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GSMA Calls On Governments To Rollout 6GHz Spectrum For 5G

GSMA has suggested the use of the 6GHz spectrum for 5G to achieve better connectivity as well as the economic potential from the fifth-gen cellular network.

GSMA, the members-led global organization for mobile operators, has called on governments to license the 6GHz spectrum for 5G. It believes that not doing so would result in a huge economic downturn for industries and compromises its broader application across industries.

GSMA concludes that the 6GHz mid-band is the ideal band to achieve the optimum potential of 5G. But it has voiced concerns over countries not implementing the proposed band to maintain uniformity.

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Spectrum Across Major Markets

As of now, no country has started or has plans of 6GHz for their 5G ambitions. China is set to use the entire 1200 MHz in the 6 GHz for its 5G operation.

Meanwhile, Europe is splitting the band into two halves. It is considering the upper part for 5G and the lower 500 MHz tranche for WiFi. Similarly, Africa and Mid-Eastern governments have also opted for a similar approach.

However, the issue grows even further towards the West. The US, and Latin America both have made it clear that they will not mobilize their valuable resources for 5G. Rather, they will put their infrastructures and technologies up for WiFi and other new innovations.

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The Rationale For 6GHz band

GSMA is vouching for the 6GHz spectrum for its multi-storeyed applications. It states that the proposed band will not only help achieve “affordable connectivity for greater social inclusion”, but it will also be the most important ingredient to supplement the components of smart cities, transport, urbanization, and industry.

It is believed that 5G will require 2GHz of mid-band spectrum in the next decade to deliver its maximum potential.

5G possesses the potential to boost the world’s GDP by $2.2 trillion, said John Guisti, the Chief Regulatory Officer, GSMA. He also remarked that the economic goal will not be possible in the case of of “insufficient 6 GHz spectrum.”

He believes that there should be more clarity and certainty to help foster massive and long-term investments in 5G’s critical infrastructures.

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The World Radio Communication Conference set to be held in 2023. It will provide GSMA an ample opportunity to encourage the governments to incorporate the 6 GHz band for 5G in their countries and achieve a uniform ecosystem. 

GSMA’s Suggestions

GSMA has suggested that the governments should at least arrange 6425-7125 MHz frequency bandwidth for the 5G network. It has called for the use of the bottom half 5925MHz-6425MHz band on a license-exempt basis with technology-neutral rules to countries depending on their needs.

They have also asked the governments to ensure backhaul services to be protected for the 5G network in the 6GHz band.

5G is already available in 61 countries and rapidly expanding with many countries set for imminent launch. Its extraordinary data speed with 1 ms latency means it will lead a digital transformation of all industries and bring revolution in the way we interact with the internet.

The technology will also play a significant role in environmental and climate goals as 5G connectivity will cut down the carbon emission. But in order to meet these ideal goals, maximum countries must prioritize 6GHz which will draw the maximum 5G output.

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The discourse of the 5G network is ever-increasing and will continue to dominate discussions further in the post-COVID-19 world. Do you believe it is really necessary or has just become inevitable? Let us know how you feel about the growing eco-system of 5G at present in our comments section below.

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