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Ntc celebrates its 19th anniversary; FTTH, 4G/5G Progress report

Nepal Telecom (Ntc) also known as Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited has celebrated its 19th anniversary today on Magh 22, 2079. At the event, the company formally announced the start of its 5G trial while also sharing its progress on its range of services including Fiber net (FTTH) and 4G mobile network.

As with its tradition, the company’s Managing Director (MD) Sunil Poudel shared progress reports on its various services including 5G, 4G, FTTH, mobile data, etc.

Mr. Poudel proceeded first by expressing gratitude to MoCIT, NTA, agencies, customers, shareholders, stakeholders, media, well-wishers, etc. for their continuous support, and wishes. He then expressed that Ntc is always committed to rollout and expanding advanced technologies in Nepal. The company has also been a consistent contributor to the state’s revenues, he opined.  

“I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the company to the instructions received from the board of directors of the company, the support of the company’s employees, the support of business partners, the sense of responsibility of the suppliers and dealers, and the immense love and goodwill received from the customers in order to complete these tasks,” he said.

Similarly, the Chief Guest of the program Honorable Minister Ms. Rekha Sharma opined that the role of the telecom service provider is crucial to deliver several government services uninterrupted to people. And she highlighted Nepal Telecom’s responsibility to provide telecom and IT services to extremely difficult places that too in a non-profit manner.

Minister Sharma further stated that it is the company’s duty to provide high-quality, affordable, and accessible services to the customers by achieving maximum productivity with minimum operating expenses and also adding more service to the employees and at the same time giving maximum returns to the state and shareholders.

MoCIT Minister Ms. Rekha Sharma speaks at Ntc’s 19th-anniversary event

The Secretary of MoCIT and Nepal Telecom’s Board Chairman Baikuntha Aryal said that customer satisfaction should be the ultimate priority of the company with quality, reliable and uninterrupted service. He also mentioned that the company should prioritize addressing customer complaints in an effective manner. Special Guest NTA chief Purushottam Khanal congratulated the company for the achievement while pointing out the company’s seriousness in building the information highway that is necessary for the implementation of the Digital Nepal Concept.

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Ntc progress report shared at its 19th-anniversary program

When the company turned public 19 years ago, Ntc had only an evolving base of 4 lakh, 22 thousand customers. The number has increased in leaps and bounds since then. Today, Ntc is serving a total of over 2 crores, and 13 lakh customers across the country. It means that at the moment, Nepal’s 75 percent population subscribes to a service from the telco. Among its services, 4G has over 1 crore, 15 lakh customers.

Nepal Telecom MD speech 19th Anniversary
Nepal Telecom Managing Director Mr. Sunil Poudel

Profit despite slim demand for Voice service

Despite the fledgling use of voice and growth in data, the company generated Rs 44.37 billion in revenue in fiscal year (FY) 2078/79 while earning Rs 8.47 billion in profit. In the current FY 2079/80 till Poush, it collected Rs 21.80 billion in revenue. The company has soundly helped the Government of Nepal with its revenue contribution.

In FY 2077/78, it filed Rs 26.41 billion in taxes to the government under various headings such as Income Tax, Value Added Tax, Telecom Service Charge, Ownership Tax, Customs Duty, Royalty, RTDF, Dividend, Property & Vehicle Tax, non-taxed charges, and more. The company expects to see growth in these figures in the current fiscal year.

Ntc service expansion (Voice)

Till the end of Mangsir 2079, Ntc’s voice service had a customer base of 2 crores, 13 lakh, and 25 thousand. Out of which, GSM service had 2 crores, 1 lakh, 86 thousand customers while CDMA had over 4 lakh, 36 thousand, and PSTN had over 4 lakh, and 55 thousand customers. The telco shared that it has over 2.47 lakh FTTH voice and over 2.11 lakh FTTH data subscribers.

As per Nta’s MIS report from Ashwin, in 2079 Ntc occupies 52.24 percent market share in Nepal’s voice service.

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2.1 crore data users

By the end of November 2079, the total number of users of the company’s data (email, internet, etc.) services has reached more than 2 crores, 6 lakhs, 18 thousand, and 6 hundred. Among them, there are over 2 crore, 1 lakh, and 6 thousand GSM mobile data service users, 78 thousand users of ADSL service, and 2 lakh 11 thousand users of FTTH data service.

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On the 4G/LTE project

The company has always stressed service expansion and service quality and the strengthening of its market share by making telecommunication services even more accessible. In this context, the company is expanding wireless broadband i.e. 4G/LTE service nationwide. So far, it has reached 77 districts and 739 local levels, and 98 percent of the project has been completed.

With the expansion of the 4G/LTE network, a significant increase is noticed in the consumption of 4G data. We are distributing eSIM nationwide as a new technology. Wireless home broadband service is available to meet the demand for data services. With 4G services in most parts of the country, the use of VoLTE has increased tremendously, while the testing is in the final stages in preparation for the commercial operation of VoWiFi service. Expansion of services across the country, expansion of value-added services, and initiation of new value-added services are also the top priorities of the company.

