021.”

Reliable tipster Ice Universe who has links inside Samsung also posted a tweet to reinforce the rumor about Samsung’s plan to phase out the Note series.

Ice Universe is a credible tipster of Samsung. He has had many successful leaks in the past that have come to be true. If this also follows through Galaxy Note 20 maybe that last phone under the Note series brand after all.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra Phone

But there is a small faction who believe in continuity of the Note segment. The yea-sayers believe the Galaxy Note series keeps Samsung ahead of other competitors because of the time of its release. Note and S series are launched between six months. It helps to ward off other brands such as Xiaomi and OnePlus which are amassing new consumers.

The Note series gives Samsung better visibility in the market with its updated specs, Stylus, and display. The distinct Galaxy Note flagship model helps Samsung to keep it afloat despite being circumvented by several brands all around.

Foldable Phones: Samsung’s New Arena

There is no denying that every smartphone manufacturing company is trying to lead the next tech revolution in smartphones with Foldable phones and Samsung won’t lag behind.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 price in Nepal

Actually, the company launched its first-ever foldable phone in 2019 September and has already lunched its sequel with better durability. The platform may be the better choice to lead mobile engineering that Note may not provide. The Note series has exhausted strategies and the foldable phones maybe a new prospect.

Acclaimed tech portal Gizmochina published an article to report that Samsung may indeed retire its Note series in favor of foldable phones. However, no sources can confirm any news for now.

The S Pen: The Last Straw

If the Note series is down to spec its relevancy may have significantly dropped if not for its sheer screen size. Samsung fanned the fuel to the “Note rumor” after introducing the S Pen support for S21 Ultra.

The pen support had been one unique feature exclusive to Note series. It separated the line-up from the “S” segment, but now buyers can have the pen support on S21 Ultra too albeit they will have to buy the pen separately as an accessory.

As for the specs, the S series already carries the superlative specs to deliver the maximum performance. S21 Ultra also comes equipped with the groundbreaking 5G capability. Therefore, the need for Note as a spec powerhouse is not going to hold water.

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The Conclusion

There is no official confirmation regarding the future of the Note series but the rumors that have surrounded for all these years might indeed materialize sooner. The specs war is always safe and the S pen has come to the S series. With this, the next battle remains for foldable phones.

Despite Samsung’s rationale for this year, It still seems likely that we might not see the Galaxy Note series in the very near future.

What do you think about the Note series? Do you think Samsung should continue its Note brand or carry the baton for foldable phones? Do leave your opinions in the comments section below.

Note: This post was updated on March 20 to adjust the rationale that it was due to lack of chips that Samsung was not launching the Note 21 phablet in 2021.

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