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Nepal Telecom Initiates Preparation for 5G Trial

Nepal Telecom initiates for 5G trial, according to its Managing Director Dilli Ram Adhikari. The telco is in its final preparation to start 5G testing and trials in some select parts of the country, most probably Kathmandu and few other cities.

Nepal Telecom MD, also told that the company has already set up a committee that is studying the details around the 5G testing and trials. He revealed about the preparations for 5G trial in a discussion program. The government-owned telecom operator has been adamant in its 5G goals (to achieve in 2021) and set to receive a 5G spectrum by the NTA for free as decided by the government.

As per him, Nepal Telecom has already received a letter from NTA, to select the 5G spectrum and the trial modality. Nepal Telecom will soon explore and submit its proposal for 5G trial plan, modality, use case scenario, commercial scope, etc. to the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the telecom regulatory body of the country.

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The MD further remarked that there is a need for a holistic evaluation regarding 5G operation in the country. He stated Nepal Telecom has been well indulged in its 5G ambition and has dedicated enough resources to materialize its vision for the fifth-generation cellular network. He also stated

“5G network operation requires human resources and capital investments. We need to assure ourselves whether we have adequate human resources or not. Similarly, we need to ensure that we can incorporate the concepts of AR, VR, and Cloud Computing beforehand.”

Since 5G is more than just an upgraded cellular network, the MD spoke of a broader approach to make the most of the technology than just launch it for the sake of it.

NTC’s Vision With 5G!

MD Adhikari also pondered about the challenge of 5G acceptance. A normal user of the internet spends time on minor browsing, watching YouTube videos, or stream some content.

4G network can sufficiently meet the demands of the majority of internet users. With it, there arises a question, “Whether you would really need a highly advanced 5G technology here in Nepal?” As per Adhikari, justifying the need for 5G to its customers may become a challenge for NTC. However, he believes adopting 5G has no other alternative in the future.

5G integrates several technologies to enable Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Types communication (mMTC), and Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (uRLLC) for an incredible technical leap from its predecessors. It will have applications for IoT (Internet of things), Smart City as well as agriculture, health, governance, automation and industries.

5G and Its Commercial Aspect

Ntc’s 5G investments may not immediately return benefits but Adhikari believes it could augment the national economy in the future. He referenced a study and said that 5G could contribute to 2.5% GDP by 2025 AD.

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Frequency Spectrum for 5G

Telecom operators prefer 2600 MHz and 3500 MHz spectrum for the high band and 700MHz spectrum for the low band to use for 5G. As per NTC MD, 3500MHz and 2600MHz are the most popular spectrum band for 5G at present. He also believes that NTA should be more accommodating when it comes to 5G operation and ease telecoms with lower license charges. He suggests the regulatory body and the government must coordinate to reduce the financial burden on telecoms for the 5G approach.

“Before the launch, NTC will decide on the city and its commercial viability of the 5G technology. After the experimental launch, the company will provide a necessary insights briefing to the NTA for further approach”. Adhikari said.

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What is 5G Anyway?

As the term indicates, is the fifth-generation broadband cellular network, the successor to the existing 4G cellular technology. The 4G began in the 2000s and was 50 times faster than the previous 3G Technology. It made video large files downloading, video calling, and streaming much more convenient. 4G’s inception was greatly helpful in aiding the use of smartphones over the years.

With 5G, however, there would be a revolutionary change in cellular technology. The speed of 5G network would clock 10 gigabits per second, which is 100 times faster than its predecessor 4G. With it, downloading an HD film over the internet will be possible within a fraction.

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The use of 5G will span across homes to manufacturing and services. Cars will run over the internet, surgeries can be performed without a human hand. Likewise, education, business, and service sectors will all have the major applications of the 5G network.

5G will bring an incredibly fast internet speed with low latency. It will significantly improve the scope of AI, AR, and VR. Meanwhile, gaming, streaming, and cloud computing will greatly improve once 5G is unleashed.

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What is your view regarding NTC’s 5G launch? Do you think it is an excessive privilege given 4G could handle all your requirements or it is just the necessary evolution that we must accept? Drop your valuable opinions in the comments section below.

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