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On 5G

The 5G trial has started with equipment installation. Since the mobile service that is currently operating under GSM technology and the new 5G service are technically operated with different architectures, they will analyze whether the infrastructure and equipment currently in use in the company will be compatible or not, need upgrades or not, should be replaced or not in order to operate 5G commercially in the future.

Nepal Telecom 5G


The company is expanding the plan of FTTH service to provide telephone, internet, and television services through a single fiber nationwide. The plan to extend its Ntc fiber net service to other places, which has already been extended to 68 districts of the country, has also been advanced.

On infrastructure development

The work of laying optical fiber has rapidly progressed to cover the districts, municipalities, and rural municipalities of Province 1, Madhesh Province, and Bagmati Province on the basis of the mid-hill highway. So far, fiber has been laid along the 1 thousand 326 km highway. Mr. Poudel said that “this will make a significant contribution to the implementation of the concept of the Digital Nepal Framework of the Government of Nepal by realizing the concept of building an information highway”.

On mobile banking

Nepal Telecom has launched the ‘Namaste Pay‘ service in collaboration with the Rastriya Banijya Bank with the aim of facilitating financial access to customers. Through Namaste Pay, top up from bank to wallet, recharging telecommunication services, electricity and drinking water, air tickets, paying government dues (taxes, service charges, revenue, etc.) and sending bills, request money services are available. In the near future hospital, school, university fee payment, remittance services, and cinema hall ticket booking services will be available. The implementation of the Digital Nepal Framework will create a major contribution to achieving the idea of a Cashless Society and maintain transparency in governance and financial transactions by expanding financial access.

On staff regulations

The staff regulation of the company (Biniyimawali) is in the process of being amended by adding provisions related to the moral development and service facilities of the company’s employees. With the approval of the company’s new organizational structure and staff positions, the process of promotion and filling of positions continues, so the employees have got the opportunity for professional development. In the coming days, there is an action plan to appoint employees according to rank, arrange incentive allowances based on performance, participate in training/workshops/seminars, etc., advertise according to the time schedule for filling the positions, and make the employees technology-friendly.

On Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Every year, the company provides various support to government and community schools, religious, archeological, tourist sites, Busparks, airports, hospitals and other important public places, old age homes and children’s homes, mothers’ groups, and the common people affected by natural disasters under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) every year. This year also, they have contributed back to society with various welfare programs.

Awards presented

Also, on the occasion of the anniversary, the company has arranged honors and awards as follows:

  • From Magh 1, 2078 till the end of Poush 2079, 7 dealers, one each from each of the seven regions and one for MPOS (Pin less Recharge), who have completed the target set for the recharge service, will be honored with a certificate of appreciation. Providing an easy unlimited rental pack of Rs 1,499 per month for up to 1 year on Nepal Telecom’s mobile used by them for free.
  • During the period from Magh 1, 2078 till the end of Poush, 2079, the highest bill-paying customers based on the use of the company’s services Mobile Postpaid & Mobile Prepaid, PSTN, FTTH were 4 each and Leased Line (2 each government and private) total 6 Honoring the people with a letter of appreciation and providing a free unlimited rental pack of Rs 1,499 per month for up to 1 year on Nepal Telecom (Ntc)’s mobile phones used by them.
  • During the period from Magh 1, 2078 till the end of Poush, 2079, 1 SIP PBX customer who uses the service with the highest amount will be honored with a letter of appreciation and an easy unlimited rental pack of Rs. 1,499 per month is available for free on the NT mobile used by him for up to 1 year. to make
  • Among the offices under the regional directorate, award letters of appreciation to the offices that have achieved the best progress in proportion to the target set in FTTH service delivery.
  • During the period from Magh 1, 2078 till the end of Magh 2079, 2 people who contribute the most to the company’s subscription and non-subscription-based VAS services will be honored with a letter of appreciation and will be given monthly Rs 1,499 to provide an easy unlimited rental pack for free.
  • In the period from Magh 1, 2078, till the end of Poush 2079, 2 people from the government and private sectors will be awarded certificates of appreciation for using the company’s CUG service the most and Rs 1,499 to provide an easy unlimited rental pack for free.
  • Likewise Sculptor Mr. Thakur Prasad Mainali is honored for his contribution to reflecting the development and speed of telecommunication services in the country through art. The company presented him with a certificate at the anniversary event. Also, he will receive 40 Mbps speed FTTH data, voice, and NT TV service for free for 1 year.

Also, on the occasion of the company’s 19th anniversary, the company announced its anniversary offer. It brings data, combo, and FTTH subscriptions at an affordable cost.

We at extend our heartiest congratulations to Nepal Telecom for another year of success and wish the company continues to profoundly guide Nepal’s telecommunication sector with modern tech and innovation.

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